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Top 10 Episodes of ‘The Witcher’

Netflix Series-The Witcher
The Witcher

‘The Witcher’ is the unexpected Netflix hit of the new year, and notwithstanding some not exactly stellar reviews, this fantasy has won fans over. Despite the ridiculously befuddling timeline, the story of Geralt of Rivia is without a doubt a gigantic hit for the streaming service. The Witcher is an exceptional fantasy show that has solidly gotten its place as one of Netflix’s most famous series ever. The Witcher world is proceeding to extend however we will be hanging tight some time longer for season 3.

Debuting on Netflix in 2019 however exploding in popularity during lockdown (2020), The Witcher follows Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) an improved human with wizardry entrusted to find and kill beasts/monsters. On his journey through the world, he meets Jaskier (Joey Batey), a friendly poet, and originator of *THAT* melody and Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), a witch and the main love interest not including Triss. At last, fate carries Geralt into the way of Ciri (Freya Allan) who he endeavours to safeguard from the risks of the world.

Additionally, the Witcher is based on a book series and video game series.  So assuming you’re prepared to drown your distresses with a rewatch we thought we’d see which of The Witcher’s 10 episodes are viewed as awesome.

Top 10 Best Episodes of Netflix Hit Series ‘The Witcher’:

10. Four Marks(Season 1, Episode 2)

The second episode of the show doesn’t pack an as very remarkable punch as the first, however, there are a couple of positive components.

This outing acquaints us with two of the best characters in the show, those being Yennefer and Jaskier. They are both given extraordinary intro and a lot of development in the runtime, with Yen, in a flash being displayed as an essential figure, and Jaskier debuting his well known “Toss a Coin to your Witcher.”

The Witcher-Season 1

Four Marks(Season 1, Episode 2)

In this episode ‘Four Marks’ that we learn Yennefer’s story and see her train as a mage, discover that there was a ‘Great Cleansing’ (also known as, elf massacre), and watch Ciri endeavouring to keep herself alive after her house was attacked.

9. What is lost(Season 2, Episode 3)

Coming early on in Ciri’s journey under Geralt’s security, this episode sees Ciri becoming anxious with Geralt’s slow strategies for preparing so she attempts to demonstrate that she can take on proper Witcher training on a deadly obstacle course. Regardless of doing well, she simply misses the mark and this adds another layer to Geralt and Ciri’s relationship during the rest of Season 2. Another highlight of the episode is Yennefer going rogue from the Brotherhood and saving a previous foe general.

The Witcher-What is Lost

What is lost(Season 2, Episode 3)

8. ‘Of Banquets Bastards And Burials(Season 1, Episode 4)

‘Of Banquets, Bastards, and Burials’ is a crucial one regarding storyline – and laying out the storylines and courses of events completely. It’s in this episode that Yennefer is seen and the viewers discovers that she is not exactly excited with the position she’s been holding. It’s likewise clarified exactly how strong she is, and how obsessed she is with her infertility.

The bulk of this episode is really about Ciri’s history, and how she is associated with Geralt. Considering that fans have been pondering this since the beginning, the time has come for us to get to figure out how everything is associated. The Witcher won’t give it all way with everything, except more Jaskier, a magic curse, and the introduction of the Law of Surprises (as well as sorting out where Ciri’s timeline finds a place with Geralt and Yaskier) makes this one a significant episode.

The Witcher-Season 1 Episode 4

‘Of Banquets Bastards And Burials(Season 1, Episode 4)

7. Bottled Appetities(Season 1, Episode 5)

‘Bottled Apprentices’ is another extraordinary episode for individual adventures, yet it doesn’t exactly contrast with the big reveals and jow-dropping battles of a other episodes in the season.Desperate to fix his a insomnia, Geralt is looking for a djinn’s bottle to wish for it a decent good night sleep. Nonetheless, after a contention with Jaskier the djinn get away and Jaskier collapses with blood emerging from his mouth. This carries Geralt into contact with Yennefer for the first time.

This episode follows Geralt and Yaskier as they deals with a Djinn and meet Yennefer, who needs the Djinn for herself (and Ciri is as yet meandering around attempting to figure out how to be protected, yet not surprisingly, she possesses a more smallest part of the story). The episode presented to us Yennefer’s unbelievable dark mask look and those shots of Geralt in the shower, yet it simply isn’t quite so great as the ones to follow.

The Witcher

Bottled Appetities(Season 1, Episode 5)

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6. Much More(Season 1, Episode 8)

Once again Geralt is once again pursued by dangerous monsters as he endeavors to find Ciri. To be specific: necrophages. In spite of Geralt’s advance notice to a man, Yurga, about the risk of necrophages he disregards the alerts. This prompts an amazing battle sequence where a necrophage bites Geralt.

The Witcher knows how to work to a last episode that fans adored. With the timeline combined, ‘Much More’ sees Yennefer and the mages in a tremendous (and satisfyingly mysterious) fight against Nilfgaard, gives hints at Geralt’s history, lastly unites Geralt and Ciri. An awesome finish to the main season gives the sort of goal and incredible fight that fantasy fans need from a finale, yet that sets up loads of questions for what’s to come. The source of Ciri’s power, the mages and Yennefer’s future, and obviously, Geralt’s history (which we get looks at in his fever dreams) and the lore of Witchers.

The Witcher-Much More-Season 1

Much More(Season 1, Episode 8)

5. The End’s Beginning(Season 1, Episode 1)

‘The End’s Beginning’ is the first episode of the series, and it’s not difficult to see the reason why it snared viewers. Yennefer hasn’t yet shown up, viewers don’t realize that the show isn’t occurring in a single timeline. This episode is parted into two points of view (Geralt’s and Ciri’s) yet apparently, these are occurring together.

The episode’s focal plot rotates around the morality of Witchers. Geralt winds up in Blaviken where he meets two strong sorcerers and needs to pick either killing one or the other. At last, Geralt kills Renfri (the ‘evil’ sorcerers) prior to being kicked out of Blaviken.

The Witcher- The End's Beginning

The End’s Beginning(Season 1, Episode 1)

‘The End’s Beginning’ works really hard of presenting two of the main characters, a portion of the lore, the ideas of magic, and obviously, has one of the most incredible sword fight scenes in the whole show. It’s a strong beginning, and a strong score to coordinate.

4. Betrayer Moon(Season 1, Episode 3)

The third episode of The Witcher’s first season mixes two vital storylines. One is the change of Yennefer, who chooses to surrender her fertility to complete a dark magic that will make her more beautiful.

Futhermore, Geralt is in Temeria where he meets King Foltest and his advisor Triss – two vital characters from the Witcher stories. Geralt is sent on a mission to deal with a Striga, one exceptionally nasty monster, which prompts one of the tensest battle scenes in the series.

The Witcher-season1x3

Betrayer Moon(Season 1, Episode 3)

‘Betrayer Moon’ is the first episode where the viewers truly begins to comprehend how complex the timeline for The Witcher may be, and where we get to see an unbelievable sequence that joins Geralt’s night-long fight with the striga with Yennefer’s really long magical operation/torment to turn into the gorgeous creature that she is for the rest of the series.

3. Rare Species(Season 1, Episode 6)

Geralt fighting with a dragon, after a stranger allures Geralt with enough cash, Geralt joins his group. Other than the this episode plunges into Yennefer and Geralt’s relationship as we learn crucial detail. Geralt utilizes his last djinn wish for them to be always be happy and togther. Thus, the shipping community became blissful. This Episode, likewise sees Ciri battling to trust individuals around her onher journey to track down Geralt.


Rare Species(Season 1, Episode 6)

2. Family(Season 2, Episode 8)

The season two finale joined all that Netflix fantasy seies ‘The Witcher’ is known for. In this episode, Ciri is possessed by the demonic power Voleith Meir and chips away at killing all the witchers at Kaer Morhen with a gathering of basilisk beasts/monsters. Yennefer and Jaskier work on a cure while Geralt endeavors to break Ciri out of her own psyche.

Indeed, even the Wild Hunt makes an appearance to cover off an awe-inspiring season and there are a lot of teases for what’s to come in season 3.

The Witcher-Season2x8

Family(Season 2, Episode 8)

1. A Grain Of Truth(Season 2, Episode 1)

The Witcher’s second season opened with a variation of the iconic short story A Grain of Truth. Geralt takes his newfound child on a surprise to visit his companion Nivellan (played by Kristofer Hivju) who has been cursed and transformed into a monster. As Geralt and Ciri spend time in the isolated palace they learn it is home to a Bruxa, which brings about one of The Witcher’s most unnerving fights.

The Witcher-Season 2-Grain Of Truth

A Grain Of Truth(Season 2, Episode 1)

A Grain of Truth is the best Witcher episode. This episode sees Geralt and Ciri just after the Battle of Sodden, getting together with one of Geralt’s lifelong companions, Nivellen. Once more, this episode sees the subject of are beasts truly more terrible than human.

This is because Nivellen is holding onto a bruxa called Vereena who Geralt assumes is attempting to go after Ciri and Nivellen. In the shocking bit of the episode, Vereena, who cherished Nivellen, gets killed by Geralt which lifts Nivellen’s curse.

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