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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 2: Will it Last Between ‘Bughead’ and ‘Varchie’?


After Riverdale made it’s debut in the online streaming platform Netflix, it has been regarded as one of the most popular young adult shows to have ever premiered on the OTT. Ever since it has premiered and stretched for its fifth episode, we’ve witnessed some unsettled chaos between the two couples- Varchie and Bughead. While the two couples initially didn’t seem to end up with each other, it’s great that they did. Taking you down the memory lane and rewinding time when the four were nothing but “acquaintances.”

When season 1 kicked off, we discovered the inseparable bond between the childhood friends Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper. They’ve been close to each other since the very beginning of their lives, and back then, Archie had proposed to Betty, but little Betty back then told him to ask her out when they’re 18. Fast forward to the edge of their teenage lives, Betty is still in love with her childhood friend, but Archie, all grown up into a young heartthrob, has a platonic feeling for Betty. When Betty is making up her mind to tell Archie about her feeling, we witness the entry of Veronica, the one who owns all the glamour in school. Both of them become best friends, and Betty lets her knows about her feelings for Archie. Evening Veronica tells her to be vocal enough for Archie to know, but she is still waiting for the perfect hour. Eventually, instead of asking Archie out for a semi-formal party, she asks him to join both Betty and Veronica on a friendly date.

Amidst all the time the three share together, we see Archie and Veronica sharing some kind of spark. Betty then confesses her feelings for him but doesn’t get to hear anything in return. Towards the end of the party at Cheryl’s house, Veronica and Archie go into a close while playing Seven Minutes in Heaven and end up kissing each other. They tend to grow closer but don’t confess anything. Veronica goes on a date with Chuck, and even though it makes Archie feel insecure, he chooses to remain silent. Veronica and Betty soon get to know about the relationship between Archie and the music teacher Ms. Grundy. They try to stop him, but he ends up ignoring whatever they have to say. Ms. Grundy is soon forced out of the town, and Veronica helps Archie heal from his past equation. While the two eventually grow close to each other, they end up confessing their mutual feeling and consummate their relationship.

Betty and Jughead

On the other hand, we see Betty and Jughead being a ‘thing.’ The duo that eventually joined hands to work together on a school newspaper grow close to each other. Jughead, since the very beginning, seemed to feel something about Betty and gets jealous when Betty pretends to have a date as a plan she comes up with while investigating Jason Blossom’s murder. Hearing this, Jughead feels possessive and doesn’t seem to like the idea much and thinks that Betty has some real date and it isn’t just a part of the plan.

Both of them attend Jason’s funeral together and discover about Jason and Polly’s engagement. They then aim to find Polly together. Later that afternoon, Jughead uses a ladder to climb up Betty’s window, and she lets him in. He calms down the worried Betty, and the two end up kissing. The bond that was once platonic soon turns into a blooming relationship of love and support both of them have for each other. While the four friends are hanging out, Jughead puts his arm around Betty in order to comfort her anxiousness. Betty soon grabs his hand, and at the sight of this, both Archie and Veronica seem surprised.

Archie confronts Jughead in the hallway and asks him to be straightforward about the equation they share. Jughead soon admits about the moment they shared, and Archie clearly doesn’t like it. Similarly, Veronica too is keen on knowing about the two, and Betty shares her feelings about Jughead without any hesitation. At one point where Archie is unhappy about the two having feelings for each other, Veronica is joyous that Betty has finally found someone who is willing to be with her. Betty invites Jughead to Polly’s baby shower because he is her ‘boyfriend.’ While Jughead doesn’t know how to define their relationship, Betty accepts the fact that two have something special between them that will hold them together and enable them to be there for each other. Over the course of time, Jughead goes through a lot in his personal life. He is transferred to Southside High when his father is suspected of having any involvement in Jason’s murder and is put into prison. But Betty doesn’t leave his side. She goes to meet him and stands by him in his hours of misery. Jughead finally confesses his feelings for Betty, and the two share a moment.



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Recap: Season 4

After we all felt that Jughead had made an exit from our lives, Betty is in a totally emotional state. She has also been framed for his murder. While they’re trying to get away with the whole situation, we see them growing close again. In the last season, we saw them sharing a kiss during the musical episode, initially as a part of their plan, but it just seemed to be a ‘plan.’ While Veronica and Archie help Betty get away with the false accusations put by Donna Sweett, the two seem closer than before. They actually initiate a plan to drive the Stonies mad and make them confess about attacking Jughead in the first place and putting Betty under false accusations. Judgead is, in fact, alive, and the four were together since the beginning of their pretense. The couples finally get back to each other and discuss Archie and Betty’s kiss and ask them if it really meant anything since the two shared some feelings a few years ago. Archie and Betty assure their partners that it meant nothing and they’re just friends. After convincing their significant other, Archie and Betty text about the kiss, they shared it doesn’t look like a casual text. Archie refrains himself and backspaces the flirty text he types, and we’re left hanging by the end of Season 4 as their equation is leading towards.


Betty and Archie


Recap: Season 5 Episode 1

The debut episode of Season 5 came as a shocker for ‘Varchie’ fans when Archie decides to be transparent with Veronica about what he has been feeling lately. He confesses his feeling about Betty to her and also lets her know about the fact that he has been cheating on her. It breaks Veronica into pieces, and she tells him that they would part ways once they’ve graduated from high school. But the teenage couple split doesn’t feel ordinary. It feels that Hiram Lodge has overheard his daughter’s emotional outbreak and now seeks revenge from Archie-the boy who is responsible for breaking her daughter’s heart. The men have always shared a turbulent equation with each other, and Hiram never liked him growing close to his daughter. Now that he has left her daughter’s hand, Hiram is all determined to put an end to Archie’s life. The upcoming episode with witness a leap of around 7 years and will show the teenagers in a totally different life after they go on different paths after high school. Archie’s death might also come as a shocker because Hiram seems all set to initiate some revenge because he’s protective of his only daughter.


The cast of the series

Starring Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, KJ Apa, and Camila Mendes in lead roles, the first episode of the fifth season premiered on 20 January 2021, and the second episode is scheduled to release on 27 January 2021. The episodes are dropped every week, and you can tune into either Netflix or The CW to watch Riverdale and join them in their journey.

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