College Romance Season 2: Plot, Cast and Preview

College Romance

Online streaming platforms are full of idiosyncratic content shows that are capable of reaching only a small proportion of audiences. But when it comes to romantic-comedy shows, it acts as therapy for several people who are hanging between their life and a tight schedule they follow. One such young adult show that made its debut in 2018 is ‘College Romance.’ The show revolves around the college frolicsomeness which is regarded as the best time of your life. That’s a certain stage where you live your life to the fullest. Your carefree outlook towards everything, your life in the moment’s attitude, and the fact that your friends are the most important people in your life come only for a phase of certain years. ‘College Romance’ takes you back to that chapter of your life.

For all the viewers who have enjoyed this series full of nostalgic vibes, there’s some good news. The show has dropped a trailer for the upcoming second season that will soon start streaming on the Sony Liv app. We hope that the team doesn’t make its viewers wait for much and announces the release date soon.

A still from Season 2

Plot of Season 1

The series revolves around three best friends-Karan, Trippy, and Naira, portrayed by Keshav Sadhna, Manjot Singh, and Apoorva Arora respectively. All three of them fall in love and then begins a series of their amusing love stories. They fall in love with people with extremely contrasting personalities that give rise to humor. Karan falls in love with Deepika, a complicated and annoying girl, Trippy falls in love with Raveena, a college fresher who still haven’t got closure from her high school boyfriend and Naira falls in love with Bagga, a desi guy and a true delhite who prefers holding conversations in slangs. It awakens the essence of college life that is the most cherished part. Eventually, the three suffer heartbreaks and continue to be each other’s support. The fact that they advise each other with silly and ridiculous ideas is commendable. The show is full of amusing roller-coaster emotions that a teenage or a millennial goes through.

Majot, Apoorva, and Keshav as Trippy, Naira, and Karan

College Romance Season 2 Trailer Breakdown

As the trailer kicks in, we see Bagga and Deepika frowning at Karan, Trippy, and Naira for not letting them be a part of their group. The three best friends mock them at their insecurities and make it clear that their trio exists before they came across anybody in college. As the trailer proceeds, we see a high volume drama that exists between the couples. On one hand, Deepika doesn’t feel his relationship might work out with Karan, and on the other hand, Trippy is confident that his long-distance relationship with Raveena will lead them nowhere. The contrasting personalities between Naira and Bagga also show clearly where she is annoyed with his immature behavior and his habit of using foul slangs in every statement he makes.

Even after being in love with different individuals, the trio doesn’t fail to defend each other when someone tries to be a barrier between their friendship. By the end, we see an emotional and heartbreaking vibe surrounding the plot, which is a part of college life too. With all the fun and magical moments you witness, there is always something to shed some tears upon. And that’s ‘College Romance’ summed up as a whole.

The first season of the show was released on Netflix as well. The second season will feature the same lead actors who were seen in the initial season. There isn’t any official release date as of now, but we hope to get some updates really soon. Till then tune into the debut season if you haven’t already and wait for a good amount of laughter and nostalgia, the upcoming season is coming to fill you up with.

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