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Wandavision Episode 3: Preview and Recap

Wandavision Episode 3

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s idea of expanding into a television series has proved to be quite a good move. While Wanda and Vision usually remained out of the limelight in the Marvel films, the series might act as a good way to explore the two characters on a different level of creativity. The show is a good attempt and bold move of MCU to give an innovative touch to their project.

The show, after so much anticipation for the last few months, recently made its debut on 15 January by premiering its first two episodes. Starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in titular roles, the plot is set after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The two are now living an ideal and conventional life in a town. Vision and the Scarlet Witch try to hide their superpowers and live as normal humans, but eventually, they come to know that things around them aren’t that simple as they seem.

Vision and Wanda

What Happened in Episode 1 & 2?

The first episode premiered on the online streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar and reintroduced us to the two titular characters. Set against the backdrop of the early ’50s, the show appears to be a black and white sitcom with a classic vibe surrounding it. A story where a newlywed couple migrant from a crowded city to a quiet town to begin the journey of their new life. But, the WandaVision isn’t your daily dose of television soap, instead, it’s more than a usual show that has aired.

The initial episodes show us glimpses of the couple and the life they’ve chosen. It begins with the confusion that has occurred because of a heart marked on their kitchen calendar. The two of them can’t seem to remember the reason for marking today’s date, and amidst the confusion, Vision leaves for his office, and Wanda tries to solve the mystery of the marked date.

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While Vision is at his workplace, Wanda meets her neighbor and puts before her the date confusion, the couple face that morning. She helps Wanda and suggests to her that it might be their anniversary or a special day linked to the foundation of their relationship. Wanda is unaware of any such moments about their relationship, but with her neighbor’s help, she plans a romantic date at home for Vision.

When Wanda is planning a surprise for Vision, he suddenly remembers the reason why he marked the date with a heart. It was a symbol to act as a reminder for them to host his boss, Mr. Hart, for dinner with his wife. As Vision along with Mr. Hart and his wife walk into the living him, they witness a romantic night set up for the couple. The awkwardness caters to the comic element but despite all the blunder, Vision and Wanda come up with the plan to set up a perfect dinner for the Harts.

Mrs. Hart then starts to interrogate them about their wedding and how many kids do they intend to have in the future. A pinch of drama is then added to the story which will quite be justified if you have a look at it yourself. The Harts then thank the couple for giving them a wonderful evening and as soon as they leave, the two breathe in the air of relief. Wanda puts wedding rings on their fingers with magic and Vision feels that the day was worth remembering and feels they’ve got their happily ever after.

Wandavision Episode 3

Promotional poster of WandaVision

The following morning the couple practice to put up an extravagant magic show for the fundraiser. They decided that they’ll not be using any of Wanda’s real powers and the two agree mutually on it. Wanda suddenly hears a strange noise and walks out. To her amazement, she sees a strange toy helicopter appearing in red and yellow, with a S.W.O.R.D logo, in total contrast to the real black and white world they’ve lived in. Agnes, the neighbor comes to visit Wanda and she suddenly gets distracted from the toy’s view. They then visit Dottie, the talent show organizer, but Wanda and Dottie don’t seem to hit the right tune. Wanda then comes across Monica, who introduces herself as Geraldine, and the two seem to get along quite well.

Wandavision Episode 3

Wanda’s encounter with the toy helicopter

We then get to see Vision who is at the neighborhood meeting, which is moreover an excuse for men to gobble things up and gossip. He feels he is capable of mixing up with the other men and joins them in their humorous conversations and references. Someone offers him a piece of gum and in the process of accepting the offer, he ends up swallowing it that jams his inner machinery and making him behave weirdly. Meanwhile, during the talent show, Dottie and Wanda get into a weird moment where Dottie suspects her, and Wanda in her defense assures her that she is of no harm.

After some time, Vision arrives at the show, acting all weird and strange. He’s unable to walk or talk properly and appears as if he is intoxicated. With a fault in his machinery, he attempts to show his powers to the crowd, which is then defended by Wanda. She uses her own powers and saves him from possible circumstances and doubts. The actions then witness an eventual climax when they pull off the cabinet trick which they previously practiced. Wanda finds it as the perfect moment and removes the gum from Vision’s system, and eventually, things get normal when they’re awarded the “Comedy Performance of the Year” by Dottie.

Wandavision Episode 3

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The two get back home and spill their concerns at their inability not to fit into the real world like a normal couple. There are certain visuals of Wanda being pregnant and she interrogates Vision about the possibility of it being true. Vision grants her the assurance of it being true but the couple is soon interrupted by a loud noise. The two rush out and witness a man coming out of a manhole with a S.W.O.R.D. logo imprinted on his back. Wanda gets stunned at this visual and screams ‘No!’ Suddenly with that one word, we are taken back in time when the couple was talking about their pregnancy. And this time, they kiss. Their world begins to fill with actual colors and the two are happy to be moving forward in the lives together. And that brings us to the end of the recap.

Wandavision Episode 3 Release Date

The third episode of the show will be premiering on 29 January 2021. So do watch the third episode to unlock the mysteries of the weird incidents that are happening to Wanda and their attempt to ‘fit in.’ Directed by Matt Shakman, the show stars Evan Peters, Kat Dennings, Kathryn Hahn, Teyonah Parris, and various others in prominent roles, along with the lead actors.

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