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Heartland: Season 14 Episode 4: Preview and Recap

Heartland: Season 14 Episode 3

Ever since the premiere of Heartland’s 14th season, we’ve been seen a bunch full of sad moments interlaced with levity and grief. A rift between the members of the family was the main point of the last episode, and it has been depicted perfectly. So let’s give you a quick recap if you’ve missed watching Episode 3. The episode began with the unexpected visit of Lily, Ty’s mom. Although initially, Amy’s cold conduct towards her pricked us in the beginning, eventually we realize the reason behind her reacting the way she did. It turns out that after the death of Ty, Lily went totally off the grid.

Lily visits the Ranch

Neither did she come to attend her funeral, nor did she try meeting anyone. And Amy had to explain to her daughter Lyndy not only why her father wasn’t coming back but why her nana was gone too. Lily coming back after an entire year has hurt Amy, and any convincing excuse she uses doesn’t seem to work.

Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming

Amy is helping Howler

Wade seems to have made his way into Amy working with him because Howler no longer is a horse who wins. Previously he used to win every race he participated in, but now he even finds it hard to stay on the track properly, and that being the reason that every jockey is refusing to ride him. Amy realizes that Howler is afraid of any barriers that are a result of an accident that happened 6 weeks ago. While the race was on, a horse ran into the railing that resulted in his death and left Howler and the other two horses traumatized and injured. Amy is aware of his situation now begins his rehabilitation.

A still from the show

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Lily stating the reasons for her absence

Lily soon finds the time to make Amy aware of the actual reason that lay behind her absence from Heartland. She tells Amy that when Jack told her the news about Ty’s death, she relapsed. She overdosed, trying to get over the pain, but her attempt first landed her up in a hospital and then in rehab. This is the only reason why she had to stay away from Amy and Lyndy. Although Amy understood the reason behind her absence, she isn’t quite sure of forgiving her and forgetting whatever has taken place in the span of those 12 months.

Amy, Ty, and Lyndy

Wade too upsets Amy

Amy managed to help Howler overcome his fear and trauma and provided him enough help to recover. She took him out on a track and raced him, besides two other riders, so that he could be partially ready to be back on track. However, Amy knew that Howler was still not ready to get back actual races because he needs more time to recover. Amy tells about the entire situation of Howler to Lily and makes sure Wade understands his medical situation and keeps him away from races for quite a time. But despite all her efforts, Wade entered Howler in a local race.

Although Howler won it, the news upset Amy because she had been very clear about his situation. Lily then offered Amy the prize money to make it up to her, but that didn’t help either. By the end of the episode, Amy asks Lily to leave, and Lily, in her defense, says that she is unable to understand how Amy is unable to see the fact that she needed help. Just as Howler needed Amy, a specialist, to get over his trauma, Lily needed help too, and her process of attaining medical help was the only reason she had been away from Amy and Lyndy. She needed time and support to get over her son’s death and hopes Amy understands this.

So will Amy forgive her? Will she forget what she’s been through in the past months? Tune into the fourth episode of the season that is scheduled to air on 31 January 2021 on The CW.

Heartland: Season 14 Episode 3

A still from the show

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