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Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 14 Preview: Entering A New Arc

Jujutsu Kaisen

Itadori, after witnessing Junpei’s death, is enraged and goes on a rampage to “kill” Mahito. He hits him with an uppercut and blows to his face making him bleed through his nose. Just when Mahito counters and is about to attack Yuji, Nanami comes to his aide and saves him. Nanami tells Yuji that he will be lectured later for his hasty actions and asks for an update. To which Itadori tells him that he wasn’t able to save two people. On accessing the situation, Nanami comes to the conclusion that Itadori’s attacks do deal with damage to Mahito. And while his own powers don’t affect him, a combination of them attacking could be the way to exorcise Mahito for good. This article will cover the plot of Episode 13, “Tomorrow,” and give an idea as to what will happen in Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 14.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 13 Recap

As the fight continues, Mahito charges towards Itadori and Nanami, attempting to strike both of them, his plan backfires. So, shapeshifting into a child, he gains distance from them. The sorcerers realize that Mahito needs to fill himself with cursed energy before transforming. Turning back quickly to his normal self, Mahito spews out small transfigured humans and sends them after Yuji to separate the two. He momentarily is successful as he has Nanami at his grasp, which is then saved by Yuji. Knowing about the Mahito’s trick, both the sorcerers barrage him with attacks.

Inspired by these attacks, Nanami, for the first time, activates his Domain Expansion: Self Embodiment of Perfection. Mahito claims that he is grateful to Nanami for inspiring him while Itadori is left outside the domain. Realizing he is basically in Mahito’s hand, Nanami presumes that he is about to die and says that he doesn’t need his gratitude. Just then, Yuji forces inside the domain and Mahito is forced to touch Sukuna’s soul. Taking it as an insult, Sukuna cuts down Mahito. Mahito bleeding all over, expands his body who Yuji strikes with Divergent Fist. Using this as a distraction, Mahito flees from the scene. Nanami wants to follow him, but Itadori is at his limit and loses consciousness.

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Itadori’s Ideals

Itadori trying to keep his word to his grandad, always tries to help others. This involves not using his power to hurt others. Therefore he is a person who had made up his mind that he will never cross the line and kill someone. But now, unable to save someone and witnessing Junpei’s death, he became enraged enough to want to kill Mahito. During the battle, when Mahito sends his transfigured human, Itadori runs from them to avoid hurting them. But when they finally catch up to him, one of them urges him to kill them. Although it wasn’t shown, Itadori does cross the line and kills 3 transfigured humans. Having broken his code and not able to save people, Itadori questions his ideals. He discusses this with Nanami, who suggests to him that as a sorcerer, one cannot always save people or give them a proper end. But it is their job to stay alive and help save another life.

Nanami’s Past

While under the Domain Expansion, Nanami believes he is about to die, and we get to see glimpses of his past. He was a person who was just after money and just went through life without an actual purpose to live. Realizing that his lifestyle was of no good, he decides to save a bakery girl who had a curse on her neck. She wholeheartedly thanks him, making Nanami believe that helping others is the way that his life could have meaning.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 14 Release Date

Episode 14, titled “Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event – Battle Group 0” is set to be released on January 16, 2021. The Anime will resume after three weeks and will air at 1:25 am JST. Make sure to convert it into your own time zone to watch it just when it airs. The episodes of the anime are available on Crunchyroll.

Episode 14 Preview

Having just finished the Mahito arc, the next episode of the Anime will proceed with the Kyoto Goodwill Event arc. The upcoming arc is one of the best in the show, according to the manga readers. And we can expect to see a lot of cool and badass battles. With many character introductions on its way, we even expect to see Itadori reunite with his classmates, who all believed that he had died when Sukuna ripped his heart out. Mahito, being defeated by Yuji, is planning revenge. As he cannot strike his body due to the presence of Sukuna, he aims at killing his soul over and over. We will get to know more about him in the upcoming episodes.

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