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Last Night in Soho Ending Explained: Does Ellie Manage to Escape?

Last Night in Soho Ending Explained
Last Night in Soho Ending Explained

Last Night in Soho Ending Explained here. Last Night in Soho is a British psychological horror film. The movie is directed by Edgar Wright. Ever since the trailer of the movie dropped, movie-watchers have been filled with excitement. Because unlike some movie trailers that give away the entire plot of the movie, Last Night in Soho’s trailer left everyone in utter awe and puzzlement. The trailer made us wonder what the movie was really about.

Now that Last Night in Soho has hit theatres, it has been gaining good reviews. If you thought that the trailer was confusing, then you should see the movie because it is even more confusing. So we have decided to do an article explaining the ending of the movie. The movie stars Thomasin McKenzie and the Queen’s Gambit fame Anya Taylor-Joy in lead roles. Anya has gained many fans after her appearance in the queen’s gambit, and people have been excited to see her portray the character of Sandie. We also have Matt Smith, Michael Ajao, Diana Rigg, and Terence Stamp starring in the movie. Read on to find out Last Night in Soho Ending Explained.

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Last Night in Soho Release and other details

The movies premiered at the 78th Venice International Film Festival on the 4th of September this year. The movie came out to theatres only in the United Kingdom and the United States. By Universal picture in the UK and By Focus Features in the United States. The theatrical release was on the 29th of October 2021. Although the writing of the movie did receive some criticism, the reviews were generally positive. The cinematography, editing, and visuals were praised by the critics.

The filming of the movie had begun earlier on in the year 2019. It was on 23rd May of 2019 that the filming officially began. The shoot went on till 30th August of the same year. But it did not end there. Several photos from the director of the movie, Edgar Wright’s Instagram account, suggested that the shoot had begun again on 24th June 2020. It went on till 5th August of the same year.

Initially, Wright considered Anya Taylor Joy to play the role of Ellie. But after some thinking, he thought that it would be better to cast her as Sandie. After Anya read the script of the movie, she agreed to do it. Eventually, the role of Ellie went over to the New Zealand actress Thomasin McKenzie. Wright has had the idea of the movie in mind ever since 2007, and he pitched it to the producers Nira Park and Rachel Prior years later. Apparently, he himself was obsessed with London in the 1960s, and that is where the concept of the movie came from.

Plot Overview

Eloise Turner, aka Ellie, adores the style and music of the Swinging Sixties. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer one day. When she was a kid, her mother, who was also a designer, killed herself. Sometimes, Ellie sees her mother’s ghost in mirrors. To pursue a career in fashion, she decides to study at the London College of Fashion. Due to this, she moves from her hometown Redruth, Cornwall, to London. However, she finds it difficult to fit it and is troubled by her snobby roommate Jocasta. She only has one friend who is called John.

Since she doesn’t get along with her peers, she moves from the hall of residence to a room in Goodge Place. The room she rents is owned by an elderly lady named Ms. Collins. As soon as she moved to her new place, she started dreaming about a young blonde woman, Sandie. That night, in her dream, she travels back in time to the 1960s, where she sanding asking about being a singer at a club. Ellie sees Sandie getting into a romantic relationship with a man named Jack. When she wakes up from her dream, Ellie finds a love bite on her neck and also designs a dress that was inspired by Sandie.

That night she again dreams of Sandy. In the dream, she sees Jack arranging an audition for Sandie in a Soho nightclub, and Sandie manages to make it in. When her dream ends, Ellie wakes up in the room that she had rented. Ellie is inspired by this new character in her dreams. She decides to style herself like Sandie and dyes her hair blonde. Ellie also goes ahead and gets a job at a pub.

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Last Night in Soho Ending Explained

At the pub, Ellie is approached by a man with silver hair. He notices the similarities that Ellie has with Sandie. Later that night, Ellie again dreams about Sandy and realizes that Sandie’s life is not going the way she had planned. Jack has started to pimp Sandy to his guy business friends. At a Halloween party she attends, which her college friend John, she encounters the ghosts of Jack and his friends. This leads her to leave the party and go back to her room with John. When she is there, she again dreams of Jack killing Sandie.

Ellie suspects that the man that she met before is actually Jack, and he is the one who murdered Sandie. She goes to a police station to report a murder, but they refuse to believe her since she talks about visions from the past. When Ellie tries to find a newspaper record of Sandie’s murder, she only finds missing reports of numerous men. Ellie is constantly haunted by the ghosts from the past. She becomes anxious, and due to panic, she almost stabs Jocasta with a knife.

She then heads over to the silver-haired man who she assumes is Jack and asks him whether he is responsible for killing Sandie. The man says that he hasn’t done anything. The lady that owns the pub tells her that the man’s name is Lindsay. Ellie understands that he was an undercover vice officer who helped out Sandie according to her dreams. Read on to find out what happened in the end.

Check Out the trailer of the movie below

What really happened to Sandie?

A disappointed Ellie decides to leave London and head back to her hometown. John drives her back to her bedsit at Ms. Collins’ house. Ellies tells Ms. Collins about her decision to leave London. After this, we see Ms. Collins making some tea for Ellie. She also tells her that a detective had dropped by enquiring about Sandie’s murder. Ellie is shocked when Ms. Collins reveals that she is Sandie and that she was the one who murdered Jack and the other men.

Last Night in Soho Ending Explained

Anya Taylor‑Joy and Matt Smith as Sandie and Jack in “Last Night in Soho”

Ms. Collins explains that she did it to protect herself.  After killing Jack, she had lured the other men who had hurt her and killed them off. She had buried the bodies right under the house. She also added that the tea she gave Ellie was drugged and that she was going to kill her since she didn’t want anybody to find out.

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Does Ellie Manage to Escape?

A squabble arises between Ellie and Ms. Collins as a result, a fire breaks out. John head over to rescue Ellie, but he is stabbed by Ms. Collins. Meanwhile, Ellie runs to her room. There she is confronted by the ghosts of Jack and the other men who ask her to kill Ms. Collins. As Ms. Collins follows Ellie to her room but is slapped by the ghost of Jack. The police have arrived out of her house, and since there seems to be no way out, she decides to slit her own throat.

Last Night in Soho Ending Explained

Thomasin McKenzie and Ellie in Last Night in Soho

But Ellie stops her tells her that she gets her. Sandie asks Ellie to escape from the house with John. As they flee, Sandie stays behind in the fire. Flashforward, Ellie now enjoys success as her dresses as showcased in a fashion show. John is now her boyfriend, and he and her grandmother congratulate her for her success. In the mirror, she sees her mother’s ghost and also dreams about Sandie, who blows her a kiss.

And thus, we have reached the end of the article titled ” Last Night in Soho Ending Explained”. Hope all your doubts on the ending of the movie were cleared through this article.

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