Ben Stiller and Wife Christine Taylor Spotted Together At NBA Game – Are They Really Divorced?

Ben Stiller has always managed to be in the limelight and has had a career spanning decades. The actor’s relationship history is quite complex. Fights, divorce, and reconciliation have all been a part of Ben’s love life. Ben Stiller was a popular icon of the ’90s and early 2000s.

He was part of iconic movies like Zoolander, Night At The Museum, etc. Fans have always been interested in peeping into the personal lives of celebs. And when it is someone like Ben who has a complex relationship, the curiosity grows even more.

Ben and Christine are trending these days as both made a public appearance together when they attended an NBA game. Both have been spotted together 2-3 times this year. Ever since Ben announced that they were now working hard to rebuild their romance for the sake of their love life and their family, both seem to be getting back on the path to building their relationship.

Fights, divorce, and reconciliation have all been a part of Ben’s love life.

When Did  Ben Stiller And Christine Taylor Marry?      

Ben tied the knot with Christine Taylor in 2000. Both seemed to be in deep love with each other. They were roped in for multiple projects together. They became a hit couple and garnered lots of love and fame. After many ups and downs, they both took divorced in 2017.

ben stiller movies
Ben and Christine starred in several series together

Well, when it seemed everything had finished. The flower of love seemed to blossom again as the duo made a public appearance together at a recent award show. They were all smiles and did not display any discomfort.

When you meet your ex-partner, it is expected to set the firecrackers off. But surprisingly, Ben and Christine were overjoyed to see each other and stayed together throughout the event.

A Relationship Full  Of Ups And Downs

Like most Hollywood couples, Christine and Ben met each other in 1999 while shooting a project together. It was a TV drama titled Heat Vision and Jack. The project didn’t really air ever. And the only time it gets a mention is when Ben and Christine’s love story is talked about. Cheeks!!!

ben stiller christine taylor
Christine and Ben met each other in 1999

For Ben, it was love at first sight. Ben revealed in an interview that he was just spellbound by her. He was convinced that Christine was the one who was bound to be his lady love. Ben and Christine tied the knot soon. Both haven’t been very vocal about their relationship. They have chosen to remain silent.

ben stiller family
From 2017 -2019 the couple didn’t reveal much about their relationship status.

After their divorce, Ben and Christine didn’t really speak much against each other. In fact, Christine cleverly dodged a question about their relationship in a post-divorce interview. From 2017 -2019 the couple didn’t reveal much about their relationship status though they kept attending a few public events together. But fans were not really sure if they were genuinely getting back together or just doing it for publicity.

The Divorce Drama

Ben and  Christine stunned everyone when they announced their divorce in  2017. They had been married for almost 17 years of marriage. This was quite a stunning revelation for many. The two had been going steady for almost 17 years.

ben stiller imdb
Ben with his daughter and wife.

So the sudden divorce left people surprised. But the major twist here is they actually did not file for divorce. They just announced that they had parted ways, but they never fulfilled the legal formalities associated with the divorce.

The Couple Is Spotted Together

Ben and Christine were spotted together at multiple events in 2018 and  2019. The most notable appearance was during an award show when they walked the red carpet together. Now, this fumed the rumors about whether both of them were still together or not.

Are ben and christine still together ?
Ben and Christine were spotted together.

Well, to the surprise of everyone, both revealed that they were now thinking of a reconciliation. They wanted to let go of the past and desired to initiate new beginnings in their relationship.

Why Did Ben And His Wife Announce Divorce?

Ben and Christine’s decision to split came as a surprise to most people. There were no clear clues as to why the couple decided to part ways. The couple was indeed going through a rough time as Ben had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Christine’s mom and Ben’s dad had passed away.

ben stiller divorced
Ben and Christine’s decision to split came as a surprise to most people.

So the couple was faced with sudden emotional vulnerability due to personal loss and tragedy. The couple always stated that they loved and respected each other. Well, then, what really leads to their separation? And if they separated, then why did they decide to reconcile?

Did Ben Cheat On Christine?  

A trendy gossip emerged when the couple announced their breakup. Some sources disclosed that Ben was being too flirty on the sets of one of his proven fact Infact, he got involved with some actresses. Social media was buzzing with rumors of Ben cheating on Christine.

is ben stiller married
Ben and Christine have been spotted together frequently

But these rumors didn’t carry any substantial proof. Moreover, it would be hard to believe that a man who had been married for over 17 years would suddenly turn disloyal toward his wife.

What Is The Latest Update On Ben And Christine’s Relationship?

Ben and  Christine enjoyed their Sunday (November 27)  together as they attended a basketball game. This appearance seems to confirm that their relationship is surely heading toward the right path now. A few months back, Ben revealed that he and his wife of 17 years are reuniting after getting separated in 2017.

ben stiller and christine taylor NBA
Ben and Christine smile and enjoy at NBA game.

This outing was their second public appearance in the last few weeks. Earlier, Ben and Christine attended the premiere of The Old Man and The Pool. Ben says that the Covid pandemic helped both realize the importance of relationships and family.

Also, sources suggest the loss of his father was too much to cope with for Ben, and hence he needed emotional support and love from Christine.

Well, whatever the circumstance may be, it is good to see both of them forgetting the past issues and rebuilding their relat; Ups and downs are an integral part of a celebrity couple’s life.