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Which Episode Do Nick And Reagan Breakup In New Girl?

When do Nick and Reagan breakup in New Girl?
Nick and Reagan in New Girl

The 2011 released sitcom, New Girl, was an immediate sensation. Well, why wouldn’t it be? The TV show had a riveting plot, what with a 31-year-old quirky woman moving into a new apartment with three men after catching her boyfriend cheating on her.

Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, becomes the new loft mate of Nick Miller, Schmidt, and Winston Bishop, and the viewers are thrilled to witness the four of them juggle their adult responsibilities, dreams, and hopes.

The four of them bond together while also wrestling against their personal and professional highs and lows, some farcical plights that would render the audience sympathize for the characters and, another time, just laugh out loud.

Apart from the bundles of humor and contemporary struggles of adult life, the show was pushing on for the lead romance between Jess and Nick. But, before this happens, Nick is involved in several other relationships, one of which was with Reagan, played by one of Hollywood’s most versatile actresses and models, Megan Fox.

Nick and Reagan do not have a long run and eventually fall apart. In fact, Reagan herself departs from the show after season 6. Nick and Reagan’s breakup might have been disappointing, but it was not a surprising turn of events, especially because Reagan came in place of Jess’s temporary replacement.

Why Did Nick And Reagan Breakup?

Reagan makes her entry in Season 5, episode 6, titled ‘Reagan’ itself. It is after Jess leaves for Jury Duty and Reagan becomes the new substitute loft-mate. Reagan’s character is in sharp contrast to Nick, part of which causes the rift between them. Reagan is a professional businesswoman and a confident pharmaceutical sales rep. She is very direct with her conversations and confrontations, something that doesn’t work well with Nick.

As we’re introduced to Reagan, we learn a lot of facts about her. She’s bisexual, and to Schmidt’s dismay, she was involved with Cece a few years back. As she gets comfortable at the new loft, she even takes Winston’s help in breaking off an on-and-off relationship she’s been having with a woman named Camilla.

Her frivolous relationships are a hint of her carefree and blunt personality. She doesn’t open up easily, and it is quite hard to get through the recesses of her inner emotions and feelings.

Megan Fox as Reagan in New Girl

Megan Fox as Reagan in New Girl, Season 5, episode 6 (Credits: Hollywood Reporter)

Even though both Nick and Reagan are similar in their carefreeness, humor, and sarcasm, there was still a fissure between the two. Even the realization of this distance between him and Reagan comes to Nick through Schmidt and Cece when they tell him that despite months of dating, the two still don’t know each other closely.

It is at a pharmaceutical conference where he gets to know Reagan is a trained ballerina dancer but had to discontinue after she got serious injuries in her ankles, knees, and pelvis because of an accident. Later, it is revealed that Reagan was offered her dream job, but she turned it down, so she didn’t have to leave behind Nick, and of course, Nick had no idea about it.

Nick becomes a hindrance, a factor in her decision to dump down her dream job. Eventually, Reagan takes up the job, and somehow, mutually, it is conferred that their relationship stands ended there. The breakup ends on a sweet, amicable note, and although there are no tears, there still linger frays of disappointment and dejection on their faces.

Which Episode Do Nick And Reagan Call It Quits?

Nick and Reagan part ways at the end of season 6. By the second last episode of the season, Nick has already decided to break up with Reagan but cannot bring out the right words for breaking up with her. He prepares himself to give the ‘goosebumps talk’ to Reagan.

Goosebumps walkaway is the line that the guy says to the girl in the movie that gives her goosebumps, and then he walks away forever,” Nick explains in the show. Nick comes up with “Sayonara, Sammy,” but both Reagan and Nick are not satisfied with it. By the season finale, the two have broken up.

Nick and Reagan breakup in the end of season 6 of New Girl

Jake Johnson and Megan Fox as Nick and Reagan in New Girl (Credits: Radio Times)

In the midst of Nick and Reagan’s drifting romance, we get glimpses of Jess contemplating between confessing her feelings for Nick or not.

It is very apparent that Megan Fox’s character was introduced not only because of Zooey Deschanel’s maternity leave but to reignite the missing drama and the much-needed push for bringing Jess and Nick together. Reagan’s arc could only run for a mere two seasons, and it brought the lead romance trope of Jess and Nick back into the central picture.

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