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TikTok vs. YouTube Fight Boxing- Here Is What We Know About The Battle Of The Platforms

Tiktok vs. Youtube Fight Boxing- Here Is What We Know About The Battle Of Platforms
TikTok vs. Youtube

In recent days, the boxing world has seen a slew of influencers step into the ring, with superstars like KSI and Logan Paul fighting after a verbal battle. Now the fight is occurring on social media platforms. In fact, Battle of the Platforms is grabbing enough limelight these days. So, In this article, you can catch insights about TikTok vs. YouTube Fight Boxing and Here Is What We Know About The Battle Of the Platforms. The latest boxing trend has set YouTubers against TikTokers, and the fight featured some big names. Youtubers faced off against TikTokkers in the ring from one of the dueling worlds’ largest events.

Tiktok vs. Youtube Fight Boxing- Here Is What We Know About The Battle Of Platforms

Battle of the platforms: TikTok vs. YouTube Fight (Source: Dankanator)

The “Battle of the Platforms,” a unique boxing spectacle took place in June. It has been titled the “Battle of the Platforms.” A few of YouTube’s top stars were going up against TikTok’s main names. There were 8 fights in all, with 2 in the free undercard & six in the main show. It has a cult-like following among the influencers’ fans, prompting big boxing organizers like Eddie Hearn to get engaged, as well as Sky Sports as well as DAZN in promoting the bouts.

The production was described as an “among a kind, unparalleled live [pay-per-view] escapism jumbo event that included a Gatsby-esque under production submission grappling competition” in a press statement for Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms, which was produced and sold by the worldwide live broadcast launchpad LiveXLive Media. It was a major event, with many celebrities competing late into the night to determine who would win: The YouTube audience or TikTok. Here’s all you need to know about the June 2021 YouTube vs. TikTok boxing match.

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TikTok vs. YouTube Fight Boxing – Here Is What We Know

In the TikTok vs. YouTube Fight Boxing, a brawl involving YouTube’s Austin McBroom as well as TikTok’s Bryce Hall was the greatest draw. McBroom rose to prominence as the creator of the YouTube channel The ACE Family, which has almost 19 million followers & 4.2 billion watches. Having 19.9 million TikTok fans, Hall is a renowned TikTok creator.

Tiktok vs. Youtube Fight Boxing- Here Is What We Know About The Battle Of Platforms

TikTok vs. YouTube Fight

Given the track record between the two content providers, this was the night’s most important event. In December 2020, McBroom pushed Hall to a confrontation. When Hall published messages between the duo in March 2021, McBroom claimed Hall was “too terrified to battle.” A formal battle was scheduled just five days after the conversation. The battle between McBroom and Hall isn’t the only one going on. We’ll go over everything that you need to hear about the YouTube vs. TikTok boxing match in the sections beneath.

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TikTok vs. YouTube Fight Boxing- Date, Time & Streaming Details

The boxing match between YouTube and TikTok occurred on Saturday, June 12 around 7 p.m. ET. The significant tournament of McBroom vs. Hall, unfortunately, had to be delayed for quite some time. There were a total of 8 bouts, 6 of those were in the championship match. Migos, Trippie Redd, DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, and others also gave musical numbers. The pay-per-view boxing match between YouTube and TikTok occurred on LiveXLive, a performer best known for live performances. The event was even broadcast live from Hard Rock Stadium downtown Miami Gardens.

How Much Pay Per View TikTok vs. YouTube Fight Boxing Costed?

The primary bundle of the YouTube vs. TikTok boxing fight costs roughly $49.99 on PPV, with an extra service fee bringing the total to around $60. Additional add-ons, including a unique event T-Shirt plus a free concert fleece, were available for purchase. In furthermore, every event ticket included a six-month complimentary subscription to LiveXLive services and also a unique NFT.

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TikTok vs. YouTube Fight Boxing Fight Card

Austin McBroom vs. Bryce Hall

This was the primary event. Hall & McBroom have such a record, as McBroom shouted out Hall in a post on Instagram that has since been erased towards the end of 2020. In March, the duo swapped a few tweets on Twitter, and also the bout was publicized just several days later.

AnEsonGib vs. Tayler Holder

We’ve witnessed AnEsonGib fight previously when he was defeated by Jake Paul in the first round against a humiliating TKO in 2020. AnEsonGib was aiming to avenge his defeat to TikTok’s Tayler Holder in a battle earlier this year. Holder expressed fears about the weight discrepancy in a clip published beforehand of the bout, stating he measures 165 pounds whereas AnEsonGib is nearer to 190-195 pounds (per Holder).

Deji vs. Vinnie Hacker

Even though it was earlier Paul became a pro boxer, Deji, KSI’s sibling, also succumbed to Jake Paul. Vinnie Hacker, a TikTok celebrity with 7.2 million followers, was Deji’s opponent. We were excited to see if Deji’s boxing background helps him win this match.

DDG vs. Nate Wyatt

DDG, as well as Nate Wyatt, are both musicians, therefore this battle had a motif. Aside from the fact that no party seems to harbor any animosity toward the other. DDG, on the other hand, stated that he intends to punch out Wyatt.

Michael Le vs. FaZe Jarvis

FaZe Jarvis belongs to the FaZe Clan. He rose to prominence while enjoying the sport Fortnite, but he was ejected from the game after already being found aimbotting. Le is a well-known dancer on TikTok, having 48.5 million followers, the app’s 11th highest.

Tanner Fox vs. Ryland Storms

Tanner Fox is indeed a YouTuber who is well-known for his antics. His clips have received over 2 billion views and he has over 10 million users as a result. He’ll be up against Ryland Storms, a renowned TikTok star with 4.3 million subscribers.

Landon McBroom vs. Ben Azelart

Landon McBroom is the sibling of Austin McBroom, who was competing in the main show, as you could guess from the last surname. Ben Azelart, who is officially in the TikTok classification but is a famous YouTuber including over 1 billion visits on his primary channel, will be his opponent.

Ryan Johnston vs. Cale Saurage

Ryan Johnston is the sibling of Catherine Paiz, who is betrothed to Austin McBroom, so there are further close relations here. In this undercard bout, he faced TikTok sensation Cale Saurage.

What transpired to the scheduled fight between Ryland Storms & Tanner Fox?

Tanner Fox has decided to withdraw from the tournament, despite getting already completed the weigh-in, thus according to Ryland Storms. He claims they’re looking for a substitute right now, but with the tight deadline, their battle could be canceled. In a TikTok video, Fox has retorted to these allegations, said that because of the twenty-pound size disparity with both him and Storms, he was still eager to “fight whomever.”

TikTok vs. YouTube Fight Boxing- Here Is What We Know About The Battle Of The Platforms

Ryland Storms & Tanner Fox (Source: Sportskeeda)

He then stated in a live broadcast that the panel “didn’t let everything transpire” despite his willingness to sign a “fatality waiver” and wear equipment. Storms later refuted these statements, stating that Tanner was to fault for the fight’s cancellation since he “didn’t really want to achieve his weight” but also didn’t show up to practices a day before the contest.

In A Majority Draw Verdict, AnEsOnGib Asserts He “Trounced” Holder

With an immaculate 2-0 amateur boxing background, Gib seemed to be among the only real fighters on the lineup tonight. Holder, on the other hand, has worked with fighters such as Canelo Alvarez. Gib, the obvious attacker, got off to a great start in the opening few rounds, while Holder took a more methodical approach, maybe thinking that Gib would tire himself exhausted.

Gib’s training appears to have paid off, as he begins to bring into his own with aggressiveness and almost limitless stamina. Holder had been projected as the favorite to win the bout, but it appears that when the going got tough, he froze. The crowd, and sometimes even Holder, were taken aback when the fight was declared a decisive draw. Gib threw a number of 47 punches, compared to Holder’s 21.

 Results Of TikTok vs. YouTube Fight Boxing

In Live x Live’s Clash of the Channels on June 12th, the “spartans of social media” ultimately squared off in the arena. After a wild night of KOs, surprising victories, and contentious ties, Squad YouTube emerged victorious, sweeping five bouts to Team TikTok’s one. Following three sessions in the ring against Bryce Hall, Austin McBroom emerged victoriously and seems eager to get back into the arena for a fresh fight.

TikTok vs. YouTube Fight Boxing- Here Is What We Know About The Battle Of The Platforms

TikTok vs. YouTube Fight Results (Source: Sporting News)

Team YouTube has a clear advantage against Team TikTok, winning 5-1 and drawing one match. McBroom defeats Bryce by TKO and promises to return to the ring. The battle between Tanner Fox & Ryland Storms has been called off. Gib exonerates himself after losing to Jake Paul but swears to face Tayler Holder again after a shocking majority tie. After decking Michael Le, FaZe Jarvis scores the night’s only complete KO.

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