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The Exorcism of God Ending Explained

the exorcism of god ending explained

The horror movie genre fans are not new to the exorcism craze among directors. The horror genre has seen everything from soul-possessing demons to those gore visual effects. The act of exorcism remains a very favorite choice among directors. Many horror movies revolve around the theme of exorcism. With the new film revolving around the same shows, we are confident that exorcism is not going anywhere. The appeal of the act and the theatrics involved in the filming make it a favorite among horror genre fans.

Many famous movies like The Exorcist, The conjuring, and The possession of Hannah Grace revolve around the act of exorcism. And for the fans of this particular genre, we have bought an exciting read ahead. The name of this one will surely shock the hell out of you! The exorcism of God, yes, you heard it right. In exorcisms of troubled teens, sick children, and women, we also have an exorcism of God. Read on to find out what it is about.

The Exorcism Of God-Plot

What follows before and after the exorcism led by father Peter constitutes the whole movie. Father Peter exorcised a demon who possessed a young lady. His superior advised him not to do the same but decided to go for it anyway. The demon successfully tempted Father Peter to lose control and faith for a second before the screen cuts to black.


the exorcism of god ending explained

Eighteen years after the events of the first exorcism, Father Peter is still haunted by the sinful acts he committed then. He cannot forgive himself for questioning his faith and losing faith in God himself. To partly redeem himself, he works in various charities and good deeds, but the demons of the past still haunt him. Until the demon returns and possesses the children, Peter cares for them. What follows is the story of father Peter and his acts to redeem his soul for good this time.

The Cast of The Exorcism of God

The whole cast of the movie is as follows:

  • Will Beinbrink as Father Peter Williams
  • María Gabriela de Faría as Esperanza
  • Joseph Marcell as Father Michael Lewis
  • Hector Kotsifakis as Dr. Nelson

Son of a naval captain, Will Beinbrick is an actor born in Maryland. He is most famous for his role in the recent movie IT: Chapter two. He plays the titular character of Father peter in the movie Exorcism of the God and is immensely praised for his performance.

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The Exorcism of God- Ending Explained

The movie builds to its harrowing finale right in a prison cell. It brings home its movie’s tagline, “God and devil cannot reside in the same body.” The film’s climax is exceptionally built up right to the literal exorcism of God. The finale scene’s meaning is bizarre but can have different connotations for different viewers. But the whole act of the Exorcism of God, in the end, did not seem quite right to the viewers. The movie is being criticized for blasphemy and disrespecting the LGBT community.

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