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Married At First Sight Season 12: Recap and Preview

Married At First Sight

Marriage is a lifetime commitment for a very large proportion of people in our society. A kind of relationship established between two people, moreover two families, that is considered as one of the most important decisions of an individual’s life. Failed marriages are often heartbreaking and take away a lot from a person. Usually, until we don’t make sure that our feelings towards a person are genuine and we’re ready to share our life with him/her, the concept of marriage doesn’t cross our mind. We get our decisions rock solid before jumping into this life of commitments. But things aren’t the same on the American Reality Show – ‘Married At First Sight.’

You’ve probably heard about ‘Love At First Sight’ quite a dozen times, right? Like falling in love with someone, just at a mere glimpse of them. But ever thought of marrying someone at that just one glance? It feels weird, right? That’s the whole concept of the show titled ‘Married At First Sight.’

The show made it’s debut in the televised world in 2014 and is currently airing its 12th season. The show comprises a love experiment over the course of weeks, where a group of chosen couples is matched by a panel of experts based on their compatibility. They aren’t initially allowed to meet and only get to see each other directly at the alter. The current season is centered in Atlanta.

Season 12 features 10 singles who believe in their fate and are ready to give in a chance to meet their mystery partner. The season has aired its first episode on 13 January 2021 and introduced us to the matched couples.

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First up are Ryan and Clara, who both believe that they’re ready to commit to just one person for the rest of their lives. Clara believes in fate and feels that the platform will give her, her destined partner. Ryan’s love inspiration is his parents, who have been married for 30 years now. He, too, feels that the experiment will prove to be a life-changing moment, for he will marry the woman he’s ready to build a family with. On the one hand, where Clara is a free-spirited and outgoing woman, Ryan is partially reserved. He needs some time and space to open up to people, and we feel that Clara’s company would help him be vocal about his feelings, which is often found hard to vent out.

Clara And Ryan

Second, we have Briana and Vincent, who are hopeful of finding their soulmates. Briana wants her partner to be compatible with her. While Vincent, who has suffered heartbreak in his previous relationship, hopes to start a family with a woman he’ll cherish forever. Following different lives, both professionally and personally, Briana hopes to find a husband who does well financially in her comparison. She is a well-organized woman who stays ever energetic and motivated when it comes to her career. Vincent has established a good financial position after a loss of risks and started his own business. The reason for his failed relationship was his ex-girlfriend, who didn’t want to support his new business because she wasn’t sure of his success.

Briana And Vincent

Third on the list are Haley and Jacob, who we feel are a lot different. With a ten-year-old age gap between the two, they seem to have contrasting personalities, but that is somehow interrelated to each other. Haley is someone who enjoys her friend’s company and looks for some fun and a trustworthy partner. While Jacob suffers a lot of trust issues, he considers the traditional way of arranging marriages as the best option of finding a perfect life partner. Haley, who has previously been in a volatile relationship, is looking for a mature man who isn’t anywhere like her precious boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend ended up getting another girl pregnant that pushed Haley into a dark pit of emotional crisis. But Jacob seems to be a perfect match for her. He is a nerd, and the age difference between the two might help them cope up with each other’s insecurities. Jacob is likely to understand the doubts embedded in her heart and will help her get rid of them.

Haley And Jacob

Coming on our fourth couple, both Paige and Chris are religious and are in a perfect position when it comes to their professional lives. They have a lot in common and believe that kids are an important part of a person’s life. Paige doesn’t want to end up in a marriage that might lead her to divorce. Chris has a strong sense of faith and believes that the match will get her face to face with a girl who’ll be the answer to all his prayers. Initially, he used to fear that many women only marry a man when they’re sure of his financial position. But Paige, who is already doing so well financially and professionally, seems like a genuine match for him.

Paige And Chris

Last but not the least, Virginia and Erik. Virginia hasn’t ever landed in a good relationship. Her failed relationships have made her stronger, and now she wants to settle down. Erik, too doesn’t have a good relationship track record. He has witnessed a failed marriage and now wants to settle with a woman who will never give up on their relationship. Virginia and Erik, though having the similarity of witnessing failed relationships in the past, have a lot of different traits when it comes to their personalities. Virginia is an outgoing girl who has a lot of friends. She’s hoping her future husband to be a part of her social group. While she prefers drinking at parties, Erik seems to be someone who is totally the opposite. Erik is a simple and traditional man who doesn’t give much time to the social outing. He comes from a conservative family and has previously devoted his youth years to building up his career.

Married At First Sight

Virginia And Eric

In the initial episode of Season 12, we saw the wedding of Ryan and Clara, who were the first ones to walk up to the altar. The second episode with pick up from the same spot, and the viewers will get to see if the other couples get married or not. Briana is in doubt that she might not appear physically attractive to her match and is hesitant to go up the altar. There is also a possibility of a slight twist, and that might be Paige’s discovery that Chris has got a girl pregnant. If this true, imagine the drama that the next episode is all ready to unveil. The show will air its second episode on 20 January, only on Lifetime.

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