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Is Ellen Pompeo Related To Mike Pompeo?

Is Ellen Pompeo and Mike Pompeo related?
(Is Ellen Pompeo and Mike Pompeo related? credits: Metro US)

Is Ellen Pompeo related to Mike Pompeo? If yes, then how? People are going crazy to know how they both are related. After a small typo from Tommy Vietor in his Tweet, where he mistakenly tagged Ellen Pompeo instead of Mike Pompeo, Twitter is being flooded by people asking, how they both are related.

The United States has the world’s best celebrities in its store. From rapper Jay Z to the man who played Nick Fury in Marvel Movies, Samuel L. Jackson. Think of any field and you will find the best is from America only.

One such personality is our today’s topic, Ellen Pompeo. This beautiful lady here is an excellent actor and has won various awards such as Screen Actors Guild Awards, Taormina Film Fest Award, People’s Choice Awards, GLSEN Respect Awards, and many more.

Is Ellen Pompeo and Mike Pompeo related?

(Is Ellen Pompeo and Mike Pompeo related? credits: Instagram)

Born on November 10, 1969, in Everett, Massachusetts, United States, Ellen witnessed her mother’s death at the age of 4 due to an overdose of a painkiller. Soon, after her mother’s death his father married again. On September 1, 2012, she lost her other parent, her father. She’s the youngest one in her family and has 5 siblings- 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

She appeared for the first time on television in Loreal Paris’ advertisement in the year 1995. She appeared in Law & Order for the first time in 1996, and thus started her television career. She was later seen in 1999’s Coming Soon, a classic rom-com in which she played a minor role.

Her role as Bertie Knox in 2002’s film Moonlight Mile, was her first major lead role. Her role in the movie was highly appreciated and it was considered an Academy Award-winning performance according to critics.

After this, she was seen in a lot of movies such as Catch Me If You Can (2002), 2003’s Old School, Daredevil (2003), 2004’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (most of her scenes were deleted from the film) and Art Heist, 2004 action thriller film.

Ellen Pompeo in Grey’s Anatomy

She later portrayed Meredith Grey in America’s popular medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy which was telecasted for the first time in the year 2005 on March 27. ABC’s drama, Grey’s Anatomy is produced by Gabrielle G. Stanton, Harry Werksman, Mimi Schmir, Peter Nowalk, and Zoanne Clack.

“Star Ellen Pompeo’s newly-minted Dr. Grey conveys such substance that you simply can’t stop watching.” Said Diane Werts for Ellen Pompeo.

Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy

(Ellen Pompeo in Grey’s Anatomy, credits: Deadline)

At the start of the show Ellen was getting $200,000 per episode but as the show progressed her income also progressed and she started earning a hefty amount of around $9 million in the year 2012 and thus, became the highest-paid actress.

In 2015, she was also listed in Forbes as the highest-paid actress on television with an $11.5 million income.

Her contract with the drama also ended at the end of season 12 of the show, and she renewed it with an increase of 32% in her pay in the year 2016, she was again listed as the fourth highest-paid actress with approx $14 million in income.

With the show gaining popularity, Ellen also gained popularity and was awarded awards such as People’s Choice Awards, Best Ensemble in a Television Series Award, Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, Best Performance by an Actress in a Drama Series, and Women in Film Lucy Award.

She received her first Emmy for Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy. After this, she also started her own production company, Calamity Jane. She also became one of the producers of Grey’s Anatomy in 2018 and started earning $6-7 million on yearly basis.

Who’s Mike Pompeo?

Mike Pompeo is former United States president Donald Trump’s secretary. He was later succeeded by Antony Blinken, America’s now-president Joe Biden’s secretary. He’s the first person in history who has held the office of the director of the Central Intelligence Agency as well as United States president secretary.

Is Ellen Pompeo and Mike Pompeo related?

(Is Ellen Pompeo and Mike Pompeo related? credits: Instagram)

Is Ellen Pompeo and Mike Pompeo Related?

Are Ellen Pompeo and Mike Pompeo related to each other? The answer to this question is a NO. No, both are not related to each other in any sense. One is born in Massachusetts and the other in California. One is an actor while the other belongs to the political world.

Having the same last name must have created confusion in people’s minds. This all started when Tommy Vietor, former American president Barack Obama’s spokesperson tagged the wrong Pompeo in his tweet on Sunday.

“Great work, @EllenPompeo!” Tweeted Tommy, which was meant for Mike Pompeo. “beef is with @SecPompeo.” Tommy tweeted after he realized his mistake. He wanted to target Mike but mistakenly targeted Ellen. But, what’s been done is done. Ellen started facing people’s heat and she later clarified it by saying they both are different and related.

“one of the maniacs that work for our maniac in chief,” “I’m much better-looking and smarter than any of those [people],” said Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith Grey.

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