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Top 10 Most Funniest Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Are you wondering what are the Top 10 Most Funniest Cartoon Characters Of All Time? There are numerous types of characters in cartoons serious, happy, sad, and funny. Funny characters are what everyone loves as they lighten up the mood of everyone and are overall very entertaining to watch. There isn’t any shortage of individuals that fit this description.  Some of these characters have made such an impression that an entire generation. There are still people who know of their existence. Here is the list of 10 of the funniest characters in cartoons of all time.

10. Skipper

Top 10 Most Funniest Cartoon Characters Of All Time


He is the leader of the penguins and is one of the main protagonists of the Penguins of Madagascar. Skipper is a very good leader that pulls his team through hard times. He is a type of leader that won’t leave his men behind. He is a very strict character but most of the time he is very comedic which happens numerous times like during his interactions with his squad.

Furthermore, he married a bride doll named Lola who Skipper was in love with truly. On top of all this, the missions and journeys they go on are really remarkable and downright funny to witness.

09. SpongeBob

Top 10 Most Funniest Cartoon Characters Of All Time


This is the name of a character that is renowned throughout the world as it stood out from the other cartoons of its time. The name of main protagonist of the show is SpongeBob who is which the name suggests is a sea sponge that is joyful and clumsy. He made his debut in 1999 when he stole the heart of the audience through his great and funny character.

The adventures he was on were something that can’t be explained by simple words as it was something magical and SpongeBob was the main reason for it. Unfortunately, the show recently ended which led to many people being sad as such a legendary show with such a great run ended as very disheartening for the fans. But they still have many great memories of SpongeBob who has made them laugh countless times. All these reasons are why this show is on our list of Top 10 Most Funniest Cartoon Characters Of All Time.

08. King Julien XIII

Top 10 Most Funniest Cartoon Characters Of All Time

King Julien XIII

He is one of the funniest characters in the Madagascar film series and is a very fan-favorite character that gets a lot of love from them. King Julien Xlll is the king of the Kingdom of Madagascar and is a character that is filled with life. He is a party lover who is a very spiked character that orders everyone around and has an ego that is much bigger than his body size.

Even with such bad things he is a very colorful character that played a very huge role in the films. Furthermore, his iconic songs from first Madagascar are phenomenal and the funny things he has done are in a league of their own. The people that love the comedy genre need to see Madagascar witness this themselves.

07. Johnny Bravo

Top 10 Most Funniest Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Johnny Bravo

He was once a very popular cartoon character that was voiced by Marc Silk. He is very ill-mannered and gets very passionate around beautiful ladies. Johnny’s funny moments come from when he is around women where he tries to impress them with his muscles but he is rejected by all of them because they think he is stupid and lame.

This lead to them beating him up badly but it doesn’t affect his resolve at all. This is because Johnny is someone that is filled with determination and through this, he does this over and over again. All of these interactions are funny as at the end of them is something to witness. Furthermore, there are many more things that make him so funny like his hair, his pick-up lines, and many more things. Isn’t this why Johnny Bravo is on our list of Top 10 Most Funniest Cartoon Characters Of All Time.

06. Homer Simpson

The simpsons

Homer Simpson

Up next on this list is none other than one of the main protagonists of The Simpsons named Homer Simpson. Homer’s character is full of personality he is very lazy, and stupid and gets angry very quickly. Someone might think that this won’t make a character that funny because the personality he has don’t make him interesting.

But it is the exact opposite as he is one funny character because of his stupidity which makes him do really funny things but at the same time a great husband and a father to Lisa. He has done some very outrageous things in the show and his no-care attitude makes it ten times better. How can we leave The Simpsons out of our list of Top 10 Most Funniest Cartoon Characters Of All Time?

05. Bugs Bunny

Top 10 Most Funniest Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Bugs Bunny

He is one of the mascots of Disney and is just as much popular as Mickey Mouse himself. Bugs Bunny is a very smart and confident character that made everyone laugh in their childhood countless times. He is a very clever character that outwits his enemies from time and time again and he does so in such a style that is very funny for it is very unexpected.

He has been in numerous series in which at all times does something funny that makes the audience laugh hysterically. It this very day, he is very funny and many generations of kids have grown up watching him and his funny antics. He truly deserves to be on this list and a majority of people will agree with it

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04. Mr. Bean


Mr Bean

Mr Bean

He is the main character of the show with the same name and is voiced by none other than the legendary Rowan Atkinson. The character of Mr. Bean is portrayed as an obnoxious and once in a while stupid character. He doesn’t talk that much but when he does, he mumbles when speaking to anyone. But even with these things, he is a gentleman towards women which is a very good thing but when it comes to his girlfriend he doesn’t act like one.

His one and only friend is teddy who he cares about deeply. A kind person like Mr. Bean has a lot of enemies as well who are desperately trying to get him into trouble. They succeed in this but he comes up with a lot of different and downright funny plans to get out of trouble.

03. Garfield



He is the main protagonist of the cartoon show that goes by the same name and is a very popular fictional character. Garfield is an overweight, full of sarcasm, and intense lover of food cat who can get very angry when he doesn’t get his beloved Lasagne. He at first seemed like a very selfish character who cares about himself and his cute teddy bear named Pooky whom he loves to death. But this isn’t true as he loves his owner, Jon Arbuckle, and Jon’s pet dog Odie. He likes to tease them over small things and Garfield gets amusement from it but in the end, doesn’t mean what he says

02. Pink Panther

Pink panther

Pink Panther

He is a cartoon character that speaks a single word but the things he does make him one of the funniest characters. Pink Panther is a prankster that likes to prank the janitor whenever he pleases. His prank includes tampering with the infamous Mona Lisa painting. He is a very curious character that loves the sense of discovery and also likes to find new things.

Pink Panther loves to eat food but what’s funnier is that when he gains show weight, he goes on a diet to lose it as soon as possible. Furthermore, his iconic theme song which plays in the background automatically makes every scene funny.

01. Tom

He is the Thomas Jasper “Tom” Cat Sr. is without a doubt the funniest and most wholesome character that ever graced the world. Tom is a very good character who fits the description of “actions speak louder than words”. I say this due to the course of the entire series he hasn’t said that many words and his expression say it all as he shows emotions such as anger, sadness, happiness, and more through actions alone.

His consent fights with Jerry and the things he has endured as well as down to his enemy Jerry is something that everyone should definitely see. He is the funniest character in because of the numerous funny moments that are within the cartoon that cemented him as one of the greatest characters that graced our tv series. We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 10 Most Funniest Cartoon Characters Of All Time.

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