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Top 5 Movies Similar To One Hour Photo

One Hour Photo

One hour photo is a psychological thriller film released in January 2022. The film was written and directed by Mark Romanek and starred Robin Williams, Connie Nielsen, Michael Vartan, Gary Cole, and Eriq La Salle. It is a tale of a psycho photographer (performed by Robin Williams) who used to develop photographs of the Yorkin family. He started believing he was part of the family until he received the reality dose one day. What happens next has made the movie one of the best psychological thriller films.

The film was a box-office success and succeeded in letting the audience feel the thrill. The audience accepted the one-hour photo well; fans were gaga about the story and spectacular acting. It generally happens that we watch a movie, love it, and then want to see all the similar movies. The same can be the case with One Hour Photo. It is a kind of movie that remains in the minds of the audience forever and haunts you when you are alone at night. Are you the One Hour Photo fan? Don’t worry. We got you covered. Look at this list of 5 movies similar to One Hour Photo and choose your next movie to watch.

One Hour Photo


Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, the film was released in 1990. It is a suspense thriller directed by Rob Neier. Misery is considered to be the best adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. The film will let you experience the horror and thrill in everyday situations. The tale of the writer and his self-proclaimed “No. 1 fan” made him her captive. The fan is disheartened that he has decided to end the book series by killing the character, ‘Misery.’ Now, she has forced him to write a sequel to bring the character back to life. But, she chooses the violent and painful path to get the job done. The story’s ability to keep the audience glued to the screen makes it worth watching.

IMDb: 7.8/10 with 204, 671 votes

Hard Candy

Hard Candy is a David Slade thriller film released in 2005 that calls out pedophilia. The movie revolves around a 14-year-old girl and a 32-year-old pedophile man. It is a revenge tale where the girl has her invited to the pedophile man’s house and starts tormenting him. The fact that the child does all the torture makes the movie more disturbing. The phenomenal acting by both the actors is the USB of the film. How a 14-year-old takes help from medical books and the web is praiseworthy.

IMDB: 7/10 with 160, 220 votes

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Irresistible is a movie about a mother and a woman who is convinced that her husband’s coworker will take him away. Written and directed by Ann Turner, the film is so well developed that it will let you experience anger and fascination simultaneously. She is ready to do everything to keep the coworker away from her husband. Her obsession went to the extent that she started sensing things that were not real. You can watch the film if you are a fan of stories that follows crazy drama.


IMDB: 6.2/10 with 18 334 votes


Unsane is a 2018 psychological/ horror film directed by Steven Soderbergh. The director did a perfect job of showcasing the stalker’s perspective. The audience gets to see how the world is entirely different for a stalker than it is for us. He turned Sawyer’s (played by Claire Foy) life into a nightmare. Sawyer is just an ‘object’ for David (played by Joshua Leonard) that can make him feel good. He followed her everywhere and made her life miserable, so she had to seek therapy. It is a very thrilling tale and worth your time.

IMDB: 6.4/ 10 with 45, 826 votes

Session 9

Are you a psychological horror fan? Then go for Session 9. Directed by Brad Anderson, the film was released in 2001. Its abandoned psychiatric hospital will convince you never to enter any abandoned place ever. Gordon Fleming (played by Peter Mullan) drove to the psychiatric hospital with Phil (Caruso) to win a contract to save their failing business. The look of the abandoned place is enough to give you chills. They soon discovered that the psychiatric hospital’s history was still present to terrorize them. The gut-wrenching and nail-biting film is timeless and can give you the thrill you want.

IMDB: 6.4/10 with 58 567 votes

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