Les Dennis Comedy Partner: Who is Dustin Gee?

Who is Les Dennis?
Who is Les Dennis? (Credits; @lesdennis/Instagram)

Who doesn’t know one of the most famous comedians of all time, Les Dennis, and his fellow partner, Dustin Gee? Les Dennis has had an illustrious career spanning over 40 years in show business.

However, one of the highlights had to be his partnership with Dustin Gee. Their comedic double act was magic to watch. While Les is still going strong today, the story of Dustin and how their duo came to be is worth telling. Continue reading further to know more about who Dustin Gee was, his career, and his personal life.

Rising Through the Ranks

Dustin Gee was born in 1942 in York. From a young age, he had a knack for impressions and stand-up comedy. Dustin spent nearly two decades honing his craft in social clubs around the northwest.

Les Dennis and Dustin Gee
Les Dennis and Dustin Gee (Credits; @lesdennis/Instagram)

All that practice paid off when he got his big television break in 1980 on “Who Do You Do?”. This show gave up-and-coming talents a platform, and Dustin was impressed with his quick wit and range of characters. He cemented his name by appearing regularly on “Russ Abbot’s Madhouse” from 1980-1985.

Two Funny Men Meet

It was on the set of “Madhouse” in 1982 when Les Dennis first encountered Dustin. Les had recently joined the cast himself. There was apparent comedic chemistry between them from the moment they started chatting.

They decided to try some impromptu impressions of well-known “Coronation Street” characters for laughs. The audience roared with applause. Les and Dustin knew they were onto something special.

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A Show of Their Own

Encouraged by their positive reception, Les and Dustin developed a double act centered around their impressions. In 1984, the BBC gave them their big break – “The Laughter Show” was born. It was an instant hit.

Their spot-on Vera and Mavis routines had the nation in stitches. Over the next two years, the show brought on top guests and featured cutting-edge sketch comedy ahead of its time. Les and Dustin were the toast of British telly.

A Tragic Loss

Just as their star was rising highest, tragedy struck. In early 1986, Dustin died at only 43 years old after battling a brain tumor. It was devastating news for Les and their legions of fans. The pair had developed a natural brotherly bond over their years of collaborating. Les was grief-stricken but vowed to honor Dustin’s memory by continuing the show.

What was Les Dennis' reaction on the tragic death of Dustin Gee?
What was Les Dennis’ reaction to the tragic death of Dustin Gee? (Credits; @lesdennis/Instagram)

Carrying on the Legacy

The final episodes of “The Laughter Show” aired with Les paying tribute. He then took on more significant solo roles like hosting “Family Fortunes” for 15 years. Les ensured Dustin’s comedic genius lived on through their archived work together.

To this day, he remains deeply grateful for the time they shared, bringing laughter to millions. In his 60s, Les is still going strong with upcoming roles on “Strictly Come Dancing” – a true testament to the enduring talents of one-half of Britain’s most beloved double act.

While their partnership was tragically cut short, Dustin Gee and Les Dennis left an indelible mark on British comedy. Their dynamic duo style helped pioneer a new wave of humor and will fondly be remembered for generations.

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