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God’s Crooked Lines Plot And Ending Explained: Is Alice The Victim Or The Culprit?

Psychological Thrillers have always managed to grab the attention of viewers. These movies take your mind on a ride and force you to delve deep into your thought process in order to find the answers. These days the Spanish thriller God’s Crooked Lines is making headlines for its engaging plot and amazing acting. The movie was released on 22 September 2022 and garnered positive reviews.

The movie God’s Crooked Lines is quite engaging as it presents elements of a psychological thriller and mystery. Once fans finish a thriller movie, they would always desire to know more about it, especially the ending, as it is often left free for interpretation. If you could not grasp God’s Crooked Lines ending, then this article will be throwing a spotlight on the same so that you have a proper understanding.

god crooked lines cast

God’s Crooked Lines Plot 

The film begins with Alice Gould arriving at a psychiatric institution. Gould is a chic woman and is dressed to kill. Once inside, the doctors there go through her papers, including a letter of consent sent by her husband, Heliodoro, and a letter of admission from a doctor, Donadío.

Alice reaches a mental institute. She enters the hospital, and doctors begin to check her documents. These include her personal details, letter of consent and admission, etc. Alice suffers from acute paranoia. She had tried to kill her husband through poisoning; hence she is being sent to the mental institute. Her letter of admission mentions it clear that she is someone who has the ability to manipulate anyone through her words and intellect.

god's crooked lines reviews

And this is proven true. Alice quickly gains the trust and sympathy of the hospital people, including the deputy director Dr. Castell. Castell allows her to keep a book. We see that Alice is trying to win sympathy for executing her plan. She hides some information about a patient of the institute who passed away some time back.

Alice tries to convince others that she never poisoned her husband. Infact he planned this all so that he could get his hand on all her wealth. Alice tries to present herself as quite witty as she is quick to answer any question asked by the hospital people.

god's crooked lines alice character

The movie is transported to a different timeline. A huge fire is wreaking havoc, and a young boy’s body is found. In the present, Alice is on good terms with Urquieta and the twins Rómulo and Remo. Urquieta reveals many secret facts about other inmates to Alice.

The movie goes back to the past, where the doctors conclude that Urquieta killed the boy as he is all soaked in blood. Now we are back in the present timeline. Alice manages to sneak into the staff toilet by manipulating Dr. Arenallo.

Alice soon finds out that the murderer suffers from Schizophrenia. She suspects Ojeda and Ignacio. But Ignacio is ruled out as he isn’t schizophrenic. Alice gets into a fight with Ojeda as he tries to assault her badly.

The assault leaves her unconscious. She is now detained and being accused of killing Ojeda. Alice says she has no idea of what is happening and finally tells the real reason for entering the hospital. No one believes her. Dr. Alvar also denies her story saying that it is all in her mind.

god's crooked lines climax revealed

God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained In Detail

We see how throughout the movie, Alice is hellbent on proving that she is not suffering from any mental illness. She had her own motives for entering the mental institute. She is absolutely fine. It was Dr. Raimundo García del Olmo who sent her to the institute as he desired to find the truth behind his son’s death. But the actual twist comes when we get introduced to the real Raimundo García del Olmo.

Dr. Alvar, who heads the institute, never believed Alice’s story. In the end, he shows that Alice just cooked a false story when he presents Raimundo in front of her. Alice doesn’t recognize the man at all. So who asked Alice to enter the institute to investigate the murder? Did any murder even take place?

god's crooked lines summary

The best part about the movie is how the audience is presented with both versions of the plot. It is left to them to decide what to believe in. This continues till the ending, which reveals the final twist. The medical council, after a proper examination of the case, decides to discharge Alice. Dr. Donadio is present there. It was Dr. Alvar who had invited him.

Alice Fails To Identify Dr. Raimundo

Dr. Raimundo is also present there, but shockingly Alice says she doesn’t know this man. Now we get to know that it wasn’t Dr. Raimundo García del Olmo but Dr. Donadío who made Alice join the mental institute when the movie begins. We expect to see Alice reveal the truth. But she becomes anxious and stressed.

Since her whole story has been contradicted, she starts looking for some other explanation to prove that she is not lying. But all this gets us back to the fact that Dr. Alvar stated in the beginning- Alice is a compulsive liar. Alice is then sent for shock treatment and sedation as it is proved that she is a mental patient.

Psychological Thrillers on netflix

So does that mean this whole story was created in Alice’s mind? Perhaps she was not ready to accept the fact that she was mentally ill and created this entire fake scenario to make everyone believe that she has entered the institute for investigation purposes only.

God’s Crooked Lines Ending Open To Interpretations

These days we are coming across several thriller movies that prefer to have open endings. The makers want you, the audience, to ponder upon the events in the closing scenes. So following the same pattern, the ending leaves it open for debates and interpretations.

Either Alice was really mentally ill and was creating extraordinary stories. She did not wish to get the label of a mental patient and hence started creating a world of her own to show that she was a fully fit female.

At the same time, it is possible that she was fully fine and got framed by her husband. Perhaps he wanted to grab her wealth and made this plan. Dr. Donadio’s sudden appearance out of nowhere toward the ending was also suspicious. Perhaps he was paid to do so. Well, it is all upon you to decide which version fits the frame accurately.

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