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Top 10 Strongest Characters in Black Clover – Ranked

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Black Clover

Black Clover is finally set to continue adapting its manga, and the Spade Kingdom arc is soon going to begin. The Elf Reincarnation arc ended back at the beginning of 2020. And now we will finally be seeing the characters after the time skip, with significant upgrades to come forth for each character. We have decided to list down the Top 10 Strongest Characters in Black Clover prior to the time skip. You can watch all the episodes of Black Clover on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Hulu. Be vary, and we have not included Asta in this list. As having possession of anti-magic, it is not possible to compare him in terms of mana. The Top 10 Strongest Characters in Black Clover anime to date (Ranked) are:

10. Yuno

Strongest Characters in Black Clover

Yuno Spirit Dive: Spirit Assimilation against Aqua Deer Captain, Rill Boismortier

Magic Affinity: Wind Magic

With possession of the four-leaf grimoire and the Wind Spirit Sylph, Yuno is incredibly powerful. He was able to generate and manipulate the windway before he even received his grimoire. After receiving one, he has only gotten stronger. He can even manipulate wind into different shapes to launch his attacks. And can also combine with Sylph to perform Spirit Dive, giving him superior strength and control to even defeat Rill. He later learns Mana Zone, thus increasing his possibility of hitting his targets. Last but not the least, he has the Sword of Zephyr. A sword created using spirit dive and enhanced mana due to elf reincarnation. The sword is made by condensing the wind, which has the strength even to defeat a devil.

9. Patry

Strongest Characters in Black Clover

Patry, Leader of Eye of the Midnight Sun against Wizard King, Julius Novachrono

Magic Affinity: Light Magic

The former leader of The Eye of the Midnight Sun, Patry, makes use of Light Magic. Having the four-leaf grimoire himself, he is mighty. He can manipulate light at will and perform long-ranged versatile attacks by changing his projectiles with quick decision making. He can use light speed, create weapons made of light, and even himself using his magic. During the Elf Reincarnation arc, he turned into a dark elf. Due to which he gained strength that even a combo of Asta and Yuno could not defeat. His magic evolved into Demon Light Magic, and he retains it even after becoming normal.

8. Yami Sukehiro

Strongest Characters in Black Clover

Yami Sukehiro, Captain of Black Bulls

Magic Affinity: Dark Magic

The Captain of the Black Bulls, Yami, makes use of one of the rarest magic affinities: Dark Magic. He uses it by channeling his mana into his katana to slash enemies. Being from another nation, he has knowledge of ki and uses it to identify his opponent’s location during a fight. He can even make a Blackhole and activate the mana zone. Through his mana zone, he can even cut dimensions using his new ability. This ability is called Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash: Equinox. Him being how he is, Yami isn’t one you would want to fight as he keeps surpassing his limits when pushed.

7. Witch Queen

Black Clover: Ranking the Strongest Characters

The Witch Queen meets the Black Bulls for the first time.

Magic Affinity: Blood Magic

Not much is know about her, yet she is considered one of the strongest characters in the series. With hundreds of years of experience, she makes use of her blood magic to generate and manipulate blood. She can even make use of her abilities to heal someone. Which even involves removing curses and afflictions upon a person. She can even take total control over a person through their blood and have them do her bidding. By making use of her blood creation magic, she can attack or stop an opponent by creating blood constructs.

6. Mereoleona Vermilion

Black Clover: Ranking the Strongest Characters

Mereoleona Vermillion, temporary Captain of Crimson Red Lions and Captain of the Royal Knights

Magic Affinity: Fire Magic

Mereoleona is easily one of the strongest Magic Knights in the Clover Kingdom. By training in strong magic regions, she has gained superior strength and mana sensory abilities. She is strong enough even to make Yami feel nervous. While being a fire magic user, she is also the strongest in hand to hand combat. She can generate and manipulate fire, usually to create a paw in order to hold and punch objects or people. And is also an expert in making use of the mana zone by which she can predict her enemy’s moves easily. She has immense endurance abilities while also making use of reinforcement magic to protect herself from external damage. She is so strong that she could fight five reincarnated elves at the same time, one of them being Raia.

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5. Lolopechka

Black Clover: Ranking the Strongest Characters

Lolopechka, Princess, and Ruler of the Heart Kingdom

Magic Affinity: Water Magic

Lolopechka is the Ruler and Princess of the Heart Kingdom and has possession of the Water Spirit, Undine. She is suffering from a curse, visible on her abdomen inflicted by the Devil Megicula. Having the ability to generate and manipulate water at will, she is said to be one of the strongest Black Clover characters due to the mana she possesses and channels throughout the Heart Kingdom. Being the ruler of the Heart Kingdom, she has also inherited the powers from the previous generation of princesses. Although we haven’t seen any of her offensive or defensive spells, the amount of magic power she has is immense. That is why she has been placed so high on the list.

4. Julius Novachrono (Prime)

Julius Novachrono, Wizard King against Patry

Magic Affinity: Time Magic

Julius Novachrono is the current Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. Unlike most mages, Julius has a unique grimoire that has no cover but instead only has pages that float over him. He makes use of time magic and uses this ability to accelerate, decelerate, stop, or even reverse time altogether. This can even be used to heal injuries by reversing time on the wound itself. He can restrain people using his magic by getting them stuck in a time loop. Julius can even make use of the mana zone to predict his opponent’s moves or look into their future altogether. He even has the ability to store the time on a tattoo on his forehead. This stored time is used to revive himself if and so he dies. This is why, after he dies, he comes back but in an adolescent body.

3. Lumiere Silvamillion Clover

Black Clover: Ranking the Strongest Characters

Lumiere Silvamillion Clover, The First Wizard King, stabs Zagred

Magic Affinity: Light Magic

Like Patry, Lumiere is also a possessor of a four-leaf grimoire and Light Magic. But in his case, the scale is much larger. He was born a royal and would be known as the First Wizard King after his supposed death. He makes use of his light magic to make long-range attacks by concentrating his mana into weapons. Having high sensory abilities, he can travel long distances at the speed of light. He has an immense amount of mana, one who could rival that of the elves. Patry is an expert user of the mana zone to identify and attack his opponents with blasts.

2. Licht

Elf Leader Licht defeats Asta & Yuno

Magic Affinity: Sword Magic

Licht is the leader of the Elf Tribe and is yet another owner of the four-leaf grimoire. He makes use of Sword magic and is the original owner of Asta’s grimoire. Being an expert swordsman, he knows how to draw out the full strength of demon-slayer, demon-dweller, and demon-destroyer swords. He is swift and is on par with Lumiere. He can quickly absorb and launch attacks using the demon-dweller sword. By concentrating his mana, he can float and levitate himself and other people. When he transformed into an ancient monster, his power far exceeded that of Lumiere.

1. Zagred

High Ranking Devil, Zagred appears in front of the Elves

Magic Affinity: Word Soul Magic

Zagred is the strongest character in the Black Clover anime. He is a high ranking devil who acts as the mastermind behind the elves’ massacre and reincarnating it. Being pure evil, he works out his plan to obtain a body. He makes use of Word Soul Magic, which can be used to modify surroundings just by speaking. He is able to summon an endless barrage of magical and real weapons to attack his opponents and can also heal himself from any injury. After obtaining a five-leaf grimoire from Patry, its power increases to the point where it summons large masses of demonic energy. This energy absorbs mana and the life force of living beings. Even Licht and Lumiere together aren’t able to destroy this monstrosity.

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