Where Is Kimi Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Thriller/Crime Movie


2022 brought new rays of hopes, dreams, and expectations for a healthy life. After whole two years of pandemic situations, businesses and industries are getting back to their original pace. The same we can say about the film industry. Movies that were postponed got released this year, and even new ideas came under production. We can once again enjoy our forever mode of entertainment. From sweet love stories, suspense, crime thrillers, action thrillers to goosebumps, horror, animation, and anime. Movies, shows, and web series are our forever escape way to take a break from daily hustles.

On the 10th of February, the movie ‘Kimi’ was released on the HBO Max Channel. The first crime thriller of 2022 builds a lot of expectations and excitement for the audience. Directed by the Academic award winner Steven Soderberg, ‘Kim’ movie sets during the pandemic lockdown. A girl who is suffering from Agoraphobia falls in an unlikely situation that might question her life. To save herself and her loved ones, Angela Childs, the protagonist of the movie, goes beyond her limit to get herself out of the deadly circumstance. The growing suspense, talented star casts, and brilliant storyline are what make the movie ‘Kimi’.

Where was Kimi filmed
A tease poster with the initials of the movie ‘Kimi’

Where was the movie ‘Kimi’ filmed?

While watching the ‘Kimi’ movie, one might wonder about the location of the film. While in a few cases, the place shown in movies may not be the same as the shooting location. But, in the case of ‘Kimi’, the shooting location is the same as we see in the movie. ‘Kimi’ was shot in the city of Seattle, most of the outdoor scenes. The city of Washington state has witnessed the making of many other movies. A beautiful setting surrounded by water with mountains on its border covered in thick forest. This makes Seattle a suitable location for shooting. Some famous places in the city we can see in the movie include Westlake Park and Pine Street. Apart from the scenic beauty, Seattle is one of the centre of the movie and TV Industry, providing several facilities.

Though now we know that the ‘Kimi’ movie was shot in Seattle, the indoor scenes of the movie were shot in a different place. The interior scenes were covered in Los Angeles, California. We may assume that it was the studios of Warner Bros as the movie is under the Warner Bros banner. Director Steven Soderberg chose Seattle as the perfect place to shoot to bring realism to his movie. One may recognize the spots they visit and the streets they walked down every day. The audience will connect and empathize with the movie.

Where was Kimi filmed
Release teaser poster of the movie ‘Kimi’

The synopsis of the movie

The story revolves around a young girl, Angela Childs, who is a tech worker at a corporation named Amygdala. The company is working on a new project, ‘Kimi’, a smart speaking gadget. Angela is hired to look after the device’s incoming data streams. She is suffering from Agoraphobia, a fear of leaving her comfort space and going outside in public that may cause embarrassment. She is always seen in her home, where the pandemic situation gave her a good opportunity to stay inside. However, her life turns upside down when she came across a video of an assault. The story further moves where Angela steps out in seek of justice. The movie ends with the assaulter getting caught who was the CEO of her company Bradley Hasling. Angela is finally able to move out of her home without any fear.

Where was Kimi filmed
A clip from the movie ‘Kimi’

Casts and Reviews

The cast’s list includes brilliant actors and actresses, with Zoe Kravitz playing the lead. Erika Christensen, Rita Wilson, Devin Ratray, Byron Bowers, Derek DelGaudio are a few of the actors we can see in the movie ‘Kimi’. Talking of reviews, the movie is well received by the audience as well as the critics. The movie Stands on top of many Rating Sites and is a hot topic for people, reviewers, YouTubers, and websites.

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