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Is World Government In One Piece Afraid Of Luffy?

world government one piece

Every story has an antagonist. A good story has an organization of antagonists. From the beginning, the world government in one Piece has been the puppeteer that makes its move from the shadows. The damage, the harm they bring to people, and even cause deaths that were untimely for our favorite characters. As the story goes by, we learn more and more about them with our feelings. Perhaps, it was a turning point for the world government in one Piece when Luffy declared war on them. The world govt. They weren’t afraid, though. They had more sinister plans and much bigger fish to deal with. One of them was Kaido, which could have been Joy Boy that would end their reign. A reign of eight hundred years. But they were wrong to ignore Luffy, and their ignorance led him to awaken his devil fruit.

world government one piece

CC: One Piece Franchise

What makes Luffy a threat to the world government?

The foundation of world government in one Piece is to control information. They have been at it for eight hundred years since its inception. But as the list of priorities goes, there are some worth destroying than hiding. And what was One Piece’s world government destroyed? They beat the knowledge of a devil fruit that would set people free, the Hito Hito no Mi: Nika. Sadly, with all the knowledge of it destroyed, they also lost the means to attain the fruit for themselves. But they were willing to play the waiting game and eventually get their hands on it. But the worst happened, and Shanks stole the devil fruit.

The conclusion of Kaido and Luffy’s battle was far worse than they expected. Not only did they lose a ruthless but predictable adversary, but in his place came a guy who was chaos itself. They are afraid of the consequences of what will happen if the knowledge starts to spread. They have tried to control the information and failed at it miserably. As for straw hat pirates, they now have an old adversary coming their way with renewed determination. With fear for them in their hearts.

world government one piece

CC: One Piece Franchise

Where to read One Piece?

One Piece’s new chapters can be read officially at Viz Media and Manga Plus. Manga plus is a Shueisha-owned app that releases manga featured in their magazine worldwide. Shueisha also publishes Shonen Jump, where One Piece and many popular titles have been published. Manga plus provides its service worldwide except for Japan, China, and South Korea. They had their services before Manga Plus came into existence.

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What is One Piece About?

The story starts with Luffy eating demon fruit from the loot Shanks brought home. After being saved by Shanks and inheriting his straw hat, Luffy decides to become someone like him. His adventure in the sea begins after the world’s most giant pirate reveals his Secret. He has hidden the world’s most significant treasure, One Piece, and many treasures in one place. His execution marked the great pirate age, with Luffy setting out independently. We see Luffy come across many people in his journey while a few go become part of his crew. He and his companions form the Straw hat pirate group. As the Straw hats ventures out to the sea, they make many friends and enemies while making their name.

Eiichiro Oda is the manga series creator; before the manga, he was an assistant artist for the highly acclaimed Dragon Ball Manga. One Piece is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and Published by Shueisha.



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