Top 10 Most Hated Disney Characters

Top 10 Most Hated Disney Characters

Disney is known for introducing children to their favorite cartoons, and barbies and fans wonder who are the most hated Disney characters. Those magical, take-you-to-beautiful places movies are worth every second we gave them. We all have grown up watching Disney in our households. Do you remember when coming from school was such a joyful thing just because you get to see your favorite Disney shows? Disney has grown with us, It has come a long way from just creating one-hour episodes to developing full-fledged films. They do not make movies just for kids now, anyone can watch them when craving a lightweight-weight show or a movie.

Disney has all the world’s most cute, beautiful, and good-at-heart characters. However, with good comes evil and that happens in Disney shows. In order for the hero to win, there has to be a villain that is vicious enough that the audience cheers watching it lose. Most of the villain characters developed by Disney are not very bad and generally reconcile with the protagonist at the end. The audience loves some Disney villains. Nevertheless, there are some that cannot be loved no matter how much you try. Here, we bring the list of the top 10 most hated Disney characters.

10. Mother Gothel In Rapunzel

The movie Tangled was released in 2010 and featured long-haired Rapunzel as the protagonist and mother Gothel as the main antagonist. Gothel was so crazy about being young and immortal that she never let anything come between her and her immortality. Abducting a child for it seemed like a brilliant idea for her. Mother Gothel hid Rapunzel in a scary and lonely tower, manipulating her throughout. She used Rapunzel’s long hair to keep her immortal. She never loved Rapunzel and used everyone who came in her way.

9. Ursula From The Little Mermaid

Ursula’s great interest in black magic made King Triton exile her from Atlantica. She is very evil and feels no harm in torturing innocent beings from the sea. Ursula is the witch who makes false promises to beings and takes their souls from their bodies. She does not believe in fair-deal and often tricks people. Further, she also tricked Ariel to accept her deal just to take her revenge on King Triton. She does not love or adores anyone except her pets.

8. Sher Khan In The Jungle Book

Sher Khan keeps troubling everyone in the jungle. When Bagheera wants to send Mowgli away to his own kind, he came into a joy to know that Mowgli has a rebel attitude. He is not like other tigers who are sharp, and intelligent and you want to compliment them for their skills. However, Sher Khan is one of those animals who torment other animals and hunt them just for its entertainment. He keeps making Mowgli and his animal friends’ lives difficult in the jungle.

7. The Prospector From Toy Story 2

The Prospector, more famously known as Stinky Pete is one of the two main villains of Toy Story 2. Initially, he was well-behaved and good but the character demonstrated his real dark side when everyone around him was sealed and he no longer sit on the shelf. When the story unfolds, he revealed that he regularly leaves his box and cannot be collected. He appeared to be very caring for Woody but lost it when he refused to join them for a display in the museum. After that, Prospector did something that was never expected of him; He trapped all the toys in a box so that Al could pack them all and bring them to the airport.

Top 10 Most Hated Disney Characters

6. Hans from Frozen

Prince Hans fooled Elsa and Anna throughout by becoming a suitable suitor. He was the thirteenth prince belonging to Southern Isles. Hans’s childhood was never easy, he was always neglected by his parents. There was an incident when three of his brothers pretended that he was invisible and they continued that joke for two years. However, his deeds cannot be excused by his childhood traumas. Hans appears as a friend but was plotting throughout against Anna and Elsa. Thanks to Elsa that she broke the curse with “an act of true love” Hans never succeeded in his mission.

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5. Randall From Monsters, Inc

Initially, Randall seemed nothing more than a side character. He appears to be a mischievous character who is just capable of playing some tricks. However, slowly as the film progressed, Randall became the villain we start hating. His character grew as troubling Mike and feeling jealous about Sully’s successful career as the Scarer. later in the film, it was revealed that Randall is a part of a huge plot that involves taking control of the whole scaring industry and kidnapping little Boo. How could he think of kidnapping that cute little munchkin! Randall running behind Mike, Sully, and Boo through the revolving doors and reaching various houses in-between gave us some epic scenes of the movie.

4. Ernesto De La Cruz In The Coco

You can never ever predict that he is the villain throughout the end. Ernesto is the guy who is immensely loved by everyone in the land of the dead. People love his music and he entertains them. Miguel started admiring him for his talent and developed a sense of respect for her. It came as a total shock when revealed that Ernesto is the real villain and he is the reason Coco could not meet her father. Ernesto crossed all the limits for achieving fame and killed Hector. After that, he stole Hector’s book and get the fame that he never deserved.

3. Scar From The Lion King

The one thing that is on Scar’s mind is that he just wants to become a King. He is the second-born child of the Pride Rock and is envied by his elder brother, Mufasa. Since Mufasa is the eldest and wisest, he became the king. The scar becomes the second fiddle to his brother, he was furious about it but somehow managed to tolerate it until Simba’s birth. He decided to end both Mufasa and Simba’s lives and become the King that he always wanted to be. Scar betrayed Mufasa at the very moment he wanted his help the most. He set wildebeests behind Simba and when Mufasa tried to save his son, the evil Scar threw him off the mountain’s edge. This is why he’s on our list of Most Hated Disney Characters.

Top 10 Most Hated Disney Characters

2. Jafar From Alladin

You can predict from the start of his expressions that he is going to betray at the end. The greed for the throne has ruined many. Jafar was Sultan’s advisor for a long time but actually what he was doing is hypnotizing and betraying him. From trying to hypnotize Sultan to hiding the truth from him on several occasions, he did it all. His ulterior motive was to rule Agrabah and marry Jasmine. Not just some palace conspiracies, he tricked Alladin to fetch a genie’s lamp. According to the tale, Jafar succeded in his evil plans and became the ruler of Agrabah and married Jasmine. Also, he sent Alladin into exile. There are not many reasons to hate Jafar.

1. Cruella From 101 Dalmatians

Cruella as her name suggests is the cruelest villain Disney ever produced. She wanted to do the most wicked thing in the entire Disney history by killing all the 99 puppies and using their skin for making fur coats. She is very fashionable and highly notorious. Not just animal lovers, she is hated by every Disney fan. You can also watch a spin-off movie made on Cruella in 2021. We hope you liked our list of Most Hated Disney Characters.