Who is Kit Harington in Eternals?

Who is Kit Harington in Eternals?
Kit Harington as Dane Whitman

The GOT fame Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is back with the same energy and power-packed performance he has portrayed in the world of Game of Thrones. This time Kit is all set to with his character Dane Whitman in the Marvel Studios “Eternals”. Directed by Chloé Zhao Eternals has got a remarkable cast which includes Kit Harington. Kit plays a small yet impactful character named Dane Whitman, who has the potential of a hero and in due course, comes to be known as Black Knight. Who is Kit Harington in Eternals?

The character development is not yet done in the recent release of Eternals but potentially can be seen in the upcoming films of MCU. In the freshly released Eternals, Dane Whitman doesn’t yet discover his alter ego and is cool going everyday guy with a pleasant and bewitching personality. Dane Whitman’s screen time in the film is not so much as expected but sends a message to the audience that there’s more coming. The movie’s narrative gives a definite description of the potential the character carries within a limited screen time. Kudos to the team. Although it’s obvious that MCU doesn’t bring in a star cast just like that. 

Who is Kit Harington in Eternals?
Kit Harington as Dane Whitman

Buckle up as we get you covered on all the details about Dane Whitman and Black Knight. Who is Kit Harington in Eternals? What is the character’s back story? 

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Dane Whitman’s character-history

Kit Harington’s GOT character Jon Snow has garnered him all the fame and spotlight, no wonder people expect a lot from his entry into the mighty MCU. The audience might get a little disheartened with the screen time of Kit in the recent release, but no worries Marvel never leaves people disappointed. While you hold onto that thought, let us brief you on a little history of where Dane Whitman’s character comes from. The character Black Knight is ever-present in the bygone comics but is never as much highlighted as the other characters like Spidey and Cap. Having said that, his entry into The MCU might change it once and for all, fingers crossed.

The super-powered alter ego of Dane Whitman is Black Knight. The character Black Knight goes way back in the Marvel comics, with its first appearance in 1967 December in The Avengers #47 way back. Speculations sprawled saying Harington could possibly enter MCU as Wolverine after Jackman, but they were crossed out after the director’s 2019’s revelation of Harington portraying the third redo of the superhero Black Knight.

 The third iteration portrayal of Black Knight has a long history that goes back to the Original superpowered Black Knight from the medieval era. Ages after him in his lineage comes a man named Nathan Garrett, the second version Black Knight who portrays the role of an antagonist. Subsequently comes Dane Whitman, who is Nathan Garrett’s nephew with an obligation to restore honor to the Black Knight title on his shoulders. Dane’s uncle Nathan gets injured in a fight with Iron Man, after which he passes on his super-powered gear to his nephew, which includes a Sword (Ebony Blade). 

Who is Kit Harington in Eternals
Kit Harington as Dane Whitman in Eternals

Kit Harington’s limited yet impactful screen time

*Spoilers* Dane Whitman can be seen in a few scenes of the film, with his opening scene being in a Natural History Museum where he works, and to everyone’s awe it is revealed that he is at present linked to Eternal Sersi. Sersi was previously in a relationship with Ikaris for many centuries. Dane and Sersi along with Eternal Sprite, go around here and there. Then enter the Deviants and attack. Eternal Sersi, Ikaris, and Sprite rescue Dane from the Deviants. Ikaris and Dane come face to face, meet and greet each other *awkward meet* (Dane meets his girlfriend’s centuries-old ex for the first time). Eternal Sersi then p[ours out her life story, which baffles Dane. 

Dane can again be seen in two other scenes, one in between the film on face time and the other at the end. Dane face times Sersi to share about his family’s history and other secrets just when Arishem the Judge pulls her up into the sky. 

The post-credits is all we hang to in hopes of knowing more about the upcoming films, and the second credits scene of Eternals does that job. The second post-credit features Dane Whitman in a pivoting role as he mentions the Ebony Blade his family history talks about. A voice in the backdrop asks if he is prepared for the task. The film’s director mentioned the voice to be Blade’s. *HINT*

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