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Top 10 Episodes Of Euphoria – Ranked


Euphoria was One of the most noteworthy and most discussed HBO’s new series of 2019. The show was advertised because of a few charming trailers and the projection of the talented Zendaya leading the pack job. It was a more developed character than fans had at any point seen from her, and she nailed it, procuring an Emmy win for her performance.

The remainder of the cast was additionally enormous, conveying breakout endeavors to assist them with becoming stars. Euphoria is based on a group of high school students who manage things like love, drugs, reputation, abuse, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. From Zendaya’s over and again astounding performances to Labrinth’s surly soundtrack, Euphoria ticks all the boxes for viewers and gets incredible ratings to reflect this.

The show delivered on the hype, catching the attention and mindset of a prickly Internet, who couldn’t resist the opportunity to turn in a week after week. That however, this second season offered what’s presumably the best episode of the show ever, moored by Zendaya’s dazzling performance.

With the drape falling on Lexi’s play-and Euphoria overall, we’re taking a look back at all ten episodes of both seasons to figure out which is awesome.

Here we will go through the top 10 best episodes of the series:

10. Made You Look(Season 1, Episode 3)

Whenever somebody is nominated for an Emmy, there’s one specific episode used to address it. For Zendaya, that was “Made You Look.” Her performance in it gives individuals chills. The highlight came toward the end when she broke down outside of Fezco’s home since he wouldn’t give her drugs. She faulted him for her addiction, and it’s a heartbreaking scene all around.

Notwithstanding Zendaya’s powerhouse performance, in HBO’s Euphoria episode was centered around Kat and the sudden weight gain she had while on a family get-away. She got chastised by her companions however observed comfort in her internet-based fan fiction becoming well known.


Made You Look(Season 1, Episode 3)

9. You Who Cannot See, Think Of Those Who Can(Season 2, Episode 4)

Partially through season 2, viewers were eager to check whether the truth with regards to Cassie and Nate would come out. This episode came near that with the two at Maddy’s birthday celebration and Cassie going on a drinking binge after seeing Nate be nice to Maddy.

There was some contention in this episode, however, as fans were pretty furious with the choice to have Jules and Elliot hook up. They felt it conflicted with Jules’ personality and harmed considering they stood by so long to see Rue and Jules be a cheerful couple. Unfortunately, there was sufficient drama and surprising cinematography to keep everybody locked in.

we get two incredible sequences, one after the other. To begin with, the Cassie hot tub scene is greatly revolting and in a split second iconic. And afterwards, the Cal-peeing in-the-foyer while-telling-his-family-they-are-horrible great finale. Those two moments of classic, unbridled Euphoria commotion alone hauled this episode up the ranking.

Euphoria-Season 2, Episode 4

You Who Cannot See, Think Of Those Who Can(Season 2, Episode 4)

8. F**K Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob(Special Episode Part 2:Jules)

Coronavirus caused an extensive break between the seasons however fans were fortunate to get two extraordinary episodes recorded during the time. They were kept to a generally small cast and crew to work inside CDC rules and the second of these portions focused on Jules.

This Euphoria episode was somewhat composed by Hunter Schafer and dealt with a lot of her encounters as a trans young lady. She likewise rambled about the unjustifiable tension she felt that Rue frequently put her balance on Jules’ shoulders. The performance by Schafer was widely praised.

Jules’ episode uncovers a ton about her backstory and what her relationship with her fanatic mother is meaning for her relationship with Rue. While it’s an impeccable, independent pearl of an episode, there’s a roof as to exactly how great it is, very well, maybe without the strength of the full Euphoria cast to bolster it. The show is at its best when the entire group is together, and in this episode, it’s only Jules from the main cast as her discussion is with a therapist we hadn’t seen previously or since.

Euphoria-Special Episode Part 2: Jules

F**K Anyone Who’s Not A Sea Blob(Special Episode Part 2:Jules)

7. The Trial And Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed(Season 1, Episode 7)

This extraordinarily named episode managed Rue falling into a depression after Jules leaves town. It got so awful that she was unable to bring herself to get up and utilize the restroom, prompting a kidney infection. This episode additionally included the creative scene of Rue and Lexi going about as detectives.

The flashbacks fixated on Cassie and the things that prompted her disturbing relationship with her father, as well as her unbridled demeanor towards men. The pressure additionally increase here as Rue informed Fezco regarding what Nate did, driving Fezco to defy him in an extreme scene. Those emotional sequences and the creativity behind the detective scene were the reason fans enjoyed it to such an extent.

Season 1, Episode 7- Euphoria

The Trial And Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed(Season 1, Episode 7)

 6. Trouble Don’t Last Always(Special Episode Part 1:Rue)

The first special episode was hyped as “featuring Emmy winner Zendaya” and the women conveyed one more performance deserving of bringing back home a trophy. The episode occurred essentially at a burger joint where Rue talked with her NA sponsor, Ali.

Although it’s for the most part one end to the other discourse, the discussion was top to bottom, enthusiastic, and included a few memorable quotes. The viewers took in certain insights about Rue’s relationship with Jules, Ali’s checkered past, and the way that Rue doesn’t think she’ll be alive for quite a while.

Special Episode Part 1: Rue- Euphoria

Trouble Don’t Last Always(Special Episode Part 1:Rue)

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5. Ruminations: Big And Little Bullys(Season 2, Episode 3)

No one truly expected that a flashback episode of the series could at any point focus on Cal Jacobs. As one of the show’s greatest villains, Cal isn’t somebody who fans needed to feel for however, this portion shed some light on how his childhood was like Nate’s.

Cal’s father was homophobic so he needed to conceal his actual self. The lengthy sequence prompting his romance with his closest companion Derek was applauded, just like the scene where Cal faced Fezco and Ashtray. Rue additionally set up a storyline where she got drugs from a dangerous dealer.

‘Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys’ witnesses a few key occasions. Rue, while reliably high, concludes it is really smart to go into a business association with Laurie. The same Laurie who threatens to sell her if she messes around her.

Ruminations-Big-and-Little-Bullys-season 2 episode 3

Ruminations: Big And Little Bullys(Season 2, Episode 3)

4. The Theater And It’s Double(Season 2, Episode 7)

Most of season 2 moved toward Lexi’s play. Normally the calmest person on the show, she at long last moved forward and worked on something for herself by putting on a school play. The twist was that the play was about her and her friends, uncovering shocking bits of truth in the process.

The episode amazingly exchanged between the play’s adaptation of scenes and what occurred, remembering revealing insight into Maddy and Cassie’s friendship, Lexi’s friendships with both Rue and Maddy, and that’s just the beginning. The feature must be the “I Need A Hero” melodic number that functioned as a method for uncovering a piece about Nate’s sexuality, which he frantically stows away.

Lexi’s play was saucy, amusing, and daring. Some way or another, none of the characters thought about what was going on with it until very far into it, despite them having scenes of their life in a real sense worked out before them in front of an audience. The projecting, ensembles, and view were stunning for a high-school play, yet besides that, it was a carefree decent show. Nate stomped out as the homo-erotic locker room scene played out, trailed by Cassie, who then gave her best Kubrick gaze while intensely breathing on the auditorium doors.


The Theater And It’s Double(Season 2, Episode 7)

3. Shook Ones Part II(Season 1, Episode 4)

Part-way through season one, Rue is at present clean, and this episode follows her and the main characters at the towns’ fun fair for the night. Some light drama happens in ‘Shook Ones Pt II’ (incidentally, there is no part one); Kat sees Ethan converse with another young lady and misinterprets it, prompting her to hook up with somebody working in the fair.

Jules is arguably the most fascinating person on the show, so it’s a good idea that the episode dealing with her past would be extraordinary. At the point when she was 11, she was conceded into a psych hospital because of her gender dysphoria. The present-day stuff occurred at an amusement park where a ton of drama went down.

That incorporated a fight between Maddy and Nate, Rue finding her sister stoned, and Maddy and Cassie taking MDMA. Virtually every scene with Jules was extraordinary, from her defying Cal to him observing her later in the evening to the ending where Jules discovered that Nate was “Tyler” and he intended to blackmail her.

shook one pt ii

Shook Ones Part II(Season 1, Episode 4)

2. Trying To Get To Heaven Before They Close The Door(Season 2, Episode 1)

The profoundly expected season 2 debut of Euphoria is conveyed in spades. Rather than occurring throughout an extensive time, the majority of the portion is based on a New Year’s Eve party where each of the main characters interweaved. For instance, it’s difficult to top the intensity of Maddy almost observing Cassie in the restroom after the latter hooked up with Nate.

The show is generally adulated for how staggering it is outwardly, and that was clear in this episode. A portion of the shots twisting through the party is great, similar to the utilization of lighting in the last couple of moments. The genuine kicker was the beginning of the delightful Lexi and Fezco romance, as well as Fezco whipping Nate, giving fans what they had been needing for quite a long time.

The episode centers around Fezco’s backstory, opening in a weird, 70s looking flashback that shows his childhood by his grandmother and introduction to Ashtray. This segues into Fezco meeting Lexi and managing everything well with her: a healthy, wholesome moment in the disarray. This is just short and isn’t to endure as Rue meets Elliot for the first time and literally nearly dies while they ingest drugs together.

trying to get to heaven before they close the door

Trying To Get To Heaven Before They Close The Door(Season 2, Episode 1)

1. Stand Still Like A HummingBird(Season 2, Episode 5)

All that comes crashing down in this crucial, mid-season disaster. This episode sees the intervention among Rue and her family, Jules and Elliot – after they let her mom know that she’s relapsed. This is trailed by a fabulous and passionate performance by Zendaya, showing genuine torment and frenzy.

Rue runs and winds up at Cassie and Lexi’s home. However, the show doesn’t end here. While trying to escape once more from her mom is called, Rue drops Cassie in it by revealing before everybody that she is sleeping with Nate. Rue then rushes to Laurie’s house while Maddie lays into Cassie. There are weak tearing sounds coming from it – consequently, why Rue takes off once more. Cassie in the meanwhile, has totally dropped her hardcore act and folds right away. Once more, the emotional and conceivable performances make this episode.

While the whole cast of Euphoria is great, there’s no question that Zendaya is the star. This episode offered her the greatest chance to show that as it followed the alarming journey that Rue encounters because of her addiction.


Stand Still Like A HummingBird(Season 2, Episode 5)

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