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Is My Hero Academia Chapter 359 delayed?

My Hero Academia Chapter 359

Deku is being pursued by unidentified winged beings, while the Great Explosion Death God Dynamight has revealed his new ultimate attack. With two cliffhangers in two chapters, the My Hero Academia manga is taking a two-week hiatus, leaving fans to wonder what type of action-packed Chapter is next. Chapter 359 of “My Hero Academia” will be broadcast on July 18. When the manga returns with a new chapter, it will be intriguing to see what topic mangaka Kohei Horikoshi will pursue.

In the previous Chapter, the U.S. Flying Fortress was engaged in combat with Shigaraki. Shigaraki demolished everything while insulting the heroes for fleeing. Suneater, Best Jeanist, Dynamight, Mirko, Edgeshot, and Nejire Chan were seen dodging Shigaraki’s blows and doing their utmost to combat the enormous wave of fingers and hands. Best Jeanist instructed his friends to continue weaving the fingers and avoid being devoured. The Chapter continued with many other exciting elements. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 359

We have seen shots of Edgeshot’s Pulp Head Throttle assault severed a portion of Shigaraki’s fingers, but they quickly regenerated back. He was stunned and questioned how it was not a peculiarity. In addition, the Chapter depicted Dynamight introducing his Suppressive Heavy Mobile Unit – Strafe Panzer, which may be used to initiate a variety of explosions. He resolved to eliminate the opponent’s many hands and fingers at whatever cost. He remembered how his comrades from the United States of America were fighting the baddies with all their Might.

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After Hawks partly fractures All For One’s mask, Earphone Jack leaps off Tsukuyomi, and Dark Shadow sees Tsukuyomi and Dark Shadow, causing them to attack and pursue them instantly. Tsukuyomi wraps his body in Black Abyss and launches “Ragnarok: Fleeting Blow,” which generates a giant fist that shatters All For One’s mask, shattering it after realizing Hawks is insufficient to kill him. Tsukuyomi seizes Earphone Jack as Hawks ridicules

All For One on the assumption that they just wanted to purchase time. Meanwhile, All For One suffers as he discovers that his senses are deteriorating. Since losing sight and hearing, he has evolved many sensory quirks that enable him to sense vibrations and infrared sensors, placing him light years ahead of the typical human. His Quirks are rebelling since he knows that Jack’s headphones would not be powerful enough to hinder his perception.

When will Chapter 359 of My Hero Academia be released?

My Hero Academia has finally announced a two-week-long break before the subsequent chapter releases. Jujutsu Kaisen will be on pause this week; for the next two weeks, it will be Boku, no, my hero academia. You can re-read the previous chapters or start some new manga. Further updates, such as a change in a release, will be a further update in the article. Above all, the official release date for My Hero Academia chapter 359 is July 18, 2022. 

Where to Read My Hero Academia?

The Chapter will be available to read on Manga Plus and Viz Media. Thankfully, spoilers for Chapter 358 will be released 4-5 days before its official release. They were providing us with a sneak glimpse at upcoming events. However, the spoilers of Chapter 359 of My Hero Academia might take time to release because of the apparent two-week break. 

About My Hero Academia

The battle of Midoriya is to become a hero and All Might’s heir. All Might strives to be a good teacher and accepts that he will cease to be a hero soon. Others battle with pride, self-doubt, meeting family standards, and even parental abuse. They may have superpowers, but they are still high school students. Their challenges reflect that and the conflict between heroes and villains. Middle schooler Izuku Midoriya wants to be a hero more than anything. Yet he lacks even an ounce of physical power. His life is swiftly nearing a dead end without the opportunity to join the renowned U.A. High School for aspiring heroes. Then, a battle with the greatest Hero of all, All Might, permits him to change his destiny.

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