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Is Kayla Braxton Pregnant? Everything About Kayla Braxton And Her Pregnancy

Kayla Braxton
Kayla Braxton

Is WWE‘s known name, Kayla Becker (or should we call Kayla Braxton) pregnant? You will receive answers to all your questions in this article. But, first of all, who is Kayla Braxton? How is she related to WWE? For those who don’t know Kayla Becker is a sports announcer. She goes by the name of Kayla Braxton in the rink.

Born on June 7, 1991, in Wadley, Alabama, United States, and being biracial, Kayla didn’t have an easy-going childhood. At the age of 9 years, she was sent to Foster Care after her mother went to jail.

Despite, having a tough childhood, Kayla was a talented and hardworking child. Braxton was always into speaking and journalism. She participated in various competitions in her teen years. She even graduated with a broadcast journalism course from Belmont University.

Kayla Braxton

(Is Kayla Braxton pregnant? credits: Instagram)

Along with her college, she created content, and six months after her graduation she started her entertainment segment which was also hosted by her only.

Today’s now famous face Kayla Braxton was initially going to reject the offer of working with WWE, as her mother’s abusive boyfriends were all fans of WWE. She wanted to reject it as it was a triggering point for her but later accepted it to fasten her healing process.

She started her career with World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc (WWE) in October 2016 where she appeared as an announcer for NXT on October 20, 2016, which was held in Florida.

In the year 2017 on May 21, she had her first pay-per-view on Backslash (one of the WWE programs) in which she was conducting backstage interviews. With time, she hosted many WWE shows, such as 2017’s Battleground and SummerSlam and Hell in a Cell and many more.

Currently, she’s hosting SmackDown’s backstage interviews and also co-hosting Talking Smack with Paul Heyman, after leaving NXT in August 2019. Kayla has interviewed some of the best players of WWE such as AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, and many more.

Is Kayla Braxton Pregnant?

Is Kayla Braxton pregnant? The answer to this question is simply a no. The most popular face of WWE, Kayla Braxton, is not pregnant. Kayla hasn’t said anything about her being pregnant. Without her confirmation or another solid proof, we can’t say that this American announcer is pregnant. The WWE announcer has had her fair share of exes in the past, but no confirmation has been received from her yet.

Having fake pregnancy news is not something new in this industry. Fake pregnancy news keeps flying around in the entertainment industry. Today it’s you, tomorrow will be someone else and the day after tomorrow it will be a third party.

This time Talking Smack’s host Kayla Braxton became the media’s target. With the unofficial sources or some random bits of information, rumors started flying around about her being pregnant.

Kayla Braxton Love Life

Kayla Braxton came out as bisexual and her coming out as one gained a lot of support not only from her industry friends but also from the people who follow her. Even though WWE’s announcer, Kayla Braxton is currently single, she has dated a few in the past.

She had been in a relationship with Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, who goes by the name of Dolph Ziggler in the rink. He currently works in WWE’s Raw brand. In one of Colt Cabana’s podcasts, Art of Wrestling, he revealed why his rink name is Dolph Ziggler. Dolph in his name belonged to his great-grandfather and Ziggler was suggested by his friend. Later, due to some differences, they both broke up.

Kayla Braxton and her ex, Dolph Ziggler

(Kayla Braxton and her ex, Dolph Ziggler, credits: Wrestling News Plus)

Later, rumors started flying around about her dating Bryan Jesús Kelly, whose rink name is Byron Saxton. Like, Kayla Braxton, he is also a WWE announcer. So, it’s pretty obvious how they both met. She later denied them.

“Many of the gossip blogs have reported that myself and this guy are either married or brother and sister. I’m happy to report – we are just friends. Or were friends? Not so sure after this.” Said, Kayla. Recently, Kayla Braxton was also in news because of her marriage. This WWE announcer posted a picture that was captioned that she’s married, but she later clarified that it was her friend who got married, not her.

Kayla Braxton’s Networth

Kayla Braxton with Kurt Angle

(Kayla Braxton with Kurt Angle, credits: Instagram)

This 1.52m long TalkingSmack host also has her program which is hosted by none other than Kayla Braxton. In 2022 Braxton’s total estimated net worth is $998,000.

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