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WandaVision Episode 4 Preview and Episode 3 Recap

WandaVision Episode 4

Last week on Disney+ Hotstar’s show WandaVision, we witnessed a drastic change occurring in the Westview. The unusual couple is going through a drastic and world-altering change, and that is WANDA BEING PREGNANT. Pregnancies are usually joyful and exciting but for normal people, whatever is happening with the Avengers duo is something we are currently finding hard to digest. Wanda’s baby bump was introduced towards the end of Episode 2 that premiered on 15 January 2021. The first two episodes of the debut season were dropped on the same day, while the rest is scheduled to air on a weekly basis. Here we have the preview for WandaVision Episode 4 along with the recap of the previous episode.

A still from Episode 3

The color transition that has made its way through the third episode of the season, brings the entire season of the MCU series into the world of color from now on, just as the TV show made this little progress back then. Episode 3 shows us how the couple does their household stuff. Vacuum cleaning using telekinesis, Vision preparing burgers, the duo dancing together in joy, and reading maternity books. We then witness Dr. Nielson visiting the couple and getting to know about Wanda’s pregnancy, which is over four months now. He seems confused about how it actually happened overnight, but they tend to flow along with the conversation in order to avoid any possibility of arising suspicion.

Dr. Nielson compares the growth of a baby to that of fruit so that it’s easy for ladies to understand the concept of growing a baby inside their womb for nine months straight. This statement made by the doctor invites a bit of eye-rolling from Wanda, and Vision goes out to see the doctor off. Vision soon finds his neighbor Herb acting all crazy. He claimed to be cutting through the shared walls of their homes while he feels he’s actually trimming the bush.

Wanda vacuum cleaning using telekinesis

This awakens a bit of weirdness regarding the residents of Westview. Are they alright? Are they even real? The episode keeps on fueling our speculations. Vision soon walks back into the house and finds that Wanda’s pregnancy has progressed to six months. As the couple begins decorating the baby room, she feels a kick inside her stomach. Vision soon brings the debate of naming their children, and the couple is stuck on two names- Billy and Tommy. As they are conflicted over choosing a particular name, Wanda hopes that it’s a girl.

Just a minute later, Wanda begins feeling a tightening sensation. Vision goes through the books and assumes it to be fake labor. He asks her to practice some breathing exercises that might help her relax and ease the pain she’s feeling. The breathing exercises don’t seem to help her, and she starts screaming out in pain, which makes all the appliances to malfunction, and the electricity fades out.

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff

A fake commercial soon begins to get displayed. It’s about a mother who overworks in the presence of her family. Her kids drop the cereal bowl, her daughter burns a turkey while cooking it in the oven, the dog pees inside her house, and the blender spills out everything. A voiceover then asks her if she needs a break, to which she nods and answers yes. The commercial aims at promoting a luxury bath power known as the Hydra Soak, which serves as a break for overloaded mothers at the comfort of their houses. The couple’s heartwarming moment is soon ruined by a real contraction that Wanda feels. Vision feels that the steps leading to her delivery are progressing quicker than he had expected and calculated. The unusual couple who just a moment ago felt that they’re holding a firmer grip on things now have a new problem to deal with. It begins raining inside their house, and Wanda makes the obvious statement: “I think my water broke.”

WandaVision Episode 4

Paul Bettany as Vision

The rain soon comes to a halt, and Wanda dries us the entire house using her powers. Vision leaves the house to fetch a doctor, meanwhile, Wanda tries to cool herself down. She soon begins hearing sound coming from the baby’s room, and just a moment after that, the doorbell rings. Wanda gets startled, and in order to hide her bump using a big coat. She had no trace of pregnancy till yesterday, are now she’s on the verge of delivering a baby. She opens the door and finds Geraldine, who has come to borrow a bucket from Wanda.

It becomes hard for Wanda to hide her belly because the coat keeps changing with every contraction she suffers. She then uses a fruit tray to hide her bump, and the moment she initiates escorting Geraldine out, she spots a stork behind her. The voice that was coming from the baby’s room was nothing but the voice of the bird that Wanda has drawn on the walls while decorating the room, and now it has come to life. The stork soon flies up to the room and camouflages itself on the wall like it never really left it. Geraldine visits the baby room and comments how real it looks. Wanda soon feels another contract and drops the vase he has been holding, and the truth about her being pregnant is discovered by Geraldine.

WandaVision Episode 4

Teyonah Parris as Geraldine

While Vision being absent from the scene, she is at the task of delivering the baby safely. She observed the appliances going crazy and other weird things happening at the same time. Geraldine encourages Wanda and helps her to deliver the baby safely. Vision soon walks in with the doctor and calls the baby Tommy, but that’s not all. Soon Wanda begins screaming became there’s another baby on his way to come into the world. Meanwhile, Geraldine makes a remark about the couple having twins, to which Wanda mentions her twin brother Pietro Maximoff. This invites a comment from Geraldine that he was killed by Ultron, a remark which, ofcourse, she wasn’t supposed to make. How is she aware of all this? Wanda soon notices a sword symbol on her ring, which somehow seemed related to S.W.O.R.D written on the red helicopter. She asks Geraldine to leave. So the question we’re left with: Is Geraldine, aka Monica Rambeau, a S.W.O.R.D agent?

WandaVision Episode 4

Promotional poster of the series

Meanwhile, as Vision is escorting the doctor out, Agnes asks Vision whether Geraldine is still there in his house. This question serves as a total confusion for him, and he asks the reason behind her being bothered by it. To which she says, “Geraldine came here because we’re all…” and stops hesitantly. Vision rushes to see if Geraldine is still there, but she isn’t. Wanda lies that she had to rush home urgently, but in reality, she has thrown her out of this world. Geraldine is soon shown being launched out of the Westview by some invisible energies. All these series of events confirm that it is nothing but a world created by Wanda in response to her grieving over Vision’s death. She uses her manipulative powers to run the world according to her desires because she has trapped herself into believing that she’s living happily in the world she has created.

WandaVision Episode 4 will release on 29 January 2021 and will be available for online streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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