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How And Where To Watch The Thinning In UK, USA And Australia

How And Where To Watch The Thinning In UK, USA And Australia

As the climate is changing and we face the deadly impact of global warming, every now and then, there gets a movie about it. Glaciers melting, an increase in the heat waves, the sudden rise of the population, contamination of water, and a sudden environmental change have given script ideas to many writers out there. Thinning is also one such movie. Released in 2006, the movie is focused on the world that is crippled by overcrowding. The film is quite straightforward. Dictators come up with a solution to control the population and save the world by killing the students who are not intelligent. It is the survival of the smartest. Each year the schools take the aptitude test where they eliminate the failed student; that is, the failed students will be killed. Hence, the title explained; Nearly 5% of the population was reduced after the test. Therefore, it is a “post-apocalyptic world” film.

What Happens In The Movie The Thinning?

It is the year 2039, and the Earth is hugely populated. Each country has to reduce its population by 5% yearly as mandated by the United Nations. The story of the film is based in Texas, USA. Texa’s governor comes up with a disturbing and fatal plan to control the population. All the students from grades 1 to 12 have to appear for the aptitude test, and whoever fails dies. The seriousness of the issue made people agree to this plan. Film’s protagonist is Blake, who is Governor’s son. He has a girlfriend named Ellie.

Moving forward, we see that both Blake and Ellie do not study for the test. However, Blake passed it, and Ellie failed. Ellie’s failure and the fact that she will soon be killed make Blake miserable, and he asks his father to free her. As his father believed that law and order should be the same for everyone, he refused. A year later, he made a video saying that he would deliberately fail as revenge on his father. After that, follows a series of events that develops the film. Blake’s father orders to get his results changed, and then somehow, he ends up on the ‘to be killed’ students list.

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How And Where To Watch The Thinning In UK, USA And Australia

The most exciting part about the movie is its end, where we found out that whatever was happening was not really happening. Did they actually kill those kids! Don’t worry; we are not disclosing that and ruin the entire movie’s experience for you.

Where To Watch The Movie The Thinning

The Thinning is the youtube original movie. Although youtube is an application that does not charge anything from its users, you have to take a subscription to Youtube premium to watch it. Most people are unaware that youtube has also launched its premium services. Youtube is providing many upgraded services to premium account users. In case you do not want to take youtube’s subscription, it is available on the Amazon shopping website and application. You can either rent it for $4.99 or purchase the movie for $9.99. You can also buy or rent the film at the same price from google play.

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