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Top 10 Forms Of Thor

Top 10 Forms Of Thor

“The Norse God of Thunder” is one of the oldest prominent superheroes in the Marvel universe. If you are a hardcore Marvel fan like us, then you must know that this universe is expanded throughout multiple timelines and realities. We have read and seen many different stories about him. He has superhuman strength and Mjolnir (an enchanted hammer made from Uru metal) is his weapon of choice. Thor’s hammer is a great pride for him and it is his power’s symbol. He can call rain, wind, lightning, and thunder from it. However, other superheroes can lift the hammer but must be worthy enough.

Whoever lifts the hammer can possess Thor’s powers. In fact, it is particularly inscribed on Mjolnir, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if s/he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” But does only lifting the hammer make you Thor? No, not at all. Remember how in the 2017 release, Thor: Ragnarok when Mjolnir was destroyed, Thor summoned the lightning without any weapon. It proved that Thor is so much more than his hammer. With many movies and book series that featured Thorn, we have met different forms of Thor. Each is different from the others and possesses some unique powers. Let’s look at these top 10 forms of Thor that appeared in different timelines and decide which one is the best.

10. Iron Hammer

Iron Hammer is the version of Thor that exists in the accidentally created Warp World. Gamora created this world when she played with the Marvel universe’s souls. In the Warp world, there are many mixtures of the marvel universe characters; Each soul is connected with another. Thus, Iron Hammer is the combination of Iron Man and Thor. Stark Odinson combined the power of Thor with the sharp intelligence of Tony Stark.

Iron Hammer Thor

9. Ultimate Thor

This Thor of Marvel universe 1610 is less powerful than the 616 Thor. The Ultimate Thor is a dark god with some complex characteristics. Thorlief Golmen, a political activist and social anarchist has had a nervous breakdown and spent a year in a psychiatric institution. Those experiences helped him realize that he is the reincarnation of Thor. People do not believe him initially but his statements appear to be the real deal later. Thorlief was very true to his profession in that he only accepted  Nick Fury’s offer to join the Ultimates when President increased the foreign aid budget twofold. Not very strong, this version cannot even use his powers properly. At one time, Magneto stole Mjolnir from him.

8. Red Norvell

Popularly known as Red to his friends, was a part of the crew smuggled by Loki to Asgard. He started his journey by being just a pawn to Loki and Hela’s plans. However, anyone can predict that if Loki decides to help, nothing goes as per plan. Red went to Asgard and got attracted to Lady Sif. Due to this sequence of events, Loki sent Red to conquer Thor’s powers and win Sif’s love. Yet another situation intersects this one; Odin was aware of his son’s plans and worried about the prophecy becoming reality. Thus, for a relatable short duration, Red became Thor.

7. Thunderstrike

Eric Masterson was actually a supporting character in the Marvel comics. He gained much attention when he reached the end of his life. And then, in order to save his life, Odin merged him with Thor.  During Ordinson’s exile, Eric was given powers like Thor and Mjolnir. Unfortunately, Enchantress very easily controlled Eric and made him attack Sif. he dig his own grave with this act as it angered real Thor who ultimately fought him and took his powers back. Nevertheless, the plot was uncovered and Odin gave Eric an enchanted mace and a new identity of “Thunderstrike.” The Thunderstrike is the low level of “God of Thunder.”

Top 10 Forms Of Thor

6. Throg

You may find it quite funny but there have been multiple versions of Frog Thor – Frog with the powers of Thor! Throg first appeared in Walt Simonson’s seminal run on Thor where Thor himself converted into Throg. It further joined forces with Puddlegulp and King Glugwort and fought the war against rats. As funny as it may sound, It happened. The book Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers highlighted that the Puddlegulp is actually a human who became a frog due to some witch’s curse. Further, he went on to become a Throg and joined forces with Lockjaw and other pet Avengers to get all the Infinity gems.

5. War Thor

The War Thor is the comparatively new Thor. He made so much trouble and conflicts in both Asgard and Midgard (Earth). He has the hammer that was slipped into the cracks of the multiverse after the 2015’s release Secret Wars. Actually, Volstagg is the War Thor, he is filled with grief, he is scarred, and he is angry. Volstagg has been the ally of the original Thor and a former cheerful member of the Warriors three. Volstagg was working as a Senator for Asgard and with the refugee children of Alfheim. He lifted a hammer out of rage when all the refugee children were killed.

4. Beta Ray Bill

Yet another creation by Walt Simonson, Beta Ray Bill was first introduced in Thor #337. Originally, he was the enemy of Thor and started as a villain in the books. They both went on to have a battle with each other and as it happened Thor was separated from his hammer for 60 seconds. Thus, only a human Donald Blake remained off him. Then, since Beta Ray Bill was worthy he claimed the hammer. It was the first time when someone else claimed the Mjolin.  Odin further stated that Bill and Odinson fought very rigorously to acquire the powers. Bill won the fight and spared his brother’s life. Then, Odin gave Beta his own hammer called Stormbringer.

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3. Thor Odinson

He is the original son of Odin and brother of Loki. He first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #83 in the year 1962, since then he has been a very powerful and important character in the Marvel universe. Thor Odinson has used Mjolnir for fighting for Asgard and for Earth. The founding Avenger of the movies and comics is a very smart character developed by Marvel. He is the original Thor.

Top 10 Forms Of Thor

2. Dargo Ktor

The world is ruined and we are in 2587. Whatever remained is also not free, the corporate forces control the world. Now it is quite obvious, that if there are oppressive forces, then there have to be some rebels. There are a group of rebels that find Mjolnir in a cave and yes whatever you are thinking happened. One of the rebels, Dargo Ktor got the hammer and becomes the new Thor. However, this is not that easy. Mjolnir did not obey its new master and the rebels got attacked by Loki who is actually working with the Corporation leader. When they finally won, Dargo used the hammer to open up the portal and sent it in the crack opened in the ground with the hope that it reaches the rightful owner.

1. Old King Thor

He is nicknamed The destroyer, he is the god of all gods. The Old King Thor defeated Galactus and killed Gorr the God Butcher. This mighty god also survived the deaths of all other gods including Asgard, the gods of earth, and the gods of heaven. Moreover, he inherited the force of Odin (then called Thor-force). This version of Thor became the final All-father and sits on Asgard’s throne. He wears an eye patch and has one arm for destroying (Old King Thor lost his left eye and left arm). He was first introduced in Thor: God of Thunder. Once, he also claimed Gorr’s sword when he along with Young Thor and Odinson defeated the God butcher.

Old King Thor

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