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How Did Nic Die On The Resident? Will She Make A Comeback In The Season Finale ?

nic's final goodbye

Fox’s series Resident has always been a fan favorite. The show’s success is evident from the fact that it has aired for almost four seasons now. But the death of a beloved character Nic left fans heartbroken. If you are an ardent fan of the Resident series, you will be well aware that the character of Nic, played by Emily VanCamp, died in Season 3 of Resident.

So how did Nic die? What led to his exit from Emily from the show? She has been part of almost 70+ episodes of the very popular series. We will be revealing all the facts but before that, let us dig into some basic information about Fox’s Resident series.

the resident season 5

The Resident series is a medical drama that focuses on the lives of young doctors and nurses and the deficiencies in the American Healthcare System. At the center of the stage is the Chastian Memorial Hospital which is forever buzzing with patients.

The series peeps into the life of the doctors, nurses, and the role of insurance companies, who have been shown to be quite villainous. Also, we see the personal lives of these doctors and how they try hard to strike a balance between their personal relationships and a career full of new challenges every day.

the resident season 5 emily vancamp

Did Nic Really Die In Resident?

Emily passed away in the Season 3 of the hit series. Emily played the role of Nic, a nurse in the series. She shares a romantic relationship with Conrad, a fellow doctor at the Christian Hospital. Viewers always remained in awe of Nic and Conrad’s chemistry. The blossoming of their love, the romantic moments, their wedding, and finally becoming parents to Gigi were all covered beautifully in the series.

why emily vancamp quit resident

Nic and Conrad were the most popular couple on the show. So Emily’s death was a heart-churning moment for the audience. Obviously, watching your favorite character take a sudden exit from the show isn’t pleasant for most fans. But how did she really die?

How Did  Nic Die In Resident?

Nic Nevin had gone to a spa retreat. While returning home, she suffers a horrific car accident. It is not revealed what really led to her accident. Viewers have remained curious to know the reason behind the car crash. But the creatives of the show wanted to keep it open-ended. The most heartbreaking reaction is, of course, Conrad, who’s the husband of Nic.

Conrad is informed by the police that his wife has been injured in a car accident. But soon after he arrives at the hospital and looks at her condition, it becomes apparent to him that Nic’s chances of survival are very low. Were her injuries so bad? Well, yes. Nic had suffered severe head injuries. The trauma had rendered her unconscious, and she was in a coma.

 emily vancamp pregnant

conrod consoles nic’s dad

After Nic passes away, many of her organs are donated, including her trachea. Nic was always devoted to helping patients. Even after her death, she continued to serve her purpose and motive one last time. The scenes and the conversation which ensues during all this can make anyone cry. So keep tissues ready, as you will surely be shedding tears.

Conrad Is Obsessed With Nic’s Death 

No matter how practical Conrad is, accepting the death of your partner has to be an extremely tough task. Conrad gets obsessed with his wife’s death. In the later scenes, we see him going back to the accident site again and again. He is adamant about finding out what led to this terrible car crash.

Nic wasn’t drinking, and the weather was fine; then what could have led to this accident that snatched away all the happiness from Conrad’s life? Let us remind our readers that Conrad and Nic had a  beautiful daughter Gigi and both were enjoying their new parenthood.

the resident season 5 episode 6

nic on her deathbed

Despite every attempt, Conrad can’t figure out any reason for the crash. People around him try to get him back to his senses. But Conrad’s mad obsession with finding the reason sees a closure when Devon visits him and tells him that death is unpredictable. Sometimes no matter how hard we dig, we cannot find the reason for the events that we fathomed. A person will feel distressed, sad, and furious, but you cannot really do anything.

Well, Devon’s conversation with Conrad was something straight out of an inspirational book. Death is inevitable

What Led To Nic’s Car Crash In The Resident? 

Conrad goes back to the site one last time and observes a deer there. That sends him into deep thought, and he comes up with the conclusion that maybe Nic ended up crashing her car in a bid to save the deer. We read the interview of the creatives. They did not mention the deer in their explanation of Nik’s accident. But it is possible that a deer was the culprit behind this accident.

nik and conrod romance

The deer theory has also given some closure to curious fans. The series very subtly suggested that Nic’s crash occurred as she tried saving a deer. Well, by doing so, they gave this final message that Nic was always a devoted individual who ended up dying and saving another life. The creatives don’t have any plan to divulge the real events that unfolded as they believe that sometimes it’s better to leave things unanswered.

Why Did Makers Kill Nic?

Why did makers have to kill a beloved character who was part of the show from the beginning? The viewers were treated to sparkling chemistry and romance between Conrad and Nic. Instead of exploring their journey as parents of a newly born daughter, why did they bring this cruel twist? Did Emily have some fallout with the makers? Will she be back? For all your questions, find the answer below.

fox tv medical dramas

Nic and Conrod’s wedding

Basically, Emily VanCamp, the actress who plays the role of Nic in Resident, got pregnant in real life. The makers were aware of her pregnancy, and they sat down with her to discuss the future course of events. The main problem was that Emily, aka Nic, had given birth to a girl in the show.

Now how could they show her carrying a baby bump in the show? Also, when the show aired its finale, Emily would be almost eight months pregnant. So it would appear very weird. Also, Emily was keen to spend this precious time with her family and in the comfort of her home. Hence they all arrived at the mutual decision to kill Emily in a car crash.

Was It Necessary For Nic To Die In Resident?

resident final season premiere date

Many viewers deemed her death as unnecessary and forced. Even if she was pregnant, they could have tried some other way or introduced a plotline to have her in the show. We looked into the debates that occurred on social media due to this. Some said that Nic should have been transferred to another hospital. They should have shown that Nic and Conrad’s relationship worsened, and they parted ways.

But as an ardent fan of the Resident series, I feel this would be cruel. It would be an insult to the beautiful journey of Conrad and Nic that stole our hearts away. Also, why would Nic leave Chastain Hospital? How could she be so selfish and mean to let go of her daughter Gigi, her Chastain hospital, to work elsewhere?

So the best way to wrap up the character of Nic was to make her die in some accident. By keeping the real reason for the car crash a secret, the makers turned her exit into a mystery to let it remain a topic of discussion among the fans for a long.

emily vancamp and Matt Czuchry

Will We See Nik Back In The Final Season Of Resident?

Many fans desire to see Nic enter the show again, as the final season of resident will be premiering next year. But that’s obviously impossible. If it were an Indian drama, then Nic might have been reborn, or her spirit would have come back for Conrod. But that’s not happening here.

If you are a fan of Nic and Conrod’s story, then don’t be sad. In the finale, we will see 5-6 flashback scenes featuring Nic. The makers plan to show the most important and beautiful parts of the love journey of Nic and Conrod. This will be done to provide closure to Nic and Conrod’s story and help him overcome the past. The scenes would be both heart-wrenching and thought-provoking at the same moment as Conrod tries to put back the shattered pieces of life together and move forward toward a bright future for himself and Gigi.

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