Top 10 Best Marvel Couples Till Date

Top 10 Best Marvel Couples Till Date

Marvel couples have definitely set the bar very high for all the couples out there.  The beautiful romantic relationships shown in the universe make us crave the same love in our lives. However, they go through the same problems as us. They fight and struggle through the ups and downs of love and make efforts to maintain the relationships. The story’s romance track makes it more alive and relatable for the audience. Sometimes when they have to sacrifice their love for saving the world, we fall in love with our superheroes a little more.

Marvel is responsible for creating many unforgettable and wonderful love stories, but only some have made their way to the audience’s heart and remained there for a long time.  Some pairings are stronger and better than others. For us, the best Marvel couples are those who let us feel every shade of love. From ‘made for each other’ to ‘love each other with all the heart, but fate has something else planned,’ each love story should speak out for it. We have made a Top 10 Marvel couples list from worst to best to help you decide your favorite couple.

10. Thor And Jane Foster

There is no denying that we all have witnessed that intense love developing between them. Their epic love story has managed to win fans’ hearts in many movies. However, ultimately their romance took off in “Thor: The Dark World,” and the duo broke up. Their paths crossed when Jane helped Thor in the mission to return to Asgard and ultimately fell in love with him. She has been a long love interest for Thor.  However, they have been in an on-and-off relationship. Worthy of Mjolnir, she seems to be the perfect girl for Thor.

9. Stephen Strange And Christine Palmer

Stephen and Christine love each other a lot but are still not together. From the start of Doctor Strange, they are exes, but the way they look at each other tells us a totally different story. Anyone can predict by just looking at them that the love story they used to have must be a remarkable one. Christine left no stone unturned in helping Stephen move on after his injury. Again, It was Christine who helped him save his human self after discovering superhuman abilities. However, it seems like Christine blames Stephen for their separation. Things appear to be ended for the couple when she married someone else in ‘Doctor Strange: Multiverse of the Madness.’ It would be interesting to see what writers have planned about these love birds for the future.

8. T’Challa And Takia

We will not judge you if you have already forgotten about the duo. Nevertheless, they have set the example for modern couples; You do not have to hate each other if they are not together anymore. Throughout the movie ‘Black Panther,’ they continue to support each other irrespective of their past. Also, both focused on their individual goals as well. However, it was pretty apparent that T’Challa was still attached to Takia. The fact that Takia was the motivation for T’Challa to open his kingdom of Wakanda to the world confirms the presence of love sparks. By the film’s end, he made her his queen to rule side by side.

7. Scarlet Witch And Vision

The fans are divided on liking them or not. But, we all have to admit, the duo belongs together. Sure they have their limitations (Vision being an android being one), but they complete each other. The love they share is no less than any other Marvel couple out there. Their love story started having turbulence with Scarlet’s decreasing status and Android’s wish to start a family with another Android. They share the love story for ages. They were very dedicated and tried to work things out but decided to become friends in the end.

Top 10 Best Marvel Couples Till Date

6. Scarlet Witch And Doctor Voodoo

Their incomplete story has broken many fans’ hearts. But, maybe due to their magical abilities, the duo connected instantly. Their bond soon developed into a romantic tale. Voodoo impacted Scarlet’s life so much that she used to think he was the only one who understood her personal and mystic characteristics. They started living together in “Avengers: No Road Home” and developed a romantic relationship. However, things never went as planned and did not work out for the pair. Why do people always fall in love with the wrong people! Their romance is over in the comics for quite some time, and they have built different lives separately. Vision has made his family of synthezoids, and Scarlet has also found love in another avenger.

5. Reed Richards and Susan Storm

This Marvel couple is the proof that ‘walking together through thick and thin’ can happen. The couple has shown that marriages actually can work in the Marvel universe. They have fought for each other numerous times. Once their love was put to the test when Victor Von Doom became obsessed with Susan. It can be said that this rivalry led to “Secret Wars.” Victor ruled the duct-taped “Battleworld” with his wife Sue. Nevertheless, Reed was determined to fight for his love till the end. Our favorite family then set out to repair the multiverse.

4. Natasha Romanoff And Bruce Banner

Many fans claimed they had seen some sparks between them and went ‘I knew it already’ when their love story was confirmed in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’ However, some were shocked by the turn of events. Whatever is the case, there is no denying that the love story between Natasha and Bruce is one of the best among the Marvel universe’s love stories. Bruce used to ask Natasha about her past relationships and also confessed his feelings for her to Steve Rogers. However, their romance came down in ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ We witnessed the actual intensity of Bruce’s love when he tried to bring Natasha back after her death in ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ But all the efforts went in vain, and their relationship ended there.

Top 10 Best Marvel Couples Till Date

3. Peter Quill And Gamora

Their story started off with being the haters. But, the duo developed their arcs from being haters to lovers; Classic, Right? They had one of the epic love tales in the history of the Marvel universe. Their paths crossed when Quill was working as a thief and Gamora were sent on a mission by her father, Thanos. Both were attracted to each other and that attraction developed into love soon. They both used to keep their feelings hidden and acted like best friends. Gamora met her end when Thanos threw her from a cliff on Vormir to get the Soul Stone. On Gamora’s death, Peter became vulnerable and could not control his emotions. He made a mistake and Thanos escaped.

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2. Tony Stark And Pepper Potts

Being the first-ever Marvel couple, Tony and Pepper are naturally our favorites. They proved that despite a superhero having to go on life-threatening missions and being responsible for saving the world, he has a soft side and needs love too. Fans have immensely enjoyed and went gaga about their romance in characters’ solo films particularly.  Their love has made us believe in love. They had a long and difficult relationship. However, Pepper’s role was cut in further MCU films, the core of their relationship will always be present in viewers’ hearts.

1. Peter Parker And Michelle Jones

Peter and Michelle are one of the most classic couples in the Marvel universe history. Fans have seen an innocent yet great love story through Peter and Michelle. They first appeared in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming.’ Though Michelle used to pay attention to Peter’s actions and whereabouts, they were these cute classmates doing cute wiggles around each other. Peter and Michelle must have had you remember your school or college’s flings. And then, ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home happened,’ in which Peter was deeply and madly in love with Michelle. He was ready to do anything to impress her including traveling overseas. When Michelle got to know about his real identity, despite freaking out, she decided to be with him. At the end of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,’ everyone including Michelle has forgotten about Peter’s existence. However, there are speculations that Michelle will still remember him and their love provided their romance in the past.