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The Invisible Man Ending Explained: What Happened To Cecilia?

The Invisible Man Ending Explained
The Invisible Man Ending Explained

The Invisible Man Ending Explained….as the title itself suggests that we will be going over every single detail of The Invisible Man’s ending. Firstly let’s have a brief introduction to the movie. The Invisible Man is a 2020 horror sci-fi movie. Leigh Whannel wrote and directed the movie. Many of you will be familiar with the novel of the same name by H.G. Well. I remember going through it during my high school days since it was part of my English syllabus. It might be the same case for many of you. Anyway, coming back to the topic in focus. So, as most of you guessed already, the movie is based on the book.

Development of the movie started earlier o in 2006. But the project was dropped. The production of the movie went through several ups and downs. It was dropped and revived several times. Cast members were constantly recast. Finally, the shoot began for good in July 2019 and spanned till September of that month. On February 28th, 2020, The Invisible Man came out to theatres in the United States. The Invisible Man Ending Explained- Read on to find out more on the topic.

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Invisible Man Plot Overview

The plot of the movie revolves around the relationship between Cecilia Kass and Adrian Griffin. Adrian, who is an optics engineer and business, is extremely controlling and toxic towards Cecilia. Tired of his actions, one day, Cecilia drugs him with diazepam and runs away with the help of her sister Emily. She makes the house of Detective James Lanier, who is Emily’s friend, her hideout. James has a teenage daughter named Sydney.

Two weeks after her escapade, news breaks out that Adrian has committed suicide. He also left Cecilia an amount of 5 million dollars. Tom, who is Adrian’s brother and also a lawyer, handles everything. After some weird occurrences, Cecilia suspects that there is someone else in the house. But James reassures her that everything is fine and that she is just under pressure. After a series of events, Cecilia finds the bottle of diazepam that she drugged Adrian in her bathroom. This leads Cecilia to believe that Adrian has turned into an Invisible Man in order to torcher her.

But her assumption is laughed off by Tom. Sydney, James teenage daughter, is then hit by hidden force, and she and along with her dad, believe that Cecilia is the one behind it. They come to the conclusion that Cecilia is unstable. When Cecilia is left alone in the house, she tries to catch the Invisible force several times. She is attacked by the figure but escapes. She heads over to Adrian’s house to check out his lab. Upon arriving discovers an Invisible bodysuit. She hides the bodysuit in Adrian’s bedroom closet. That is when the figure strikes again. She somehow manages to escape and gets in touch with Emily.

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Emily’s Death

She and Emily decide to meet at a restaurant. There, the Invisible Man cuts Emily’s throat and leaves the knife in Cecilia’s hand in such a way that she is accused of murder. Cecilia is transferred to a psychiatric hospital, where she waits for trial. She discovers that she is pregnant with Adrian’s child. Tom tells her that if she returns to Adrian and raises their child, he will get her charges dropped, which Cecilia turns down. That night she acts as if she is about to commit suicide and the Invisible figure tries to stop her. At that moment, she stabs him with a pen she had previously stolen from Tom. This damages the bodysuit, but the figure manages to escape. Cecilia chases after the figure.

The Invisible Man Ending Explained

The Invisible Man 2020

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The Invisible Man Ending Explained

When arrives at James House to find the Invisible Man attacking him and his daughter. Cecilia shoots the figure, and the figure dies. But upon unmasking the figure, they find out that it was Tom under the suit. When police raid Adrian’s place, they find him tied up and very much alive. He claims that Tom had imprisoned him. Tom is then charged with Emily’s murder, but Cecilia is sure that it was Adrian.

The Invisible Man Ending Explained

The Invisible Man Ending Explained

Adamant on getting a confession from Adrian, Cecilia arrives at his house wearing a wiretap. James is listening to this wiretap just a few meters away from them. Cecilia tells Adrian that she is willing to come back to him if he confesses to killing Emily. But Adrian refuses to give in and insists that it is Tom. He adds that he is now a changed man and would treat her better from now on. But from his speech, it is evident that he was the Invisible Man. 

Cecilia leaves for a moment, and after a while, the security camera capture Adrian cutting his own throat. Moments later, Cecilia comes back, seeing Adrian, a worried Cecilia calls 911. But once she is out of the camera’s sight, she taunts Adrian. This means that Cecilia had used the spare bodysuit to slit Adrian’s throat and make it seem like a suicide. James arrives at the sight. Even though he finds Cecilia in the hold of the bodysuit, he lets her leave.

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