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Resurrection Ending Explained: What Really Happened In The Series?

Resurrection Ending Explained

Soon after Resurrection made its Sundance debut, rumors started to circulate about the psychological horror-thriller. There was a lot of colorful languages, along with words like “shocking,” “visceral,” and “crazy.” Rebecca Hall’s portrayal of the lead woman drew compared to Isabelle Adjani in Possession, promising both excellent work and intensely dramatic material.

Reporters took great care to avoid giving away the surprise twist and the shocking conclusion. Everything about it was intriguing, especially since the movie initially seemed to be a simple, slick potboiler about a lady who begins to fall apart as she comes to terms with her trauma.

A still from the movie Resurrection (2022)

The twist’s potential for living up to the hype, but what about the conclusion? When else would it be appropriate to delve deeply into the mind-bending conclusion of this horrifying horror film? You are not alone if your mouth falls and your mind sputters after watching this. Let’s dissect what everything implies.

What Is ‘Resurrection’ Film About?

Everything in Margaret’s life fits perfectly. She is the ideal employee. Whenever she wants, she sleeps in the same bed as her married coworker, and she lives with her daughter in an almost ideal apartment. The fact that Abbie’s room is messy, in contrast to Margaret’s end of the flat, shows that there are places and people outside of her control.

After two weeks, her daughter will turn eighteen and leave for college. Margaret was adjusting to the thought of not having her daughter by her side all the time. Abbie brought a tooth she had discovered in her purse to her mother one evening. She didn’t know who owned it, and it did not belong to hers.

It simply appeared. Although it was weird, Margaret did not give it much attention because she had buried her past, but it was the beginning of its arrival. When Margaret learned that her daughter had crashed her bicycle while riding with a friend, she became distraught.

By forbidding her daughter from taking bike lessons, Margaret shows us how overly protective she is of her child. She thought Abbie was safe, but her daughter frequently felt confined. As soon as she saw David Moore at a conference, her overprotectiveness morphed into excruciating desperation.


Her heart began to beat quickly, and everything around her became hazy. She quickly exited the conference room and dashed home to see how her kid was doing. Margaret’s unexpected presence caught Abbie off guard, and she immediately saw that something wasn’t right with her mother.

However, Margaret refused to be honest with Abbie and instead blamed her health. She dissuaded Abbie from going out by warning her about an impending threat she needed to be shielded against. Her dream about a baby abandoned in an oven served as a hint for the viewers to decipher her enigmatic history. Has she ever killed her baby? Did she have a child with the man or his ex-partner? What was she fleeing from?

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Resurrection Ending Explained:

Every tale has a slim chance of a happy conclusion because, whether it’s real or not, Margaret feels the weight of her breathing child in her arms, reconnected, restored, and revived. But the movie hasn’t ended yet.

As she quietly gets ready to go to college, the closing scene brings us back to her and Abbie’s apartment, where the girl’s room is spotless white with naked walls. Their relationship is no longer plagued by anxiety. Abbie enters Margaret’s bedroom, where she is sitting with her son in a swaddle, beaming, and the two women are radiant.

Resurrection Ending Explained

Abbie takes the infant from her mother, thanks her graciously, and then welcomes him. Margaret has finally found the family she was hoping for. Margaret is reassured by Abbie that she is no longer afraid. But just as the picture goes dark, Margaret’s warm eyes drift from her kids to an unidentified figure in the distance. Her grin slowly fades away.

Her eyes lose their warmth as a subtle but noticeable sense of dread begins to creep in. She lets out a gasp. The movie then comes to an end. Was it that she saw? What does she now understand? What do the diminishing smile and troubled gaze signify if you interpret the climax as a delusion?

Notably, the camera’s focus changes in this photograph, depriving Margaret of her glowing complexion and exposing her pores, sweat, and little flaws. Is this a sign that Margaret, who is now holding a baby instead of a baby, is beginning to realize the harshness of reality?

The finale can also be seen as a terrifying nightmare if you think of Baby Ben as genuine and alive. Margaret’s pain endures even when David is no longer there, and her children are secure. Because if her baby could survive being devoured, why wouldn’t David survive being gutted?

That gasp may indicate that Margaret will never truly be able to flee David. She might be glancing his way. Maybe she is preparing to spend the rest of her life with uncertainty, which will prevent her from ever fully feeling safe. Regardless of how you interpret it, Resurrection offers a gruesome final sequence and a heartbreakingly sad epilogue.

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