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Dr. Stone Chapter 181: Pyramid of Petrification?

Dr. Stone Chapter 181: Pyramid of Petrification?

The Kingdom of Science is husting into ground zero – Manaus, the place where the petrification beam started from. After capturing Xeno, the group is now in South America, where they were in a race against time with Stanley and crew. They have to cross the Andes and head into the Amazon Rainforest. For which they made use of their motorcycles. But, when the path got steep, they had to build a ropeway to skip the distance altogether. After distributing the weight properly, the group takes turns to cross the path. During which Kohaku had to jump save a falling Suika. After catching hold of her, Hyoga helps her up the cliff, regaining some trust between them. After all of them gather, they cross the mountains to reach the Amazon Rainforest finally. This article will discuss the possible happenings in Dr. Stone Chapter 181.

Dr. Stone Chapter 180 Recap

As the Kingdom of Science head into the Amazon rainforest, they face another problem in the form of bloodsucking bugs. To fight them off, Senku brings out rubber boots while Xeno burns certain plants to act as a repellent. During all this, Senku comes up with a question as to what is the most dangerous thing in the rainforest. The answer to which was Army ants. So, to fight other bugs, Chelsea creates an extract of army ants, which all of them apply to themselves.

Dr. Stone Chapter 181: Pyramid of Petrification?

Petrification Device

As the team continues traveling, they reach the Amazon River. They cross it through using slides and rafts. During which Chrome gets an idea to make a revival fluid device dripping at constant intervals. To which Senku tells about the possibility of multiple Petrification devices at the source itself. Sometime later, Suika finds a Petrification device in the shallow waters. Chrome tells her she is lucky, only for Kohaku to point him towards a huge stepped pyramid of the devices. At the source of the beam, that petrification beam that turned the entire human population to stone, there are millions of petrification devices pilled up.

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Stanley, in his plane, comments how it would have been way easy if the Science Kids were still in the desert as they could shoot at them through their jet. But, they had actually taken time so that the American Colony could track the Kingdom of Science through their bike tracks. This would make their trail way clear. This is why they rushed to finish their plane and allowed Senku and the group to overhear their communications.

Dr. Stone Chapter 181: Pyramid of Petrification?

Dr. Stone Chapter 181 Release Date

The next chapter of Dr. Stone, i.e., 181, is scheduled to come out on 17th January 2021. The manga chapters for Dr. Stone come out every week on Sundays, but this time it will release after a week’s break. You can catch up on all the chapters by Dr. Stone on Viz and Manga Plus.


Dr. Stone Chapter 181 could follow more into the Pyramid of Petrification Devices. Senku’s prediction came out to be true; in a way, no one predicted it to be. The place was built like a monument instead of just a few devices. A place so sickening yet beautiful with malice. The upcoming chapter could also follow up with the Americans who are hot on the trail of the Kingdom of Science. They are soon to catch up using their plane and following them through their bike tracks. The chapter could even bring a plot twist as Hyoga, who now is seen to be trusted, could side with Xeno and join the American Colony.

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