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Black Clover Episode 162: More To Be Revealed On Zeno!

Black Clover Episode 162

With the last episode coming to an end, it’s time to see what will happen in the next episode of Black Clover. In Black Clover Episode 162, viewers will see Zeno’s true powers against Yuno and the Golden Dawn Mages. Here, we will cover everything we know about the upcoming episode of this anime. We will also get the chance to know what is waiting for the Spade Kingdom arc.

Previously on Back Clover

In the last episode, we saw the Golden Lawn was attacked, and many were injured. This provoked Yuno to activate his Spirit Drive and fight against Gaderois God, a Dark Disciple of the Dark Triad. Gaderois was waiting to face Yuno. Yuno was much provoked when he came to know that Gaderois enjoys hurting and killing others.  Gaderois is hit really hard by the spells of Yuno. Yuno’s spell was able to erode Gaderois Stone Magic. Thus, Yuno finally succeeded in taking down the disciple.

At the same time, Klaus and the other Golden Dawn members continue their fight against Foyal, another Dark Triad Disciple. Foyal underestimates the power of Klaus, and he was wrong. As Klaus’s unwavering willpower and hard training pay off, he defeats Foyal by using his Blazing Spiral Lance spell, proving to Foyal that he shouldn’t have underestimated the powers of Klaus.

Zenon finally made his appearance in front of Yuno and the others after Captain William’s defeat. The fight with him fight shows others that Zenon is far more powerful than everyone expected. He easily defeated Yuno using only 55% of his power. This fight left almost everyone in a state of death.

Black Clover Episode 162

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What To Expect In Episode 162: All Rumours and Speculations

As we saw by the end of the last episode, Dante Zogratis, another member of the Dark Triad, made his appearance. The Dark triad is eager to meet the Arcane Stage mage and Yami, the Black Bull squad’s captain. Viewers also saw Asta, one of the Black Clover series’s main characters, to come back to the Heart Kingdom.

We can expect a clash between Dante and Asta when they meet each other. This is possible to happen in the Black Clover Episode 162. If it happens, we will be able to see the post-time skip Asta’s power and how he will go against one of the Dark Triad of Spade. We need to wait and see if Asta’s newfound power defeats Dante.

In the last episode, everyone was surprised to see Zenon had a lot more power than everyone’s expectations. With his huge powers, Zenon easily took down William Vangeance and Yuno. But Captain William used the last of his mana to heal Yuno. We will be able to see the comeback of Yuno from his injuries. Along with that, we will get a chance to see more of Zenon’s power in the upcoming episodes.

But everything is not positive for Dante. As we have mentioned before, Asta is back with much more power. Since we haven’t seen how powerful he is, Both the fans and Dante should expect some unexpected moves from Asta when they clash against each other. After all, Asta will sometimes show his true power of the devil inside him.

The next chapter of Black Clover sure has many unanswered questions left to answer, such as, was actually Zenon managed to capture Vangeance? What are his real motives? And What could be the reason for this sudden ambush? All questions will be answered in the next episode of Black Clover, Episode 162? But when is it releasing? for that, read the next part of this article.

Black Clover Episode 162 Release Date and Timings

The latest Black Clover episode, Episode 162, titled “The Great War Breaks Out,” is officially scheduled to release on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, at 6:25 PM JST. The English subbed episodes of Black Clover will be released within some hours after the release of the Japanese audio version. Fans can watch all of the episodes of Black Clover anime officially from Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix, depending on the regions you live in. We always suggest you watch from the official sources only as it will support the creators. Pirated versions can never be used to respect the creators.

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