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Showtrail Ending Explained: Who killed Hannah?

Showtrail Ending Explained

Showtrail Ending Explained here. Showtrail is a 2021 British Tv series. It was created by Ben Richards. Showtrail stars Tracy Ifeachor and Céline Buckens in leading roles. The series premiered on BBC One in October 2021. The show had been in the works since earlier on from the year 2019. Principal photography for Showtrail started off in the month of April 2021. The shoot was in Bristol, and it also included the University of Bristol.

The series focuses on the disappearance and subsequent murder of Hannah Ellis. Hannah is a second-year university student. During the investigation, police discovered two suspects that turned out to be a complete surprise. They are Talitha Campbell, who is the daughter of a prominent property developer, and Dhillon Harwood, who is the son of a shadow cabinet minister. The story goes on, unfolding many mysteries, and you sure will be on the edge of your seat throughout the show. Read on to find Showtrail Ending Explained.

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Plot Overview

Out of the two suspects for Hannah’s murder, we have Talitha Campbell. She has an unpleasant personality, and she was close to the victim, Hannah. But their friendship fell apart just a few months before Hannah’s murder. The two girls were bought up in different ways, and it may be because of this that they fell apart. But one of the prime reasons is that they both had a crush on their lecturer Stephen Vendler. Later it is revealed that he had an affair with Talitha.

Showtrail Ending Explained

Showtrail Ending Explained

The professor revealed to Talitha during their relationship that Hannah had complained about Dhillon stalking her. At a later point in the story, we see him feeling deeply guilty for his actions, blaming himself for Hannah’s death, and subsequently killing himself out of shame. Despite Dr. Vendler’s death, his wife testified at the trial that he wrote her a letter stating that Talitha had fantasized about killing another woman during intercourse.

In addition, Talitha’s scarf was used as a weapon, and fiber from Hannah’s backpack appeared in Talitha’s precious bracelet, which she wore on the night of the murder. In spite of Talitha’s admission of her troubled friendship with Hannah, she claims that she never killed Hannah but rather dozed off at home after getting drunk and high at a university ball. On the other hand, Dhillon has denied any role in Hannah’s death other than being in the room while Talitha allegedly strangled Hannah with the scarf during a sex game gone wrong. He says that he and Talitha did it together and that he just followed her instructions.

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Showtrail Ending Explained

In court, it was revealed that Dhillon was romantically attracted to Hannah, however, Hannah reported him to their lecturer as she had no interest in him. Also, she felt his interest to be unsettling, which might have set up a motive for Dhillon. In court, Dhillon was proven to be a chronic liar who kept changing his story. The fact that he was found burning his clothes from the night and the scarf makes him seem more culpable. After a 14-day trial, Dhillon Harwood is convicted of Hannah’s murder, and Talitha is cleared.

Showtrail Ending Explained

Showtrail Ending Explained

Having been cleared of the charges, Talitha visits Cleo one last time prior to leaving for Paris. As she thanks the attorney for helping her trick the jury, she suggests that she was the one who committed the crime. Nevertheless, the comment is quickly dismissed as a joke, as she has a dark sense of humor. Whether Talitha’s comment was intended to be humorous or not, the jury’s decision was solely dependent on the proof presented. The jury, therefore, decided that it was Dhillon who had murdered Hannah and brutally threw her body in the river. However, that was not the initial assumption. Because Talitha was the one they suspected first. That is all on Showtrail Ending Explained.

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