Heartland Season 14 Episode 2: Preview and Recap

Heartland Season 14 Episode 2

There are a lot of shows that make you still on the edges of your seats and keep you indulged in their entire stretch of seasons. One such show is ‘Heartland’ and we can’t believe it’s already season 14 that aired its first episode a week ago. Based on Lauren Brooke’s book series that was titled under the same name, ‘Heartland’ is a Canadian family drama that made its debut in 2007. Since then we’ve traveled 14 years and are witnessing the 14th season of the show. Here we have all you need to know about Heartland Season 14 Episode 2.

Starring Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming who is the protagonist of the series and has the ability to heal horses by listening to them. The show features Michelle Morgan as Samantha Louise, Shaun Johnston as Jackson “Jack” Bartlett, Alisha Newton as Georgina “Georgie” Fleming Morris and Chris Potter as Timothy “Tim” Fleming in prominent roles, and various others in supporting roles.

The story primarily follows the life of Amy Fleming and Louise “Lou” Fleming. They’re sisters and they lead their lives with their grandfather Jack Bartlett and father Ty Borden after the death of their mother. The family lives on a ranch in Alberta that is popularly known as ‘Heartland.’ The sisters also have a hired farmhand Ty Borden who lives with the family. As moments and years pass by, the family experiences different phases in their lives. The highs and lows brought to them by their life help them grow closer to each other and gives them a new definition of love every time.

The show aired the first episode of its 14th season on 10 January 2021. With a new season, we get to see some unexpected scenarios taking place. As the episode kicks in, we see Ty Borden collapsing. As the episode proceeds, we get to know that Ty is suffering from some serious complications that are a result of the gunshot wound he endured in the previous season. His health deteriorates speedily and as a result of the wounds he’s unable to recover from, he succumbs in front of them.

The death comes as a shocker to the viewers and Amy is now widowed. She now has the responsibility of raising their daughter Lindy all alone and give her a better life in the absence of her father. Following his death, the show takes a leap of a year and begins a new journey where Amy is now lonely without the support of Ty. The fans are devastated seeing his death and are already missing the iconic duo and their romantic equation that was one of the favorite parts of the entire storyline. But one thing has kept the fans hopeful regarding the show and that it-the death would allow Amy and other characters to prove their potential and help them grow in an individual manner.

Speaking about the death of Graham’s character Ty onscreen, Amber Marshall, the actress who portrays the role of Amy says that the present season will be the one focused on healing. She says that there are various things in life that we can never prepare ourselves for. There are times when someone devastating happens to us and we feel that our world has been ripped apart in two. She feels that Ty’s death is something similar that has occurred on-screen and they’re aiming to portray the concept of ‘healing’, just as we all need to at some point in our lives.

Heartland Season 14 Episode 2 will air on 17 January 2021. So tune in to the first episode if you haven’t already and don’t worry, there’s not much time to witness the second episode that lies in the line too. The show airs on the Canadian streaming site, CBA.

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