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What Happened With Leslie Shay In Chicago Fire? Explained

The 11th season of Chicago Fire went on air on September 21, 2022, and is still going on. The show returned with several beloved characters. Firefighters and paramedics have audiences’ hearts, and they have no intentions of returning them, not that audience is complaining. They love the American drama television show, which is created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas.

Chicago Fire is the first installment in the famous Chicago franchise. Besides Chicago Fire, other installments are Chicago Justice and Chicago Med, and Chicago P.D. Which is your favorite one among these?

It all started one Wednesday evening. The evening was very much normal, just like another, until the Chicago Fire team decided it was not. The series premiered on October 10, 2012, on NBC and opened the doors of Firehouse 51, a fictional firehouse station. People have never been that much interested in the life of a firefighter before Chicago Fire; of course, it’s understandable; I mean, look at the firefighters.

Everyone has their favorites and wants to see them forever. After the 11th season went on air, we were left with no choice but to remember a particular character from the show.

Leslie Shay
Leslie Shay

The love which we have for the character has compelled us to remember her. Not only that, but the audiences also want to dive into the character’s life and know what happened to him or her. Before going into the depth of what happened, it’s first important to know who’s the character; after that, we’ll find out what happened. Don’t stop your fingers from scrolling the screen if you want to know.

Who’s Leslie Shay?

The character we are talking about today is Leslie Shay. Leslie Shay, who’s portrayed by Lauren German, made her debut by appearing in the Pilot, the series’ first episode, and remained with the series for two seasons.

She worked in Firehouse 51 as a paramedic and was Gabby Dawson’s, who’s played by Monica Raymund, close working partner. The duo started forming a close relationship in the early seasons. Shay was essentially famous for standing her ground and also for asserting herself in a complex and tense situation that would cause a rift between her and others on various occasions.

Shay and Dawson
Shay and Dawson

In episode 4 of season 2, A Nuisance Call, both Shay and Dawson were entrusted with dispersing a potentially deadly situation in which a man was wielding a gun. Damson was in a combative state, but Shay, on the other hand, was more sympathetic; the man took his own life, and due to this, Shay became withdrawn, and the friendship they shared was tested.

What Happened With Leslie Shay?

In the 22nd episode of season 2, Leslie Shay and Gabby Dawson’s friendship was still going through a tough phase, and things became a little tense when they both had to respond to a situation dealing with a building fire. Although Dawson essentially pulled a prank on her friend previously, she this time urges Shay to have a bigger say in the situation.

Leslie Shay
Leslie Shay

While they both were still tackling the situation, an explosion happened, which did nothing but worsen the situation more. A fallen pipe hits Shay with force but just touches Dawson. Of course, Dawson did her best to save Shay but was not successful. Dawson later got to know that the fire was caused by an arsonist who was also one of the building residents. Shay was not seen after that episode except for appearing in flashbacks in season 3.

Will Leslie Shay Come Back?

Leslie Shay had a bright future on the show. Being one of the only females on the male-dominated crew, her journey had ended. Apart from appearing in some flashbacks, Shay’s character has said goodbye. Lieutenant Kelly Severide has some DVDs in his possession. Those DVDs have some of his moments with Shay, and if fans are lucky, then they might see Shay again through those DVDs.

Show’s maker said that who knows down the line when he might pop one in to remember her when he needs to. One of the show’s fans, or Shay’s fans, tweeted that they loved her on October 13, 2022. Her 10th death anniversary is approaching, and another fan tweeted that she or he is still waiting for her appearance.


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