Who’s Dedee Pfeiffer and Michelle Pfeiffer? How Are They Related?

Dedee Pfeiffer and Michelle Pfeiffer
(Dedee Pfeiffer and Michelle Pfeiffer, credits: Yahoo)

Dorothy Diane “Dedee” Pfeiffer, born on January 1, 1964, in Midway City, California, United States, is a 59 years old American actress. She started her career by playing Allison/Amaretto in 1986 Vamp, a multi-millionaire budget film that earned $4.9 million at the box office. She also played the role of Val in 1987’s comedy film, The Allnighter. Role of Bonnie McCarthy in 1989’s horror film, The Horror Show.

Later, she was seen playing the role of Rachel in Cybill, an American sitcom, and was also seen in another sitcom, For Your Love, where she was Sheri DeCarlo-Winston. After 2010, The Horror Show’s Bonnie McCarthy took a break to fight her alcohol addiction and returned to the big screen in 2020.

After her return, she played the role of Denise Brisbane in a Thriller Series, Big Sky. The series is based on C. J. Box’s book series, The Highway series, and was created by David E. Kelley.

Dedee Pfeiffer
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Her mother, who is a homemaker, and her father, Richard Pfeiffer, who’s a contractor dealing with heating and air conditioner, are originally from North Dakota. She has three siblings, out of which one is her younger sister, Lori, and the other two are older than her. Her older brother is Rick, and her older sister is none other than Academy Awards winner Michelle Pfeiffer.

Who’s Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer is a sixty-four years old Santa Ana, California, United States-born American actress. After her first film, 1982’s Grease 2 musical rom-com, she was seen in various films such as 1983’s Scarface, where she played the role of Elvira.

She was also seen in The Witches of Eastwick, a 1987 action film. The movie is based on a novel of the same name, which was written by John Updike. She starred opposite Jack Nicholson, Cher, and Susan Sarandon. The Witches of Eastwick proved to be a turning point in Pfeiffer’s life, and she became a major name.

Her role as Madame Marie de Tourvel in the 1988 drama, Dangerous Liaisons earned her Academy Awards nominations. Michelle Pfeiffer’s role as Susie Diamond in the 1989 romantic musical film, The Fabulous Baker Boys earned her an Academy Award. Steve Kloves is the director of this film, and it was produced by Paula Weinstein and Mark Rosenberg.

Michelle Pfeiffer
(Michelle Pfeiffer, credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

She also played the role of Catwoman in the most famous 1992 film, Batman Returns. She was seen in The Age of Innocence (1993), Dangerous Minds (1995), 2012’s Dark Shadows, and The Family (2013). Michelle Pfeiffer took a break after her 2013 project, The Family, and returned in 2017.

For her absence, Catwoman said that the only temptation she thought she took for granted was how nice it was not to be under the spotlight and just have a life. Why either she wants to step back into her acting career again? When she realized that she was not done and had a lot more to do and say and she would never retire.

She also mentioned that she took a break for some personal reasons. After her return, she was seen working at a tremendous speed. Her first work after her return was the HBO TV film, The Wizard of Lies, where she played the role of Ruth Madoff. She also played the role of Michelle Pfeiffer in one of the Marvel movies, Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018). She also played the same role in Avengers: End Game (2019).

How is Dedee and Michelle Pfeiffer related?

Dedee Pfeiffer is the younger sister of Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer. After Dedee played the role of Sheri DeCarlo-Winston in For Your Love, she took a break for ten years to get over her alcoholic addiction.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Dedee Pfeiffer
(Michelle Pfeiffer and Dedee Pfeiffer, credits: Distractify)

After her interview with Page Six, she clarified that her addiction had nothing to do with her sister, Michelle Pfeiffer. She added that her addiction revolved around her insecurity and undiagnosed trauma. She also mentioned that being Pfeiffer’s sister has nothing to do with any of her issues, and she can tell right now, no, no, and no.

Dedee, in another of her interview, mentioned that addiction runs in her genes, addiction to food, love, or alcohol. She blamed her insecurity on being an alcohol addict.