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Euphoria Season 3: Predictions, Release Date, And Much More

The ending of season 2 Euphoria has left the fans craving for another season. When Euphoria season 3 comes out, it will be a treat for the viewers who for now have totally enjoyed the previous 2 installments. The recently held MTV Movie and TV Awards saw the show bagging numerous winners and nominations. This show, because, of its themes has already been considered one of the best of recent times. Furthermore, the show has created a large audience for itself. Probably the most discussed show in recent times has been Euphoria and now its season 3. The cast, crew, and everyone associated with the project are worthy of applause.

Drugs, love, high school, and relationships are all evergreen topics. They are highly relatable and are always welcomed by the upcoming generation. On top of it when performed by such good actors, it takes the show to new heights. This is the story with Euphoria. The themes are the same, but it is the relatability factor that counts. Currently, season 2 of the show has just ended and HBO already announced that the preparations for the 3rd season will begin soon. This has gotten fans all excited and they can’t wait to fill the voids in their lives again.

A Recap Of Seasons

Season 1 of the teen drama series navigates through the young life of Rue Bennet, played by Zendaya a former drug addict. She and her high school life friends are exploring the reality of life through drugs, love, relationships, and heavy expectations from society. Season 1 was declared a massive hit instantly. Moreover, the performances of the actors were highly appreciated, especially Zendaya, who won the best actor award. Meanwhile, many critics stated ” Though, at times hard to watch, Euphoria balances its brutal honesty with an empathetic- and visually gorgeous- eye to create a uniquely challenging and illuminating series, held together by a powerfully understated performance from Zendaya”

Euphoria Season 1

The first episode of the season premiered on 16 June 2019. Season 2 delivered 8 episodes in total and fans were more than excited to binge-watch it. A combination of different stories put together for a  fitting finale is what this season was all about. Visually appealing is the hallmark of this show. However, if the writing is not up to the mark, visuals cannot alone save the day. Euphoria manages to keep things intact and delivers a season worth waiting for, for a year. Even though for many it was a step down compared to the first season, it was still worth watching. It is always a difficult task to keep up the same level and the show has definitely done a great job.

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Euphoria Season2

Season 3 Is Here And The Expectations Are High

Such a huge buzz is created after HBO announced the 3rd installment of the show. Fans are going gaga and there is no way to stop it. Since early February people have started making up stories as to what will happen in season 3. Definitely, the stakes are higher and a lot more unfinished stories to be finished. Fans are expecting high volume drama and on top of all this, they expect it to be better than the previous season.

Euphoria Season 3

Meanwhile, the creators and Zendaya (Executive Producer) are excited about this announcement. The shooting will start soon, though the release date is still yet to be revealed. We can all hope the magic of Euphoria continues to trend for a very long time. Season 3 will stream on Disney+ Hotstar and HBO.

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