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Top 5 Spy Movies You Must Watch

Top 5 best spy movies you need to know
Jason Robards, Jr., Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Lisa Bonet, Regina King

The best spy movie is the one that brings out a spy in you. It will make you put your feet in their shoes and solve the mystery. We will consider a spy movie worth watching if it takes us on a deadly mission, makes us involved in the unbelievable action, and has us chase the enemy with the fastest cars.

Also, spy movies introduce us to an unfamiliar world of the spy. We get to see how a secret agent leads the simplest life without letting the world know about their actual identity. The movies are so unpredictable that they will not let you leave your seats before the end; It will seem like all is under control and the enemy is going to lose, but then we get to see the disasters happen. Watching a breathtaking Spy movie definitely makes you crave more action and drama. Right? We can feel you too. So, let’s get our adventurous mode on. Come see the list of top 5 Spy Movies You Must Watch!

The Bourne Identity

This is the first and the best film of the famous Bourne franchise. If you are a total fan of martial arts and some  ‘he just could have died’ action, then the movie is for you. It revolves around the trained operative who went through a memory loss situation and now slowly getting his past life back. The perfect storyline for the Spy movie! It was released in 2002. From start to end, the film delivered exactly what the audience wanted to see. This is why it is on our list of top 5 Spy Movies You Must Watch!

IMDB: 8/10

Enemy Of The State

Released in 1998, the Enemy of the State still maintained its place in its fan’s hearts. The movie revolves around conspiracy theory. Watching Enemy of the State is like watching each flavor of the Spy thriller. It has drama, action, conspiracy, power corruption, and much more exciting stuff to deliver to the audience. A successful lawyer passes some information, and the information giver is killed. Now, he is on the radar of the government agents who wants to stop the conspiracy from uncovering. What he does ahead of all this is what makes the movie a brilliant one.

IMDB: 7.3/ 10


The movie is definitely a yes for technology enthusiasts. It was released in 1992 and very smartly utilized the technology. How the characters use some hacking techniques and the computers for their use in 1992 will leave you shocked and impressed at the same time. The movie is timeless. You can watch it ten times and still get the surprising element of watching it for the 11th time. Robert Redford is the leader of the team that hacks computers and is now given a task by the government to bring back the black box that can decrypt the encrypted firewalls. However, after receiving the black box, they find themselves in great trouble.

IMDB: 7.1/ 10

Top 5 best spy movies you need to know

Cloak And Dagger

Released in 1946, Cloak and Dagger is a very old movie, but it still made it to the list due to its exceptionally great sense of keeping the audience in suspense. During the end of World war 2, the U.S. learned that the Germans were developing a nuclear bomb. Then, the OSS hires a University scientist to go on a mission to sort things out. The movie lets the audience see how desperate a love feels in times of war.

IMDB: 6.6/ 10

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A Most Wanted Man

A Most wanted man is the adaption of John Le Carre’s book. Watch the movie for unbeatable acting by Philip Seymour Hoffman. It is unfortunate that he is gone, and we will never get to experience this same thrill again. The storyline is very sharp and keeps the audience intrigued till the end. It develops suspense in the world of bureaucracy. The movie revolves around German and US security agencies taking an interest in a half-Russian immigrant who has an eye on his father’s ill-fortunes. The film keeps the viewer’s excitement alive throughout. We hope you liked our list of top 5 Spy Movies You Must Watch!

IMDB: 6.8/ 10

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