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Where Is ‘My Secret Valentine’ Filmed? Location Details Revealed

My Secret Valentine
My Secret Valentine

Since it is Valentine month of the year, celebrating love is what the whole world does during February. Many decide to sit back and binge on lovely mushy movies. So when it comes to mushy and valentine-oriented movies, then how can we forget Hallmark specials. One such movie is My Secret Valentine. A ‘slice of life’ movie with emotions and drama to the power of infinite. There are some traits of a Hallmark movie, and if one follows them well, then it is a given that by the end of the movie or TV show, there will be tears and laughter of joy. Hallmark, over the years, has created a beautiful genre for itself and has genuinely found grounds with the audience lot. The creation of the ‘slice of life’ genre and making a fan base out of it is commendable and takes a lot of credit.

My Secret Valentine is a beautiful tale and is comparatively well-acknowledged than any other Hallmark movie. This flick was an instant hit when it was released in the year 2018. It is still ongoing in channels, and still, there are a few people who talk about this movie on social media platforms. The movie is beautifully poised and balanced when it comes to mush and emotions. Usually, the movies are mushy, but here, this flick is a pure mix of mush and emotions. The vibe of the movie is as positive as it gets and is contagious too. Because if one person watches this movie, then he/she will recommend it to others for obvious reasons. Also, the movie is said to have a heavy resemblance to the 1998 Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail because of the beautiful background and locations utilized in the movie.

Where Is 'My Secret Valentine' Filmed

Seth and Chloe

What Is The Plot?

My Secret Valentine is a romantic comedy, and it just is an ideal example of the genre. The movie is beautiful, aesthetic, and fascinating to gaze at. The movie follows the life and encounters of Chloe. She is a woman who is stuck in her monotonous life, and her career was too stuck in the middle of a crisis. Soon she was called upon, and she decided to go back to her family winery because, according to her, that place is the only spot that can heal her out of her life.

Where Is 'My Secret Valentine' Filmed

A still from My Secret Valentine

But to her surprise, she reaches the winery and learns that her father is selling the winery to a cask wine company called Stratosphere. Things take a brisk turn when Stratosphere sends in a handsome salesperson to seal the deal for the company. So Chloe here is in the middle of an extravagant winery selling business. She is not very fond of, but she is evenly accompanied by a smooth-talking salesperson Seth. Two of these beautiful people are always bantering and chirping around.

But soon, the banter turns into slight sparks of love. But amidst all this, Chloe is observing some notes left by a tenant of their family heirloom cabin. And she starts crushing on this mysterious unseen person. So basically, My Secret Valentine is all about will they-won’t they and a probable triangle of a love story. So the ingredients are all there and well stirred by director Bradley Walsh.

Where Is My Secret Valentine Filmed?

One of the most appreciated aspects of the movie is the shooting locations. And it is not the first time when a Hallmark movie has got its location spot on according to the plot demand. To everyone’s surprise, the movie was shot in two different wineries. The extravagant wineries were The Grange of Prince Edward, Ontario, and By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery & Vineyard, Ontario. Both the wineries have a huge role to play for obvious reasons. But By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery & Vineyard has a greater role because that is the exact location where the majority of the film is shot. Also, the heritage of this specific winery is impeccable.

Where Is 'My Secret Valentine' Filmed

By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery & Vineyard, Ontario

Chadsey’s is the first to start the wine business in the whole of the County. And also showcases more than 2000 cases of Gamay Noir, Pinot Noir, St. Laurent, Riesling, Muscat, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, and Gewürztraminer. And simultaneously, the rest of the portions of the movie was distributed all around Ontario.

Where Is 'My Secret Valentine' Filmed

The Grange of Prince Edward, Ontario

The specific scene where the picnic was happening and Seth and Chloe were supposed to take a walk, but because of the uncertain weather conditions, they had to shoot inside a truck ultimately. So numerous challenges were uncalled for, but Ontario and the majority of the County were very helpful and welcoming to provide the crew with every kind of assistance possible. Hence, the movie too showcases a certain kind of warmth when one watches it. That warmth is through the people and location. And in turn, it makes My Secret Valentine a must-watch.

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