6 Black Mirror episodes you need to rewatch

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Now, we know that the task in front of us is enormous. Because how can you choose the best out of perfection? Yes, that’s what the show is. But let’s back up a little, and for those who didn’t know, Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology series on Netflix. Each episode of the series is standalone and features one bizarre situation of the most extraordinary magnitude. And we are here to make a list of Black Mirror Best Episodes. The series was truly an experiment of the highest kind and was highly successful. It was a huge success on Netflix.

Black Mirror Best Episodes

There are episodes that you can’t get enough of. While we know that every Black Mirror episode feels like we need to watch it repeatedly. But there are a handful of episodes that are better than the rest. You have to rewatch them and bask in their glory. Let’s get into the article right away.

6. Bandersnatch

Technically, this episode is not the most amazing in the anthology. But we have decided to include this here because of how it fuses technology and science. The series is an exploration of technology. And this episode does exactly that. It is the first interactive episode of the series, allowing the viewer to make decisions for the episode’s protagonist. Watching the episode is an experience where we can play along with the main character, who is trying to build a meta video game.

5. USS Callister

This episode is one of the show’s most talked about. It takes the debate of whether artificial intelligence is the future or not. A game developer clones one of his employees who have all her qualities. But the clone is trapped inside the fantasy of its creator. The episode also touches upon the concepts of free will. At what point and to what extent can a clone or a robot have its agency? The episode is highly inspired by Star Trek and is highly rewatchable.

4. Fifteen Million Merits

If you are one of those people who love Reality Tv very much, then this episode is just for you. Daniel Kaluuya will make sure that your point of view on reality shows will alter completely. The contestants of the episode are to compete in a show called Hot Shot, which is set in the future. The people have to ride bicycles that are attached to machines to generate electricity. The only way to be free from this is to participate in the show Hot Shot. The episode is also one which will make you think about everything you know and everything you don’t.

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3. White Christmas

Even if you are a beginner in Black Mirror, I am sure you must have come across White Christmas. This episode is a ride that will keep you on your toes from start to end. A Christmas gift? Reconsider, please. This episode features a cabin in the woods. Matt reveals how he used to break clones to make the perfect assistants. The clones are the clients who used to come to Matt. This episode is quite chilling, both in its setting and its premise. This is, without doubt, a Black Mirror Best episode.

2. Shut up and Dance

This is one of the most simplistic episodes of the series. But it deserves a place here because of how real it can get. A teen is blackmailed by his hackers on the internet who asks him to do all kinds of things. It is very bone-chilling and very possible. The episode will make you question your privacy and exactly how safe your information on the internet is. A very dark ride indeed! You might recognize similar shows on this streak are the hit Netflix series You starring Penn Badgley.

 1. Be Right Back

When a woman loses her love of life in a car accident, she decides to hold onto him even after his death. Got chills, we too! She discovers Artificial intelligence, which transforms his genes and replicates a version of him. This is the spookiest episode on the anthology yet. It is sure to give you chills. The episode is an experience that will make you wonder how far you will go exactly to save your loved ones if given a chance.

Well, these were our Top 5 Black Mirror best episodes. Be sure to rewatch these this weekend. Till then, stay tuned to theartistree for more such content!