Broken But Beautiful Season 3 Bids Adieu to Veer and Sameera

Broken But Beautiful, ALT Balaji’s one of the most loved shows, has finally been renewed for a third season. Created by Ekta Kapoor, Broken but Beautiful has efficiently managed to win a special place in the hearts of the audiences. A story of unrequited love, finding love, coping up with heartbreaks and pain has received positive reviews from the audiences maybe because somewhere or the other, a large proportion of the audiences can relate to it.

The debut season of the show premiered on 29 November 2018 and became a milestone in the world of romantic web series. The purity of the plot and realistic acting by the cast didn’t take much time to be one of a kind. Owing to all the love season 1 of the show received, it was renewed for a season 2 in July 2019 and continued a story of the extended plot from season 1. The protagonists, however, in both the seasons were the same, but the second season has few more characters as a part of the season’s extended storyline.

Broken But Beautiful: Season 3

Taking into consideration the critical acclamation of both the seasons of the show, ALT Balaji has renewed it for a third season. The filming began on 3rd December 2020, and a new cast was revealed. The upcoming season will bid goodbye to their protagonists Veer and Sameera, and welcome a new story – the story of Rumi and Agastya.

A teaser was recently dropped on YouTube, where it introduced us to the main characters. The teaser, however, introduced them with the same title song, ‘Yeh Kya Hua,’ just like the previous seasons. But one thing that caught our attention was the peaceful poetry and the lines that followed. One slide read, “It’s more powerful to fall out of love than in love,” which hints at a totally different storyline and plot. The upcoming season will witness the digital debut of Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla with the onscreen debut of Sonia Rathee in lead roles. The show, as of now, has no exact release date but is expected to hit the screens by February 2021.

The initial season began with the introduction of two heartbroken people – Veer(Vikrant Massey) and Sameera(Harleen Sethi). Veer lost his wife Alina in a car accident 3 years ago, and since then, he hasn’t been able to cope up with it. He feels that he couldn’t save her from death. He is heartbroken and sees her hallucinations, and tries talking to her whenever he’s alone. Alina’s sister is worried about his emotional instability and motivates him to move on in his life.

Meanwhile, Sameera’s boyfriend Kartik broke up with her 8 months ago, and she still hasn’t figured out how to deal with their separation. Kartik has moved on in his life and has a girlfriend, while Sameera gets anxiety attacks due to the heartbreak she has suffered. She follows Kartik everywhere he goes because she hasn’t been able to adapt to the closure; their relationship has been put in front of her.

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A still from Broken But Beautiful

However, destiny plays its game. The two incomplete pieces of love meet, and in the process of helping each other, they eventually fall, only to lift each other up. But loving a broken person isn’t a usual thing. It takes more than the norms love is surrounded by. Will they be able to hold onto each other? Will they be able to help each other stand again? Well, this was all about season 1; season 2 was yet another story in the lives of two heartbroken people who have loved each other immensely. If you haven’t already watched the initial seasons, binge watch them before season 3 premieres.