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Master: Review and Analysis: Vijay Sethupathi Stole The Show!

It’s been quite some time fans of both Vijay and Vijay Sethupathy have been waiting for the release of the Master movie. Unfortunately, Covid hit the world and delayed this movie for a longer time. Even though fans were worried if the film would be released on OTT platforms at first, that didn’t happen. The movie was released at first in theaters following the release on Amazon Prime.  Today we will be doing the Master Movie Review.

As with most recent Vijay Movies, Master is also no different when dealing with society’s issues. This time, it is about Juvenile homes and the importance of giving care to them, as the children from there can also build our society. The movie was directed by Lokesh Kanakaraj, who successfully built a fanbase for himself with his film “Kaithi.” Fans of Both Vijay’s and Lokesh were expecting a great movie with this trio. And they didn’t disappoint at it.

If you are a Fan of Lokesh after watching “Kaithi,” it’s quite natural to expect something similar from him again. But this time, Master is not a Kaithi, but a Vijay movie with all of the usual ingredients and some different flavors. You will know why we said so later in this article.

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The Story

John Durairaj, who is also called JD, played by Vijay, is a college professor. His students love him because of how friendly and supportive he is towards his students. Due to some issues in the college, JD was asked to take a break from his job. He was called to a correctional facility for young criminals as a teacher. Even though he wasn’t taking his new job seriously, as he only wanted to take a break, but things were different in the correction home. It was controlled by a rowdy who was exploiting the children to take responsibility for all the crimes he has committed in return for drugs and booze.

Master Movie Review

If you have watched Kaithi, you will know how talented director Lokesh Kanagaraj is. He was successful enough to create a fierce antagonist. The movie begins with this, establishing the antagonist Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi). Bhavani was a teenager who lost his family in his teenage itself. His family was murdered in front of him and was sent to an observation by those men who killed his family, using the power they have in the corrupted law and order system.

All the bad things that have happened to Bhavani in his early ages and the Revenge towards those who have killed his family turned him into what the system doesn’t want juveniles to become – a heartless monster. At one part, he is even seen with horns while he was doing his merciless activities. By the beginning of the movie itself, even before the protagonist, the film established that the movie’s antagonist is one of the ruthless people one has seen recently.

We will see the protagonist JD, Vijay,  making his entrance only sometime after Bhavani’s introduction. Even if this classic masala movie fashion has been tried by the filmmakers an infinite number of times, Lokesh Kanakaraj still was successful enough to give an enjoyable intro without any tiredness to the audience.

JD’s introduction comes Just after a character questions if there would be any brave man to fix things and save the children from the life of crime. As mentioned before, JD is a professor in a college. Unlike the usual professors who always advise on how important college life is, JD is the kind of professor who still has a hip flask in his pocket.

Instead of being very serious, he is very cool, and naturally, his students adore him, but the principal and most other teachers want to get rid of him. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, JD was asked to join the post as a teacher of an observation home, for which he was made believe that he had signed up.

This is the place where Bhavani runs his show. Will this man win the children at the observation home and not let them fall for the trap set by Bhavani? Even though JD was successful in winning the followings among youngsters from the college. But things arent as same here in the observation home. Along with that, he also has to overcome the bad memories of his past, which was the reason for his boozing all the time.

JD needs to take on the criminal, who has built an enormous army of youngsters through the taste of fear. When talking about this movie, we should be talking about director Lokesh also as he was successful in building the hero and the villain by giving them distinct visual tones. You can notice cool blues for JD and fiery red for Bhavani while watching the movie.

The movie also has some pretty good shots. You could see the overhead shot where we could see the correctional facility divided between sunlight and darkness. And with JD in the brighter area. The movie also has many references to Vijay’s previous film. Such as the kabaddi scene inside the juvenile home, where we could see a great throwback to Ghilli. You can’t go unnoticed as Anirudh has used his magic to add a Ghilli Theme during this scene.

We could also see the famous “I’m Waiting” Dialogue from another famous Vijay movie, Thuppakki. But instead of the typical Hero to villain dialogue transfer, the director has added his take to this famous dialogue. We suggest you watch yourself as that scene will enjoy you if you are a fan of Both the Vijay’s.

Till the first half of the movie, it is pretty engaging, and you won’t feel any kinds of lags or slowdowns anywhere. As we will be engaged with the antagonist’s character building, it builds up the audience’s excitement on how the protagonist will defeat him. But when entering the second half, this charm feels less punchy than in the first half.

The second part, where all the moves against the hero and villain took place, wasn’t as thrilling as expected. The villain stayed as evil as he was before. But it was Vijay’s character that wasn’t unable to keep up with the villain. Every time the audience wanted to know more about their Hero, the movie doesn’t allow him to learn more about him.

The only back story we hear is just a one minute dialogue in between the song. And that’s it. Compared to the villain’s backstory, the hero wasn’t as deep or wasn’t successful in conveying the depth, which failed the audiences trying to connect with the hero. The action sequences, a massive highlight in Lokesh’s previous films, weren’t also impressive.

Before the final epic fight between JD and Bhavani, viewers are also gifted with another action scene, which involved JD and his former classmate Vanathi, played by Andrea. In this, we could see them using bows and arrows to fight Bhavani’s people. Even though it had all the needed ingredients, it still wasn’t as thrilling as expected. It could be because of comparing the action scenes with Kaithi, which shouldn’t be as both movies are different.

But the showdown between JD and Bhavani was a letdown considering the hype the movie created for the entire time for this fight. It was felt very stretched and even felt laggy at times. The film also discusses if JD is entering politics, similar to what everyone asks Vijay to enter politics, and Vijay answers the much-anticipated question.

Even not giving a small flashback for JD seems a wrong move.  As viewers, till don’t have any proper reason behind JD’s alcoholism. We can see many supporting characters, including Andrea, Shantanu, Gouri Kishan, and Sriman, all of them weren’t used as effectively. Another letdown was the lack of screen time for the female lead, Malavika Mohanan’s Charulatha. Neither did she have a strong presence, nor the audience was able to connect to her character.

Master Movie Review

It was Vijay Sethupathi who stole the show. His casual acting style only elevated Bhavani’s cruelty. The intensity of his ruthlessness was successfully conveyed to the audience, making the fear of Bhavani worthy one. The movie feels more like the story of Bhavani. It isn’t any problem at all as we could see the intense tale of Bhavani and the excellent performance of Vijay Sethupathi delivering his villains.

Even though after lacking the back story and not establishing a connection with the viewers, the Vijay still performed well, delivering his magical energy. Even after some loopholes here and there, Director Lokesh Knanakaraj successfully made the movie enjoyable with minute lags. Anirudh, as always, did his magic with the music, and it’s no wonder if you set the song “Master the Blaster” as your ringtone.

That’s Master Movie Review by us. You can watch this movie if you are either a fan of both the Vijay’s or not. The performance of Both Vijay and the great music by Anirudh and the above-average direction by Lokesh Kanakaraj makes this movie worth watching. Master is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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