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My Hero Academia Chapter 358: Release Date, Expectation and More!

My Hero Academia Chapter 358

As with heroes, villains are most terrifying when injured, as the heroes will soon discover. For the heroes, All For One resurrecting himself before Endeavor is a formidable obstacle. The first few pages of My Hero Academia Chapter 358 are supposed to resolve the cliffhanger. A few unidentified people are approaching Deku, and the first user of One For All informs him that he has a horrible feeling about it. It remains unknown who these individuals are. However, it is conceivable that these unidentified individuals are willingly joining Deku and his supporters.

It is also possible that Nomus is after Deku and his ability to One For All. Chapter 358 of My Hero Academia is also expected to handle the All For One stealing Eri’s quirk story. In the last chapter, All For One escaped the onslaught of Endeavor. The villain anticipated going all out against him, but he did not expect that Endeavor would force him to experience the agony he felt when he first fought All Might. All For One recalled that a wounded hero is the most terrifying. Later, with the assistance of Hawks, All For One was able to propel himself and attack All For One with Vanishing Jet Burn. To know more about the chapter, continue reading My Hero Academia. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 358

The assault drove the antagonist toward Gunga Mountain. Hawks questioned Endeavor, after the assault, why he did not employ Prominence Burn against the opponent. Endeavor replied that he could not fire that move several times. He desired to dismantle All For One’s fortifications to guarantee that Prominence Burn would strike its target. We have reached the culmination of AFO against Endeavor. With the release of the most recent chapter, My Hero Academia Chapter 358, spoilers will soon reveal what Midoriya found so shocking. Therefore, let’s summarise what we already know.

In the preceding chapter, Endeavor regains control of the fight. Consequently, the most recent chapter maintains his supremacy over AFO and is very action-packed. Endeavor is so upset and irritated that he is battling to the point of exhaustion. He shoots a Jet Burn when he should have been firing a Prominence Burn in response to Hawks’ request. His firepower is so formidable that adjacent villains and heroes on Gunga Mountain flee. The Endeavor launches several strikes on AFO. Consequently, his burned face is revealed. Even humans were able to discharge fire from their eyes.

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Expectation

Nevertheless, the chapter reveals that AFO has one more maneuver that might perhaps destroy Endeavor. Even though Hawks is yelling at Endeavor to stay away from AFO, he is still determined to kill him for real this time. The source of Endeavor’s insanity is his dissatisfaction and shame over all of his prior errors. From his family to all future generations of heroes, he proclaims that he will continue his penance and not let his past stand in their way. The chapter then concludes with another cliffhanger. The last page depicts The First alerting Midoriya that something or someone is approaching him in midair. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Release Date

The manga will not appear in Weekly Shonen Jump issues 30 and 33. The release of My Hero Academia Chapter 358 is scheduled for Sunday. Manga Plus and Viz will distribute the chapter. The manga is based on the original tale of Kohei Horikoshi. The release date will change for foreign fans due to the time difference on Sunday, July 3, 2022. If a change is reported, it will be directly reflected in the article. 

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Where to Read MHA Chapter 358?

The chapter will be available to read on Viz Media and Manga Plus. Fortunately, spoilers for Chapter 358 will emerge 4-5 days before its official publication, giving us a sneak peek at forthcoming events.

About My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya, a middle school kid, wants to be a hero more than anything, yet he lacks even an ounce of strength. Without a chance to attend the elite U.A. High School for aspiring heroes, his life is rapidly approaching a dead end. Then a confrontation with All Might, the greatest hero of them all, allows him to alter his fate. 

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