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High On The Hog Season 2: When Is It Returning To Netflix?

High On The Hog Season 2
High On The Hog Season 2

We will discuss a recent Netflix docuseries that had a lasting impression on the audience. I’m talking about “High On The Hog,” a food-traveling program that has gone popular on the internet. We’ve just wrapped season one, and fans are already looking forward to season two. Netflix has a lot of food cookery series, but High on the Hog gave the network a more classic feel with a traditional theme. I’ll explain what High on the Hog is all about later in the article for those who don’t know what it is. You’ll also find the release date for High On The Hog Season 2 as well as other important updates here.

Roger Ross Williams directed, and executive produced the series, which is also partly owned by Fabienne Toback and Karis Jagger. It premiered on Netflix in May 2021 for the first season. The series explores the origins of African American cuisine and its connection to Black history. It’s also a history documentary, so as we anticipate Season 2, we can’t help but think about the cuisines we’ll learn about, as well as the places and history we’ll discover. On August 10, Netflix announced the release of a new season of “High on the Hog”. So it’s official that Season 2 will happen, but the real question is when.

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What Is The Show All About?

The series is based on culinary historian Jessica B. Harris’s foundational book of the same name. It all goes back to the history of African food and cooking traditions in the United States and how they were ingrained in American cuisine. This docuseries takes us on a journey to faraway locations as we discover the roots of the food we all know and love, from cornbread to delectable baked macaroni. It’s a combination of a cookbook and a travelogue. It serves stews and soul cuisine from Western Africa, as well as gourmet dining and barbeque. Geoff Martz and Ross Williams formed One Story Up, which is producing the film. The show is hosted by Stephen Satterfield, a gourmet writer and founder of Whetstone Magazine.

In the show, we got a glance into a variety of civilizations, from Benin to East Texas, that are linked in their vitality and devotion to respecting those who came before them. The reality of how food, music, medicine, and even life as we know it would not exist without the contributions of Black people in countries that ignore our humanity is a sad one. Furthermore, the relationship between enslaved Black people and the foods that all Americans eat today is studied and recognized from the first episode to the last.

High On The Hog Season 1

Episode 1

There is no way ahead without first looking back and honestly taking note of how we got here as we continue critical debates about how to construct a food system that honors the dignity of the people who live in it. Satterfield takes viewers back to the origins of the Black American experience in the first episode of “High on the Hog”. Coming face to face with these sad aspects of history appears to be cathartic for him. Similarly, viewers should be grateful to Satterfield for his willingness to suffer it all for them. The wonderful thing about High on the Hog is that it not only educates us about long-forgotten cuisines but also about their history. On a technical level, the whole production crew deserves a standing ovation. If there was ever a cooking show that deserved an Emmy, this is it.

High On The Hog Season 1

High On The Hog Season 1

Episode 2

The second episode begins in Charlestown, South Carolina, which is known as Africa’s rice bowl. This location was once enslaved and even had a slave market. The richness of the vanished Gullah culture in the Sea Islands is then shown in the second half of the segment. However, as islands have gotten more costly, we observe issues and people’s lives as they try to keep their traditions alive.

Episode 3 & 4

The third episode focuses on enslaved world-renowned Black cooks, their culture, and delicacies. The fourth episode aims at bringing together Black people in Texas and discussing their vibrant culture. It’s as though a family has gathered for a meal. When presenter Stephen explains that the food of American Africans is food from the kitchens of slaves to the kitchens of the White Houses, it drew our attention and can describe the season’s end.

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High On The Hog Season 2 Release Date

“High On The Hog” Season 2 has been officially approved, but no release date has been set. Although we can expect it in late 2022, or if the implications aren’t favorable, it will undoubtedly return in 2023. They may begin filming it later this year or early next year. Season 2 will be even larger, better, and more entertaining than the first. Filming for the first season of this show took a lengthy time. It was shot in the autumn of 2019 and early spring of 2020, right before the COVID-19 epidemic. So, if history repeats itself, we may anticipate it on Netflix shortly, along with fresh facts and dishes concerning African culture.

The show’s charm is that it elevates the origins of African culture throughout its evolution. Because they have been ignored for so long, the program has the potential to bring about revolutions. The survivors of that voyage, as well as their tenacity as seen by their substantial commitment to American culinary culture, are the focus of the first four episodes. The show’s cast and crew are predominantly Black, emphasizing the need of raising awareness about this issue among the awakened generation.

As a consequence, we haven’t included any possible release schedule because none of the sources have verified them. You may, however, keep up with us as we scour the Internet for the most up-to-date information about the series. The series is appropriate for people of all ages to watch. Even if you are not interested in watching it initially, I hope my writing has persuaded you in some way. Culture and customs are interesting to learn about, and High On The Hog is a great program to do it with.

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What To Expect From High On The Hog Season 2?

Season 1 took place in Benin, Africa, at a site where slaves were transported to America. Many more lovely undiscovered narratives may be found in the next chapter of High on the Hog. The show’s recently scheduled second season will continue the first’s celebration of “African Americans’ boldness, talent, and ingenuity that helped define the American kitchen”. A look at how COVID-19 impacted race and the food sector might be included in the second season.

High On The Hog Season 2

High On The Hog Season 2

If you’re looking for an educational and interesting docu-series about African-American food, go no further. High on the Hog wouldn’t be a Netflix food documentary if it wasn’t full of tempting and mouth-watering food pictures. So, for the second season, we’ll see some traditional foods on our screens. It will come along with the procedure of how they’re placed on our plates in the background.

Watch High On The Hog Season 1 Online-Streaming Details

The documentary High On The Hog is currently available to stream on Netflix.  Netflix subscribers are well aware that the streaming service is no stranger to fantastic programming. When it comes to Netflix membership plans, the service offers a variety of options from which you may select the one that best suits your needs. There is also an Rs. 199 per month mobile package that allows you to view stuff on your smartphone. Season 1 consists of four episodes named “Our Roots,” “The Rice Kingdom,” “Our Founding Chefs,” and “Freedom.” Each episode is 45 to 50 minutes long.

The series is much more about where we are now, which is a huge celebration in and of itself. High on the Hog also plays on the audience’s interest by showing us something new and then tugging the thread to see what happens next. Every painful historical event is mitigated and overcome by tales of inventiveness. Furthermore, each episode is reinforced by Black musical performances that seep into your bones. There is so much to say about African culture that it is impossible to do it in four episodes. Therefore the series has a lot of promise to continue in the future.

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