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Beastars Season 2 Episode 3 Preview and Recap

Beastars Season 2 Episode 3

Beastars is a Japanese Manga series that is written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki. It focuses on a world filled with modern and civilized anthropomorphic animals which have a cultural divide between the herbivores and carnivores. The anime was adapted for the screen on Netflix and the show is airing its second season. The All Organism Council meets up to debate about what to do with Cherryton Academy, as they haven’t had a Beastar candidate in 5 consecutive years. Here is the detail of what happened in Beastars Episode 2 and the release date for Beastars Season 2 Episode 3.

What happened in Episode 2?

Before Gon can say anything, he is immediately shunned by the members because of his irresponsible and lazy behavior towards the council. They later ask about Louis who was the promising candidate but disappeared before the due date. Gon says that he too would like him to be a Beastar but he points out that it is wrong to drag a student to this position by force as they are only just children who are at the stage to have fun, study, fall in love and understand their own selves and find themselves and they shouldn’t take that stage away from them. He explains that heroes are not found they are born and for him all the students are important.

One of the leaders disapproves of that statement because if all the students are important then that also includes the predator suspect. He still hasn’t been caught and according to the police, it is impossible that the murderer could be someone from outside of the Academy, so it might be a student who is continuing to live his life and act as if nothing happened. The leader suggests that the one who will catch the culprit will become the Young Beastar Candidate. Gon tries to reject this idea but all the others accept it.

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The mysterious entity who was chasing Legoshi appears before him. The rattlesnake had kept an eye on him throughout the academy. She says that she is amazed by his bravery because, despite the fact that he was being chased by a rattlesnake, he still turned his back on her without any fear. She introduces herself as Rokume who works as a security guard in the school. She tells him that she has been stalking him for days and read his every move which left her intrigued to know more about him. She believes that Legoshi can be the one to solve Tem’s murder as he is unique and has all the gifts in his talent.

Legoshi tries to talk to Tem’s close friends about what happened to him on the night of his murder, but most of them ignore him and boo him out and he fails to find any answers related to his murder. He later interrogates a kangaroo student and tells him that he knows that he’s been stealing underwear from the locker room and stops him. The students congratulate Legoshi for stopping the thief. Karl later gives Legoshi Tem’s diary to search for more clues related to his murder and Legoshi finds Rokume and tells her that he will solve the case.

Later, the Shishigumi are at a butcher shop to make a deal with an old turtle. They decide to offer him protection from the Black Market gangs in exchange for cash payments. But he will not speak to someone until someone of higher power arrives to talk to him. The leader is later revealed to be Louis, who is alive and well. He apologizes in advance for all the mistakes that the Shishigumi has made in the past. Louis offers the turtle a deal that will help generate profit from the herbivore meat. The turtle is shocked by the offer and asks him why would he do that despite the fact that he himself is a herbivore. Louis makes a monologue about the carnivores and herbivores. Basically, if you don’t teach the herbivore how to survive, they will always be eaten and that is why he will obtain the power through the evil of carnivores.

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When will Beastars Season 2 Episode 3 air?

The 3rd episode will air on January 21st, 2021 and it will focus on Legoshi continuing his investigation and Louis’ reign at the Shishigumi. All the episodes are now available on Netflix.

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