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Top 10 Marvel Superhero Outfits To Buy Online


Gone are the days when children used to dress up as fairies and monsters in fancy dress competitions. This is the new Marvel age where every child wants to dress up in the best costume. And not only children but there are also many adult-themed parties nowadays in which people dress up as their favorite characters. The most popular and one of the first costumed superheroes that were famous among children were superman and Spiderman. But there is a lot of variety in costumes when it comes to superheroes now. People dress up as superheroes for Halloween and birthdays often now. But with a lot of choices, comes lots of confusion. See what we did there? So we have round up the Top 10 Marvel Superhero outfits that you can buy online and wear at your next party.

10. Peter Parker / Spider-Man

Although this has been done a lot of times in the past it still deserves a spot in the Top 10 list of Marvel costumes. I mean, who can resist the classic charm of a red and blue Spider-Man outfit. Only if it came with the powers too. We can really use some of those superpowers right now. This was probably the first superhero outfit that children use to wear and roam around in the streets. Everybody needs a little dose of Peter Parker in their life and you can always go with this classic look.

9. Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

We would definitely sport this outfit if we could look half as good as Scarlett Johanson does in it. That suit slips right off like battle armor and would make for a great costume. Although there are many variations in Black Widow’s costume according to the enemy she is about to fight. But we would take every version of that beautiful Black armor. The costume is complete with a pair of electroshock weapons that comes equipped with her Widow’s bite. The glow sticks on the weapon turn to blue upon attacking its victim.


8. Doctor Stephen Strange

In comparison to the other elaborate outfits which come complete with the armor set and whatnot weapons. This outfit relatively looks very ordinary. I mean it is so simple that people might not even notice that you are wearing one. But what levitates (pun intended) the whole outfit is that iconic red cloak. There is just something about a classic red cloak and we can not pass on this gorgeous beauty of an outfit. I mean that cloak can literally levitate you in the air, what more do you want people? While the costume wouldn’t do that but it will still slay at every party.

7. James Rhodes / War Machine

An outfit with a machine gun on its wrists? Um, how do we order multiple packages of this outfit? This is one of the most famous Haloween costumes to ever exist. While people choose outfits based on the superhero, this is one of those rare outfits which people choose because of the outfit itself. The outfit comes complete with a suit of armor, a machine gun on the shoulder, and a grenade launcher on the left breast pocket. This will surely turn every head at every party you will go to. Wearing this will give you all the main character feels for sure.


6. Scott Lang / Ant-Man

The costume of Ant-Man in the comics is described as having enormous amounts of superpowers when it comes to changing the size of the body of the one wearing this. The costume comes fully equipped with the power to control and talk to ants. While the actual costume will not have any of these powers, it will still be a very dashing fit for any themed party. The suit comes with a complete red and black look with iron bands on the sleeve to complete the whole look of the fit.

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5. Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch

This list will be incomplete without talking about our fan-favorite Wanda. According to sources, Elizabeth Olsen herself designed some bits of the costume that she was not comfortable wearing. The re-designing made the outfit even more iconic. While every outfit comes packed up to the neck, this was probably the first sleeveless suit for any female superhero. The gloves add an extra layer of drama which are an added part of Wanda’s character.


4.  Gamora

We know that this is a conventional choice for a costume that many wouldn’t go through with. But this costume is very popular among children and adults, especially at the time of Halloween. The exciting part about wearing this outfit would be the green body paint and the complete ensemble of hair. That would elevate the whole look to new heights and make this worthy of the top 10 list. The outfit also comes equipped with the sword Gamora uses which is called Godslayer and the powerful belt hilt at the base of the upper body costume.

3. Steve Rogers / Captain America

The top 3 positions on this list will always be reserved for this holy trinity. No matter how basic or ordinary their outfits be, their popularity will never fade away. You will always see multiple people with a captain America suit on. We said it, and we don’t make these rules. I mean is it even a themed party without this iconic Captain America suit. The striking blue and red of the suit are really striking to the eyes and it comes complete with the Captain America shield. Not gonna lie, we would wear this outfit just for that beautiful shield.


2. Thor

If this time is not perfect to sport a Thor outfit, then we don’t know what is. With the new Thor movie, Thor: Love and thunder just released in the theatres, now is a good time to get this outfit and watch the movie in theatres. While the hammer that will come with the costume will not be Mjölnir, who cares? You might just as well pretend that it is. Thor’s outfit is similar in its cape with its striking red and that black armored suit is every person’s dream to wear.

 1. Tony Stark/ Iron Man

Remember when we said that we don’t make the rules? We definitely don’t after this one. Iron Man is the last and ruling member of this holy trinity. Iron man is irreplaceable no matter how many superheroes may come and go. He is probably one of the most liked characters in the MCU with absolutely no haters. Chances are that if you don’t like Iron Man, then you don’t exist at all. The suit comes with the complete Golden and red combined with the iconic Iron Man helmet. We cannot imagine the feeling while wearing this one.


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