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Why Did Cathy Leave Two Doors Down? Everything You Need To Know

Cathy from Two Doors Down

BBC recently premiered a brand new season of the extremely popular sitcom ‘Two Doors Down’ on November 9. The show has an immense fan following due to its engaging story and characters. Viewers were elated to see the return of the popular characters of the show, which have become a household name. These include Beth (played by Arabelle Weir), Christine (played by Elaine C Smith), and Eric (played by Alex Norton).

The sitcom focuses on the lives of some dysfunctional neighbors who seem to be at loggerheads always. This series has been penned by Simon Carlyle and Gregor. They all reside in the fictional Latimer Crescent. But one popular character didn’t feature in the new series. Viewers were quick to notice that Cathy played by the veteran actress Doon Mackichan is no longer part of Two Doors Down.

Though the news of her departure from the show was announced in August by the show makers, viewers were still expecting that Doon might appear in a cameo. But it is confirmed now that Cathy has left the show permanently. Doon’s character was quite an iconic one as it was part of some really memorable scenes like the hot tub party and the episode when Cathy throws a birthday party to please Colin’s stubborn dad. So she managed to earn a huge fan following, all thanks to her weirdly amusing tactics in this popular BBC sitcom.


Cathy’s exit has left viewers shocked.

Cathy’s Biography 

Cathy is basically someone who’s always craving to party and enjoy. She finds herself trapped and suffocated in a small setting. Cathay isn’t exactly a great neighbor, as she drinks too frequently and is up for a boring chat anytime. Cathy is always oozing with lots of energy, but unfortunately, she just can’t figure out the way to direct her channel to some useful purpose. She fails to understand how her words can impact others. Therefore she is too loud and over the top many times.

But viewers find this funny as sometimes she creates iconic scenes through her tactics. Despite all such negative traits, Cathy is a party animal and can always bring any dead conversation to life. Sometimes she can come across as too judgemental, but at the same time, she can offer you some support when you are too emotional though don’t expect Cathy to keep any secrets. 


Cathy is quite an amusing character.

Two Doors Down Series 6 Episode 1

Talking about episode 1 of Series 6, it has been titled’Macaroni’. Colin is left devastated after Cathy dumps him and leaves for abroad. Colin needs the assistance of his neighbors to help him handle this crisis. Just like his wife, he cannot keep any secrets and ends up sharing each and every personal detail with others. Beth and Eric are trying their best to lessen his worries and try to comfort him. Though both Colin and Cathy would frequently trouble and piss the couple, they are ready to help poor Colin.

Why Did Cathy Leave Two Doors Down? 

Cathy’s character is shown to depart for abroad after leaving her husband, Colin. She is all set to begin a new life of hers and enjoy her single status now. Cathay, aka Doon Mackichan, was getting lots of love from fans due to the show. But still, she decided to leave the series after appearing in the first five seasons. The truth is that Cathy left the show due to her own will. She wanted to venture into new projects. Perhaps she felt that her character wasn’t really developing much. So she left the show to focus on some interesting projects. But fans of this iconic actress need not be disappointed as she might make a comeback with some interesting project soon.  


Cathy left the show to venture into new projects

No Professional Fallout

Viewers were earlier speculating that Cathy perhaps had a fallout with the makers. Hence she was made to leave the show. But BBC Studios Comedy’s statement on Cathy’s exit confirmed that there were no professional reasons involved. BBC issued a statement that it had been fantastic to work with Doon. She will always remain a part of the Two Doors Down family, and they extend their best wishes to her. Her character amused the viewers by adding elements of horror, entertainment, and laughter. 


Cathy in a still from Two Doors Down

Viewers’ Reaction

Doon managed to gain an immense fan following over the years as she portrayed the character of Cathy perfectly. Her character’s traits left viewers amused. The way she would put down others in witty ways was always hilarious to watch. As a result, her departure from the show left viewers shocked and surprised. They expressed their opinions on social media. Some sections of the audience were happy with her exit as they felt her character was way too loud and obnoxious. But most viewers stated that Doon Mackichan was a legendary actress and will be dearly missed. This show has many iconic characters, and Cathy is one of them.

Cathy was quite a quirky character.

The viewers expressed that they would dearly miss Cathy’s constant nagging and the way she would keep on pestering her neighbors for wine or any other reason repeatedly. Some viewers started speculating that Doon might have bid adieu to the show as her character Cathy could soon be seen in a spin-off. This spin-off could be based on her life in Spain as a single woman living and enjoying her single status. It definitely sounds like an interesting idea, but it is mere speculation by the viewers. There is no update if Cathy will be getting any spin-off series about her life in Spain. 

Critics’ Reaction

Well, Two Door down hasn’t really received much acclaim from critics, as they have always been critical of the monotony in the series. And now Cathy’s departure has made them even more critical of the show. The popular media website Telegraph gave only two stars to the new season of Two Doors Down and mentioned how Cathy’s absence would affect the humor of the show. The critics did appreciate the writers, Simon Carlyle and Gregor Sharp, for managing the episode without Cathy as they laid the whole focus on the rest of the cast, like Beth, Alex, Gordon, and Ian. 


Cathy will no longer be part of the sitcom.

The critics were as amused as the viewers to know about Doon’s departure from the show. According to them, Two Doors Down heavily relied on Cathy for adding visual humor as well as punchlines. The way she would suddenly appear and turn a scene into a fun riot with her weird humor was a treat to watch. Other critics suggested that she should be back to the show after the break. Because viewers might not be much affected by Cathy’s absence for one or two episodes, but in the long run, people would be left disappointed not to have one of their favorite characters back in the show 

What Does Cathy’s Exit Imply For Colin? 

Colin and Cathy- the amusing pompous couple from Two Doors Down entertained the viewers for a long with their rude, funny, and weird humor. At times they would come across as too selfish and a headache for their neighbors. But their tactics were still entertaining and added a crucial element to the show. But viewers are in surprise to know that Cathy, played by the iconic actress Doon  Mackichan is bidding goodbye to the sitcom. However, Colin’s character, played by  Jonathon Watson, is excited to see how his character will develop after Cathy’s exit. He has always been humiliated and suffered at the hands of his arrogant wife Cathy, who doesn’t leave a chance to make fun of him.

Jonathan mentions that he was already aware that Doon wouldn’t continue to be in the series for long. Once they wrapped up the fifth series of  Two Doors Down, Doon informed him about her decision to quit the show. He always enjoyed working with her, and they both had lots of fun on the sets. Their characters were loved immensely by the audience. But at the same time, Jonathan says that he fully respects Doon’s decision. Acting is one such career where people desire a change of direction, and others need to accept that. 


Cathy will be missed dearly.

Jonathan is hopeful that her exit will open new avenues for the development of his character Colin. When a prominent character suddenly decides to quit then, the writers are left in a huge mess as the ey have to quickly rush in to find a way to justify the departure of the character. But in the case of Cathy, there was no such hassle or last-minute problems.

Both the writers  Simon Carlyle and Gregor Sharp already knew that Doon would soon be bidding goodbye to the show. Hence they had developed the storyline in such a way that viewers wouldn’t feel that the exit was way too abrupt. The writers would now get the freedom to analyze the various aspects of Colin’s character as he doesn’t have to deal with his pestering wife anymore. 

What To Expect From Two Doors Down Series 6?

Fans of Two Doors Down are expecting actress Jane McCarry, best known for Still Game,  to replace Doon. Well, what happens in the future seems uncertain. The makers might decide to explore new shades of Colin’s character. Jane McGarry can also enter the show as a love interest of Colin. Sibhon Redmond, another popular Scots actress, is all set to join Two Doors Down. So, either Jane or Sibhon might play a pivotal role in Colin’s life in the next episodes. 

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