3 Marvel Characters That Are Smarter Than Iron Man

Iron Man

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of heroes who are geniuses, and of course, we count Iron Man at the top of this list. Iron Man is one of the most brilliant engineers in the Marvel Universe, and he has designed some of the most formidable suits of armor that are ever created. This allowed him to become one of the top superheroes on the planet even though he has no notable superpowers.

Overall, these years, he has just added to his knowledge and, thus, is undoubtedly one of the smartest people on the face of Earth. Even though he is smart, he is not the smartest of all. There are a variety of other characters, both hero as well as a villain, who are actually much smarter than Iron Man. Here, we have wrapped up all these characters who happen to be higher geniuses than Iron Man.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom can be considered as superior to Iron Man is pretty much every sort of manner. Even though his armor looks a bit archaic, it has all the abilities to drain the power from a God and thus, allow Doom to use them. He can be considered as one of the most learned sorcerers existent in the world. The man knows a lot about the biological creatures. He also excels in the understanding of human powers. This is how he has invented the time machine. Doctor Doom might even be smarter than Mr. Fantastic, even though his own arrogance holds him back.

Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic is the kind of man who has done pretty much every task that a normal scientist would want to do. The source of his powers is from a potential failure of a project he was doing to make the cosmic ray shielding on the ship that he has designed strong enough. The man has even made scientific breakthroughs that include creating a device that opens portals to brand new dimensions. He has even made unstable molecules that are used in the fabrication of superhero costumes. Mr. Fantastic is surely another polymath and a master of a wide variety of scientific disciplines, that is, rocket science as well as biology, physics, and extraterrestrial studies. Iron Man, even though he is a bit arrogant, has to agree that Mr. Fantastic is way smarter than him.

Mr. Fantastic

Hank Pym

This character can be considered as the polymath sitting at the highest order. For example, we can witness his first few inventions. He was able to successfully create Pym Particles that allowed him and The Wasp to shrink in size. Then he went on to make a helmet that allowed him to have a conversation with the ants. Then he even created a suit that would allow the Wasp to fly and fire blasts of energy. They are all a whole bunch of different disciplines, and as the years will pass by, man will surely do more amazing inventions.

Well, as for his most famous accomplishment, it has to be Ultron. What he started with was a simple servant robot but has now become something else entirely. Pym has even done such an excellent job in creating the AI of Ultron. Even though it ended up being a terrible thing, it is still quite an accomplishment, and it would be years before Iron Man was even able to replicate this technology.

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